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  1. Ahh poor tough guy is afraid of Dave. Such a pussy.
  2. Ok perfect some do the 321 method I seen. Then another hour in sauce or firm up a bit too or do you take them off and let them sit?
  3. For back ribs too? I'm thinking 3 too now because it was at 200 for an hour and then jumped to 220-230.
  4. Ribs in the smoker for 2 hours. Might give them another half hour then out to wrap them.
  5. Devastating.
  6. No, embrace it. Just don't let it get out of control like flipping threw old snow goer mags.
  7. Hey I'm not the soft one who can't take videos posted on FB and the net. I'm chill as always. If I got upset over every little cat hate thing on the net I'd quit the www. Bitches
  8. It was just a video on Facebook, don't let it get to you too much you fucking moron.
  9. Ended up just getting a Bradley smoker for the ease of set and forget for the most part. Hopefully it works fine for what we need it for.
  10. Bad Brad, NEWMAN!!!!11!11!!!! and Jones from the back. I need a good week.
  11. I'm 73 bucks a month for both sleds full coverage with 2 million liability.
  12. Sit down class, here's another story from the site shut-in.
  13. 1700 for one in decent shape is fair. That thing may need more then 700 in repairs without seeing it in person. Looks like some kids got use out of it. It's stupid the value they hold. I can get one for 3k new. I may as well go that route and lose 500-700 2-3 years later if he doesn't destroy it. You do good work sir, keep an eye out I do need one for next winter... kijiji master
  14. I've definitely seen them in better shape for around 1200 I never said less. That thing is rough. Look at the seat and throttle stevie.