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  1. xtralettucetomatoe580


    Catholics are the only true faith. All others are heathen scum. Praise be his name!!!!! Fuck you, evangelical!!!! My god is the only god!!!!
  2. xtralettucetomatoe580

    George Conway Calls For Impeachment

    I don’t deny that. It’s beneath the office. Yes. Steven, you get things.
  3. xtralettucetomatoe580


    Only Zombies rise from the dead, Man on Man Oral. It’s cool tho, little known fact: Jesus turned spaghetti into brains at the last supper. True story.
  4. xtralettucetomatoe580

    Yeah but Bill lied about a bj

    Lol. “Not the same” ”The manifests” ”He doesn’t know him”
  5. xtralettucetomatoe580


    Turned zombie for our sins to open magic portal to his Dad’s crib. Praise be his name. Also, as a Catholic, know that none of you heathen ass Lutherans and fucking Methodists are going to Zombie Land.
  6. xtralettucetomatoe580


    Lol you spent the last few days calling women cunts, fat ugly whores, etc... You want to pout about this? Ok, what would Jesus say about your conduct? Just sayin, nothing worse than a plastic religious person. Don’t talk about it, be about it.
  7. xtralettucetomatoe580

    George Conway Calls For Impeachment

    Yeah, he’s using his wife’s position for his own gain... At the expense of his wife. That’s scummy. It’s D.C, none of those fuckers have any morals or decency.
  8. xtralettucetomatoe580

    Meme thread

  9. xtralettucetomatoe580

    George Conway Calls For Impeachment

    Yep. Any port in a storm!!!!!
  10. xtralettucetomatoe580

    Impeach proceedings

    He’s lost it.
  11. xtralettucetomatoe580

    Impeach proceedings

    Lol so dumb.
  12. xtralettucetomatoe580

    Impeach proceedings

    What happened to Bill after his impeachment? I’m not saying do nothing. Call hearing after hearing after hearing for 2 years. Don’t close the door you moron. A failed impeachment closes the door and is the equivalent of a “not-guilty” ruling. You impeach trump and he might win back the house and get a super majority.
  13. xtralettucetomatoe580

    George Conway Calls For Impeachment

    He doesn’t like Drumpf, therefore, he’s a libtard snowflake. Duh.
  14. Holy fuck... Another one... Jesus H.
  15. xtralettucetomatoe580

    Impeach proceedings

    She’s hands down the smartest dem there is right now. She played Trump on immigration, makes the whack job portion of the Dem party look dumb and marginalizes them, and isn’t hitching her wagon to retards jumping up and down yelling for impeachment that will fail and make the Dems look like children. If you had half a clue, you’d fall in line with her.