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  1. There is standard, HD and extra HD. The HD are definitely not to harsh on the Indy.
  2. So much plusher and once I throw a gas caddy and linq bag on you would really need them.
  3. Mines so much better now that I got HD springs they should have had in the first place. Polaris is footing the bill nonetheless.
  4. And the stupid fuck try's saying you have no life. Sits at home with a couple mutts and cats all day fucking around on forums and FB pages. Don't come much more pathetic then that.
  5. The 20s are fine. Just temp sensors going to shit and shitty stock rear springs.
  6. No you don't. I've wrote BOS and had them written for me for whatever is somewhat reasonable. They dont look at book value for anything but vehicles.
  7. She's a bit chilly. I'm waiting to load the sled and truck till it warms up a bit. Beautiful brisk day.
  8. Yep fuck mud on a sled. I can handle a bit of water and slush.
  9. The snowfall then melts here have made a perfect base and any snow that comes now will only add to it. I'm at like 930 for the season. Relaxing next weekend then the first weekend/week of February we have a 1200 mile bagger planned out. I read and saw pics and wondered if you guys knew them. Then I read your bro's post this morning. Crazy shit and glad they are all ok.
  10. Not fun. No water holes up here on any of the trails marked open. Found some small creeks on a couple short cut trails I take but nothing serious luckily.
  11. Reevester

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!!11

    That's my cabin. Turning around behind the camp was the furthest west I went. East to Kearney and south and north of there were good to excellent.
  12. Reevester

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Camp is outside Sprucedale. A bit north west of Huntsville.
  13. Reevester

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!!11

    It's been a glorious weekend. 320 miles for the weekend on damn good trails. Watching the football about to have a sauna then head home tomorrow late morning.
  14. Reevester

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Today's tremendous too. 8" or more of fresh snow this morning, groomed trails with 2-4" of fluff ontop. Football back at the camp later. Everyone coming home is nice!
  15. Reevester

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Sounds like a good day.