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  1. That thing is buried to the inside of your belly button bud. Fucking trolls.
  2. Damn dave best of luck to him and your family.
  3. 1-1/4". Got 135 1.325 studs in her too. Intend on it being a trail rocket. Rides much better in that deeper snow compared to my 129 cats. Skis and track pull up on top well if you aren't hammering it. Feels so much light and more nimble. Heading back out to find some summer roads.
  4. Absolute beast so far with 2 hrs and 45 miles on it. Hooks up and is a wheelie machine, move forward and it is less dramatic. Tight groomed trails she might need some adjustments.
  5. Reevester

    Is this a snowmobile forum

    Found some snow!
  6. I found some snow. 25" to be exact.
  7. I was trying to tag you in a post on the Axys FB page some guy saying 8-10 blown up he got the word from an "independent machanic".
  8. Yep heading out this weekend. Your such a fucking little troll. You supposedly ride a cat and your calling other brands shit. Post up a link or shut your fucking cock washer.
  9. Who's words would this be? Post up a link nonuts.
  10. The kid changes the story daily. Now it's just a scuffed cylinder wall and piston. And his dads was a clogged oil line or some shit. Fucking idiots can't break in a sled or hit the flipper when the motor is 70f is their own fault. I suspect it could be bad gas as well.
  11. Reevester

    Min pin.

    Mine is a yappy little bitch when someone new comes over. She is good with other dogs if they keep there nose out of her ass and she is really good with most kids that don't grab her. Extremely protective of all of us at home.