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  1. So easy and so delicious. 3 full chickens is like 24 bucks at Costco.
  2. Reevester

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I always put a bit of fresh gas and some stabilizer in and run it for a few minutes when I put anything away. Everything starts when I pull it back out and fire it up.
  3. Reevester


    You like steak milkshakes? Because I'll make sure dinner is through a straw you little sissy. wheres the fucking mileage pic?
  4. Reevester

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Fucking Jamoke.
  5. Yep sucks watch them get old and losing their freedoms. My gramps will be 91 this year and still lives on his own and drives crazy to think of what hes see change in those years.
  6. I've had sleds with 18k and 12k on them. I'd say I'm at close to 60k miles. I'm lucky to have a spot I can easily put 2k on a sled a year and take one or 2 trips for another 1-2k. I probably put 10k on the last 2 cats prior to the poo all solo. Standard a couple times.
  7. I put on 7k one year when I basically lived at the cabin with my dad and was out of high school and laid off for a winter. We did like a 10 day tour one day when we left the cabin to go for a quick 3 day bagger.
  8. I hope mom and dad are good Jay. That's more important than sledding. My gramps got sick last week and I had to take him to the hospital Sunday. Luckily he wasn't to bad and I could take him home with a pile of meds, been up there every day for the last week checking on him and grabbing some food and cleaning some clothes. His spirit was much better today.
  9. I bet I put 4k miles on the year I got my license, probably 2k the year before illegally. Even if its 3k that week as fuck. I might give you a bit of respect if it's 4k. I'll bet you a free ride at my camp and I'll buy all the booze. 20 minutes over to see gaykev?
  10. 87. But I didn't take 10 years off. So we might be even, but my average is 3k a year some were 5k.
  11. I guaranfuckingtee I have a pile of more miles on then you will ever have. What do you have 10 years on me and you didn't ride for 10 years or more. Prove it and take a pic of your odometer. I bet you did 1200 miles this year. Be lucky to have 2500 on a 2 year old seld.
  12. Yeah I've caught that over the years. Oh I know. Trail side is the best when they do it then get stomped and slink back to moms basement. I got a buddy who thinks his doo is the best and is all yap comes out once a year to ride.
  13. I stomped more doo 850s then I care to remember this year. The poo had issues in some for sure. Your buddy had one obviously. I've actually rode both for many more miles then you'll put on but keep going. My one buddy put 6k miles on his 850 poo this year, zero issues. Second year fixes will probably force doo to come out with a 900 2s no doubt.
  14. All his issues were before it was left outside by a dealer. There was 1 recall for the rmks.