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  1. Reevester

    My sled

    Yep mines covered to I just gotta stop in and grab the new one.
  2. Reevester

    My sled

    Blew a hole right through it with a chuck of ice or it cracked and broke doing wheelies.
  3. Reevester

    My sled

    It could use a softer less Chinese built snowflap.
  4. Or just carry spare parts and the platinum card.
  5. Haha John Epping is a good curler. Definitely a flamer. programming back on.
  6. Reevester

    La Polaris 840 bog

    I did 86 miles and used 5 gallons of fuel the other day. 20 map is scary lean in the mid range. We did 120 miles riding aggressive on our last trip and we all had 2 gallons left.
  7. Reevester

    La Polaris 840 bog

    I'm about 400-450 to gallon riding hard. Riding 30-60 all day I'm about 550 to a gallon.
  8. Reevester

    La Polaris 840 bog

    Drinks oil like ben drinks coors.
  9. Reevester

    La Polaris 840 bog

    The video was from a year ago. 19s are still going down no denying that. 20s have been stout.
  10. Reevester

    La Polaris 840 bog

    6k miles on 850s zero issues. Talk to me in 5 years when your cats got 2k miles on it toyler.
  11. Reevester

    Moar winning!

  12. Reevester

    Moar winning!

    What did you get just the rear shock?