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  1. Shouldn't Paul Ryan nominate Bernie as his VP then resign? That would make more sense since the DNC and Hillary sabotaged him. Lol what a dumb fucking article. hahaha. And the fact it took a Harvard Professor to come up with that plan is hilarious to me.
  2. I understand that point. I think they knew what they signed up for though. I knew. My opinion on it has changed, but I knew what was required of me. Even if the realization was found once there, that can never excuse actions that lead to the deaths of others because of one's own poor decisions.
  3. Dana Loesch threatened, forced from home

    Chelsea Clinton? LOL, wut? Who gives a shit what she thinks. That was a very strange thing to post by him...
  4. Sears Canada , is toast

    Meh. I can get on Amazon and have next day delivery for free for almost everything in that store. Or go to Farm and Fleet and feast there. Times is a changin. Can't say I am against it.
  5. My point is he signed up during the height of Afghanistan and Iraq as an airborne infantryman. That is paramount to signing up to fight those particular wars. You are correct though. A solider doesn’t sign up to fight for imperialistic ideals or oil. The problem I have is this: He knew the war at hand and signed up. When sent to trashcanistan, he deserted causing deaths of his fellow service members. He wasn’t exposing a greater truth. He wasn’t fighting imperialism by his motives.
  6. He wasn’t a whistle blower. He signed up during the time of war knowing full well where he was going. He chose it. He chose to be “Jayson Bourne” and root out the Taliban by himself. Because of his actions and getting caught, eight soldiers died and dozens were wounded trying to find him. He should have never signed up, correct. But what he chose to do cost people their lives and it wasn’t to expose corruption or imperialism. So, respectfully I think you have a misunderstanding of this particular case.
  7. Execution should suffice to pay back the debt.
  8. Slapping around someone who thinks the earth is flat never gets “tired” lolol...
  9. Remember When...

    Is there a link to that info @SnowRider?
  10. Why would they give the money back lol? That seems counterproductive. They should spend it on rape and sexual assault causes.
  11. The irony of the OP is off the charts. Unreal. And so unaware of himself to boot. Fucking hilarious.
  12. "The liberal-leaning think" Should we take this as objective reporting?
  13. Back to the topic at hand. Creating an accurate depiction of civilian deaths is extremely hard to do. The ability to determine deaths in ISIS held territory is impossible to do accurately. It is the nature of the conflict. ISIS (Or insert any other terror regime) uses bombing to rally support. The numbers from both Obama and Trump are hard to pin down. Using them to juxtapose against one another is silly. The conflict itself has changed significantly. That is due to the fight moving to the city. Absolutely the civilian deaths will have increased. The fight is actually nearly complete from most sources. So we may in fact see a significant drop in bombs and deaths in the coming months. Mosul is liberated, Raqqa is nearly complete, and ISIS truly has very little in terms of acreage at this point. With that in mind, those who are chastising Trump here, will you retract your statements in the coming months when bombing drops off? Trump has done one thing better than Obama (I should say Mattis has done one thing better...). They have delegated control of the micro fight to on the ground commanders. These aren't run of the mill conventional commanders either. These are tier 1 elite officers who know how to risk mitigate and control fires at a level that is unprecedented in warfare. These commanders are doing whatever they can to minimize casualties. The ability to send that power back to the ground has had two fold effect. First, it allows for the entire fight against ISIS to move at a much faster rate. That in itself could account for the increased numbers. While yes numbers may be up, the resulting gains are significantly up. Think of it this way. We dropped 100 bombs to take 100 miles under Obama. Now we are dropping 200 bombs to take 1000 miles. That is in essence what is occurring with the increased number dropped in Syria and Iraq. Of course those numbers are being used as a point rather than official numbers. Second, giving ground commanders the ability to make determination allows for more accurate fires. By removing Pentagon or WH authority, the number of drone strikes from afar based off intel and not JFO's drops is dropping. The majority of bombs are controlled from the ground over that of CIA/DIA intel. That has been a major change. That change is good. In conjunction with this, it limits the time to get a response. ISIS fighters are not dumb. They congregate towards civilian populations. The wait for OK from D.C vs. commander discretion allows them to drop munitions when it best meets their own view of the battle rather than wasting time that allows ISIS to intermingle in civilian populations. IF the question is, "Should we be dropping bombs period?" That is a different case in itself, but from my opinion the overall handling of fires has improve under Vice-Roy Mattis. Strategic gains against ISIS have improved as well. That is evident from results on the ground. I don't like being over there period, but Mattis has done very well in the region because of new shifts in strategic intent. I think this conversation needs to be had with a statistical mindset. The case of apples to oranges is being too easily applied here. We are dropping more bombs and theoretically killing more civilians, but I feel a lot of that is from the scope of the battle. It has increased significantly and moved faster. Most importantly it moved into the urban sphere. The jury is still out on this one. I would look at these same stats in 6 months. I have a feeling we will not be dropping many bombs in the same conflict. That isn't to say a "new" need to drop bombs won't arise though... Surely it will with our current climate. That is the key though. Matching bombs per theater. If you look at a holistic view of all conflicts, you don't get an accurate picture.
  14. Meme thread

    That’s 31st you fucking noob.
  15. Meme thread