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  1. Never will use mine either. Love the cam and the sensors are great for the wild woman when she's driving it.
  2. 1st 2nd and 4th. That should move me up a bit.
  3. I got the discount and 0%. It's 7500 now and 3.99% which probably work out to 3750 in interest over the 72 months. I got x plan deal to.
  4. It's a lot more when you work in that 6.7% financing if your not buying it with cash. I got a 302a.
  5. Almost as much as I paid for my 17 sport.
  6. I got a quote to do the front bumper and 18" up the hood for $550 but i cant decide if i need it or not. Only see issue on dirt roads and I'm not tailgating when I'm on the camp road most times.
  7. Yeah I was 5.
  8. No never knew that or I'm too young. If you got money though and enjoy racing I get why they waste money on it.
  9. Never no doubt.
  10. Me too. Fucking Menard.
  11. Holy fuck I better do something now! Edit- Blaney, Hamlin and Menard.
  12. It was weird with the back doors but it was practical at the time, now with a kid the new one is perfect with lots of room.