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  1. I didn’t blow up any sleds,but just got home and started whipping up a couple of chilli dogs and the wife came into the kitchen all sorts of pissed off? I’ve decided she isn’t getting any in out/ in out tonight.
  2. Thanks for stopping by. Can you kick ace in the nuts again? Please and thank you.
  3. Sounds like one of my HVAC installs?
  4. Woodtick

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!11

    Amsoil has more ash than a volcano.
  5. Woodtick

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!11

    Got most of the pin stripes out. May add a few more in N.C. next month? My oldest son sucks as a spotter. You’re good dad,all good dude,you got it,then oh shit,that is a huge scratch? She got all sorts of custom pin stripes in Co on one trail that took 8 hours to do 27 miles. It’s not a show car,it should buff out dad?
  6. Woodtick

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!11

    Do a top end and ride it like a recent divorcé you met in sin city for the night.
  7. Woodtick

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!11

    It’s because you weren’t using Sea&Snow.
  8. Woodtick

    Weekend thread!!!!!!!!!!11

    Wax on/wax off today. Picked up this radio this morning. Crazy good sound out of it. Fills the garage no problem.
  9. Woodtick

    We Grow Our Coyotes Big

    http://www.glrpredatorchallenge.com/rules.html This is a different area then the one at Hoppy’s bar by my camp,but you can get a gist of the rules ECT.
  10. Woodtick

    We Grow Our Coyotes Big

    Fox. Can’t always get a permit for those. There is also a few bob cats on that rack.
  11. Woodtick

    We Grow Our Coyotes Big

    Go hug a tree Phaggit.
  12. Read my post fuckface! The add popped up while I was looking at cap steaks on line.
  13. They talk to fast for him?