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  1. Anyone actually snowcheck a new sled?

    I don’t mean to brag, but I will be rocking my 06 XF another year.
  2. Anyone actually snowcheck a new sled?

    It has a upgraded shocks and track? Let’s not forget BNG. They must see him get out of that purple truck with that head of his shaped Like a milk crate looking like a fucking sucker.
  3. What's for dinner???

    Popeyes Chicken. Fuck the Irish corn beef slop.
  4. Anyone actually snowcheck a new sled?

    I’ve got AMG all fuckng worked up next store. He is like a 13 year old girl with her first period. He can get a smoking deal on a 600 XCR 2018 for 13k???? It’s like shooting fish in the barrel with Bubba.
  5. Yee Hahh

    It was at the Farm & Fleet in Montgomery IL .
  6. Yee Hahh

    Were you the one looking for this???
  7. What's for dinner???

    About $19.99 US.
  8. FSCE Shop Talk

    Ok , it’s a diamond paper. I know people that had them. They don’t last.
  9. FSCE Shop Talk

    The dril doctor uses sand paper wheel. Bosch makes a home owner one the uses a replaceable stone the works ok.
  10. What's for dinner???

    What the hell are roast pork french fries? You guys are weird up there.

    I would just track you down and slap you around on another site.