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  1. I don't think there is many women riders on fs. Maybe try thr CE section.
  2. Music

    Meat loaf ffs and you giving me shit for reo.
  3. Music

    Think so.
  4. Music

    87 old man. I listen to everything form the late 60s music to 90s grudge and rap. Fucking hate country. Love my zep, Floyd, Mac and stones. But Styx and reo are damn close. Put on some Gowen Concerts I've seen. Styx, April wine, 5 man electrical band, supertramp, hip(×3), AC-DC, Fleetwood Mac and reo in a few months.
  5. Music

    Picked up tickets for the speedwagon in December. Love me some 80s rock love ballads.
  6. Snow Guru's top 10 for 2018

    That's good. My old man much prefers Jamaica now too. Comes home for part of Feb and March and will go ice fishing and probably ride the fanner now that we have one. Said to get a trail pass for it.
  7. Snow Guru's top 10 for 2018

    Did the old man shop the sled or is he pushing on for another season?
  8. Snow Guru's top 10 for 2018

    Liar and a cunt!
  9. Snow Guru's top 10 for 2018

    The redheaded stepchild is lucky to put on 300 miles a season. Analer probably puts more miles on then faggot144.
  10. Random Photo Thread

    I grew up drinking blue. All the old man will drink . Don't be jelly Dom.
  11. Random Photo Thread

    Bud light. A new sled might be better and cheaper if it's the GTMHL.
  12. Random Photo Thread

    Fuck that, BL or dirty old blue.
  13. Random Photo Thread

    I'll have one for you if you ever stop by.