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  1. Sled pics from last season.

    No need to get sore about it,just adjust your meds.
  2. Everywhere that sells it by the slice,cuts it like a pie. All Chicago deep dish is cut like a pie.
  3. Thats were the towns folk come together and do all the hanging on Sat night. Trump will have her all cleaned up by the weekend.
  4. I don't really pay attention ,I just eat it.
  5. Sled pics from last season.

    Looks more like you are having some kind of seizure.
  6. What's for dinner???

    My gay brother in law that owns 3 restaurants, calls it quiche on his menu. It's ok, nobody here is judging you. Phaggit.
  7. I hope Trump sends aid fast,the river went over the banks last night. 4" of rain over the weekend.
  8. clutch balance work

    Seems like this Brock Feller doesn't like TrickyRicky.
  9. Sled pics from last season.

    This was a bad day for me. North of Atlantic Mine Mi. 15 mile ride out of the bush with snapped bars.
  10. What's for dinner???

    I bet the house smells fantastic.
  11. Shut your damn mouth and go take a knee.
  12. 54 deg. Just had a fantastic pie.