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  1. Upcoming eclipse

    You don't know what the hell you are talking aboot.
  2. Yep,when pulling into port the bridge is full.
  3. Tire kicking today

    No , yours is all cracked up and beat to shit. The Ice roads up there must fuck up trailers?
  4. Yes,he wants it back but doesn't have the funds.
  5. 1700 is also good,it's just north of there. There is a bush plane strip out in the Baraga Plains that is fantastic.
  6. I can show you some great places to drag.
  7. I think I'm going to put a 1/1/2 on my triple and take off the 2 1/2. We will we will settle this fast sled shit on South Laird RD fuckface.
  8. I got it bad!!!!!11

    His camp is already pretty close to mine.
  9. Benny Crocker probably took the pic on a Homo group ride.