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  1. ****OFFICIAL***** Ford owners thread

    Ya EcoBoost is like an etec...youdont want one without warranty.
  2. ****OFFICIAL***** Ford owners thread it for her birthday in March....its not gone yet...will sell it private if the dealer is stingy Its got just over 12000 miles on it.
  3. ****OFFICIAL***** Ford owners thread

    The eco boost is good if you dont tows good but is way to hard on fuel....6 to 8 mpg is just not acceptable imo.
  4. ****OFFICIAL***** Ford owners thread

    Well I convinced the wife to get rid of the eco turd....all up to the dealer now to see how much they give me for trading on this pos And hopefully rolling in this by the end of the week.
  5. What's for dinner???

    Well it is called quiche you chicano!!!!!
  6. Mr. Leahy won't be down for dinner

    Well I remember that one vid you were in talking to the camera...looked like you had a few were kinda lahey like in that.
  7. What's for dinner???

    Yummy quiche!!!
  8. Mr. Leahy won't be down for dinner

    Well that sucks. @DriftBusta time for another new gig!
  9. Rons to short to see the light...whats your excuse?
  10. Bad news for some

    I libs know a thing or 2 about being easily distracted.:lol:
  11. another "that is what i was told"

    When will Libs start blaming Hillary for Trump being president?
  12. who here is going to admit...

    Is that banjo player from deliverance circa 2017?
  13. Bad news for some

    I heard she did while avoiding gunfire.