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  1. Winter 2018

    I heard he's from burketon and I do recognize that area from some of his videos.
  2. Winter 2018

    where is here?
  3. Communicator, Senna 20s evo

    specs say operating temp min -10 Celsius, did they hold charge long at -30?
  4. Communicator, Senna 20s evo

    will these work in -25? do they mount outside or inside the helmet?
  5. Sled wont start??

    and now you want to buy another shit box?
  6. Winter 2017

    Can someone chime in directly after the freeze up and let us know if scratchers are going to be needed?
  7. Winter 2017

    that's usually what you like to do anyway, no sense in sledding
  8. Winter 2017

    yes they are running raven to dorset, but most of the doos are sinking dorset all red now