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  1. I’ve been to his house and met him. He needs more of a traditional name? Eddie the clown?
  2. Woodtick

    Meme thread

    You forgot they need to be on two layer corn,not flour.
  3. Woodtick

    Meme thread

    What ever you do, don’t go to Sweet Baby Rays restaurant. Lalos has a all you can eat Mexican lunch buffet that is ok for the price. They are well known for their margaritas. I work up in that area all the time.
  4. Woodtick

    Meme thread

    Put this in you file for when you are in Elk Grove again. This store has a taco stand in the back. Only about 6 stools to sit,so I always take out. Their tacos are some of the best I’ve had. @Edmo, do you know about this place? You should.
  5. Woodtick

    Meme thread

    I agree 100%. Chili powder is for chili. Gringo Mexican food is just that. If they have chimmy chongas on the menu, it’s white people food. The best places are the ones that don’t have the menu written in English.
  6. Woodtick

    What's for dinner???

    Ok MccrockpotMcfuckstick.........
  7. Woodtick

    What's for dinner???

    Wendy’s Baconator.
  8. My parents liked Ireland so much, they bought a cottage there. That’s another country I could go back to.
  9. Good for you. I’ve taken my kids there. I don’t need to go back. Training your kids to be world travelers is a great thing. You can’t bring them to enough countries. I could see myself going back to Austria, very cool country.
  10. Woodtick

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    He runs Vectors. He put 99900 on his last one. I think his current one is a 17? He is a world record holder for sled miles. Puts most of his miles on in the UP.
  11. Woodtick


    It looked like this one. I just punched in my search “ hospital bed chair” and a shit load came up. Unfortunately between my two boys being sick, I would bet I spent 40 nights on one. https://www.rehabmart.com/product/champion-classic-overnighter-chair-43073.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi_aUvv6J4QIV9x6tBh1u7gVQEAQYASABEgK7kvD_BwE
  12. Woodtick


    When my kid was sick, I slept on some good ones at the children’s hospital. They are ment for adults. I think the ones at furniture stores are ment for kids. I would search for commercial ones.