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  1. What does John Brennan do now? I’m sure it isn’t working for a for profit propaganda based organization like Fox, CNN, or MSNBC... Oops, sorry.
  2. It’s kinda funny. Biden used to be the laughing stock of the whitehouse. They wouldn’t even let him speak and he was constantly putting his foot in his mouth. The guy was a placeholder in the Dems eyes. Then towards the end of Obama’s term his stock soared thanks to all the memes. He might be one of the most ineffective VPs ever. It’s baffling how he went from presidential embarrassment to folk hero. Actually it’s not, the media needed a hero for after Obama...
  3. Bahahahhahahahahhahahahahahh triggered.
  4. Oh hai Dopo!!!! If you don’t follow social media how did you get duped by a social media clickbait article that thought Press Sec. Sanders was the same as Bernie Sanders. A savage beat down so grand that you had to change your name. Dopo, people remember.
  5. Spot On Proof......

    Yeah it was him. Just some soft school never deployed dweeb who talked like he was some hardened vet in the know. Dude is a pompous fuck. He even looks like one of those bitch asses who has some completely non tactical Patton chest rig for his piece of shit Barreta who walks around taking about how it was hard when he was a young boot ass leg POG. @Zambroski that was for you honey bun. Pretty sure I was talking shit about him when he was still a Fox News Darling... See, SR, I don’t change my narrative. Take notes 2DigitRider.
  6. So............

    “The Adventures of Jimmy Snacks” have to be some of my favorite inter web antics. I tuned into TBP for a couple weeks just to watch the show. Good times!!!
  7. Spot On Proof......

    I don’t remember them but I am sure they were colorful... hahaha....
  8. Haha! Fuck the Police!

    She’s definitely a spinner.
  9. So............

    You’re losing it buttman. Once a legend of trolling reduced to this. Smh.
  10. So............

    Nooooooo! I really like Preston. We all love giving him shit as a group. Don’t mix my feelings with Jimmy Snack. giving him shit about losing that is.
  11. Anyone actually snowcheck a new sled?

    The one I bought had the updates.
  12. So............

    Poor Preston... bahaha.
  13. Anyone actually snowcheck a new sled?

    I’m like Vince with Arctic Cats when it comes to the water. Seadoo till I die no matter how many times I have to bend over.
  14. So............

    It’s hilarious. The denial runs deep. I love it.
  15. So............

    Stop. Just stop. Hahahha