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  1. You have to be joking?
  2. I'm just glad it wasn't Momo!
  3. Fuck you, you skinny fuck.
  4. I always did like Coors.
  5. That's a good deal for $150. I have 4 18v impacts so I'm good. I have a Bosch 18v that is 500 ft lbs but can build up to 1200 break pounds. It has a multiplier in it. It will break bolts if your not careful. The Snap on I use the most,small,light and has about 380 break pounds. A co worker has a Makita Plug in that is very impressive but he also paid $700 for it.
  6. You actually think we have that many friends? and keep her taco out of this. No cilantro ,flour tortillas filled with pulled pork. Fucking Crackers made that shit.
  7. Some bullshit pic I pulled off the web. Thanks.
  8. They are tremendous.
  9. That's a smart buy.