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  1. What are you drinking?

    Gibson's rare and a shot of coke.
  2. Pretty good. Busy with shit every weekend and just finally got up to the cabin to cut the grass and tidy up. Back up next weekend and couple in September then hunting and hopefully some early season sledding around Christmas. Fucking rains every weekend here to it seems.
  3. 800 fagon= @Kev144= massive faggot
  4. They had a problem with team rapid response 2 clutches that self adjust the deflection and recalled them. My team clutches run much cooler then the old cat clutches I know that but I don't have the newest one on mine that were recalled only the t cat and 9000 had them for 17.
  5. Nice. I should crack that by mid January if it's a good season on my 17 800 SP.
  6. I'll probably put another 3-4 K miles on and read all the cat hate on here from the 1000 mile club. 3 more years of warranty makes me sleep well anyhow.
  7. It's a sharp truck.
  8. That bad eh? Or you need to seek help lol
  9. Ottawa Valley Trail

  10. mmmm bacon!
  11. Official NASCAR 2017 Thread

    Khane back up front. Nice!
  12. Official NASCAR 2017 Thread

    Oh I'm the same