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  1. Blackstar

    Need advise

    What’s the best brand of spiced rum for making eggnog?
  2. Blackstar

    Need advise

    Only matters for the first round.
  3. Blackstar

    Need advise

    Figures that would be the first one mentioned. Kraken is horrible. We did serve it at Christmas a few years ago and pretty much everyone commented on the terrible taste. Next. The says Sailor Jerry but I almost positive we stroked it off the list a few years ago. whats left? Bacardi, Captain Morgan, ? Did find this on the LCBO shelf. I didn’t know you could sell such high % in Canada.
  4. Blackstar

    Almost as ugly as the new Skidoo’s
  5. Blackstar

    Marcella Zoia should serve some time

    Had to google. She's the chair girl. God damn. Jail? If the judge is male, she's getting a slap on the .......
  6. Blackstar

    Get the trailers out

  7. Blackstar

    BRP Dealer in Toronto

    Likely, they got fucked by BRP on all the "warranty" work. They had to "sell" you a new sled and received nothing for it. I'm not defending them. I think they needed to suck that up and move on but I understand the frustrations of being suck in the middle.
  8. Blackstar

    2020 Permits

    On Facebook 705 Snowmobiles they are saying they are receiving the permits they ordered and then they are also receiving other peoples permits. Here is a copy of the post. Head's up on trail passes....if you haven't received them in a reasonable time...perhaps contact son's and I keep receiving emails saying our permits been mailed....funny as we got them last, I received 3 permits with different names but with my address.. .I have contacted OFSC...the permits are being returned tomorrow... Hope I won't receive yours...
  9. Blackstar

    2020 Permits

    I thought they had the "Gift Card" purchase available this year. You can buy a gift card for a permit now at the reduced price and use it anytime in season to get your permit at that discounted price. This was to solve the late sled delivery problem.
  10. Got mine yesterday. Straight in to the trash bin.
  11. Blackstar

    Domino;s pizza @ 2am

    I''m eating last nights left overs. I can eat 4-5 slices when its fresh but for some reason I can eat more when its cold.
  12. Blackstar

    Ran into a New Scam today

    So I stopped for lunch at a small plaza in Kitchener near the 401. I'm leaving, hop in my truck when a Grand Cherokee pulls up beside me. The guy is speaking to me in Italian and broken English. I figure out he is looking for direction to the 401, he's trying to get to the airport. I give directions. We chat back and forth a bit. He says he graphic artist, works for a fashion design company. Gives me a card, location of business is Milano. He says "Hey, what size are you? I have some samples." I say "Big. Like XXL." He hands me a jacket. "Take it, enjoy". (I'm starting to notice his English is better than he let on but, hey, its a free jacket.) Then he hands me a second jacket with a Ferrari logo on the breast in tan suede. "Take it, its yours. These sell for $1000" I say "Ok, dude, what's deal? Your English is getting better and nothing comes for free. What do you want?" "Nothing, Nothing." he says. "Here's a jacket for your son. What size is he? And what about a lady's coat?" I say "Ok stop. What's the deal?" He says he has a son back in Italy he'd like to buy lap top for. "How about $2000 for everything?" I said "Here's your shit. Thanks for fucking with me and wasting my time. Peddle your junk to someone else." And I got back in my truck. He spun out and right into the next plaza over and started cruising there. I guess the "speakers in the van" deal has worn itself out.
  13. Blackstar

    2016 Harley Ultra Limited

    Sweet ride.
  14. Blackstar

    Pot Day October 17th

    Think he's a "wake and bake" kinda guy?
  15. Blackstar

    2011 Kawi Ultra 300X

    $5500? Its 8 years old FFS.
  16. Blackstar

    03 Jetta

    Still for sale?
  17. Blackstar

    03 Jetta

    Year old paint on front clip. So you just randomly decided to repaint only the front clip?
  18. Blackstar

    Sledding Winter 19

    April 10 and Cochrane is still grooming.
  19. Blackstar


    The outcome we all fear riding on flat light days. I've never gone that far but close a couple times.
  20. Blackstar

    Sled for sale

    Do you still have one George? I have a friend who's looking.
  21. Blackstar

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Doug cancelled the Poolsaver Program last week. For those that never heard of it, the Poolsaver program gave a $400 rebate to swimming pool owners who upgraded their single speed pump to a variable speed pump which uses less hydro. Even though I profited by it, this was a ridiculous program. The pumps pay for themselves (by reducing hydro consumption) in less than 5 years. Where was the need to offer an additional incentive? Not to mention pools are a luxury item. Go Doug.
  22. Blackstar

    Legal System missed it again...Humboldt
  23. Blackstar

    New Doos'

    Ya, if I didn't have the backup I'd have a hard time finding someone to ride with. My buddy who has been ride it this last 2 years says he'll buy it if I sell but I'm not convinced he'll get back in to the sport after being out for 10 years. He plows snow too so..... That's why I say trade the 2 and get a 900T. It would be the backup sled for anyone who wants to ride it. If I was just buying a sled for her, it would be a 900na.
  24. Blackstar

    New Doos'

    and a heated seat. Also a decent windshield and air deflection.
  25. Blackstar

    New Doos'

    None of the above. It would need to be an Enduro.