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  1. ZRSledhead

    Fucking Cat 1000

    I found a more rounded edge aluminum handle made pair of em I owned much easier to pull over when cold. When dead nutz cold, most of them need just the slightest crack of the throttle before they'll start, if not, will flood hard, the F8s tended to need the same slight bit of throttle cold.
  2. ZRSledhead

    Staging area in Fenelon Falls

    Yes very common to see a good number of trucks n trailers parked there, rail line trail runs along edge of it.
  3. ZRSledhead

    pilot skis wanted

    New ones cheap here / lots of used ones on Kijiji. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-snowmobile-parts-trailer-accessories/barrie/ski-doo-pilot-5-7-ski-replacement-upgrade-kit/1327550342?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  4. ZRSledhead

    Truck snow tires

    Avalanche Extreme, highly underrated tire that does nothing but perform. Have also run Coopers equivalent (Discoverer M&S), a great tire but Av Ext edges it out in snow.
  5. ZRSledhead

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Thank you for the above. Have a neighbor down the street who is a constant nuisance with his drone in the summer flying in and around backyards including my own.
  6. ZRSledhead


    In spite of complications, yes I'd do eye surgery again.
  7. ZRSledhead

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Even though FS and OC are at polar opposite ends of the spectrum, doesn't make one better or worse vs the other.
  8. ZRSledhead

    Looking for a helmet

    I currently own 3 HJC helmets, all of which are XL and fit me correctly, my snow version CL14 is getting long in the tooth, time to replace. Strolled into Royal Dist, while they don't carry CL17 in the snow version (yes HJC makes it / no I didn't care it would cost me most to add elec shield) I walked over to the motorcycle section and pulled an XL off the shelf. Not a chance that was going over my melon, neither was a 2X, the 3X did but was brutally tight above my brow, this is what led me to try two more 3X of the exact same model. No two fit anywhere close to the other, none fit me correctly. While the salesperson agreed all three did look / fit differently on my head, she decided I must be wrong about my current HJC helmets all being XL's. If they made electric shields for a higher end helmet like a Shoe or similar, would not blink at the cost. No blank check / baller sledding budget here, just willing to spend what it takes to be safer. If you've noticed, some helmets loose the Snell Rating in larger sizes, perhaps they are no longer making different shell sizes but are instead cutting down on the interior padding to fit larger heads.
  9. ZRSledhead

    Looking for a helmet

    Irv, good point on modulars, searched but never found one with anything above DOT rating.
  10. ZRSledhead

    Looking for a helmet

    Interesting read below. My sled helmet has a Snell Rating, my road race helmet is Snell SA. What are the differences between the SA and M standards? The Snell Memorial Foundation SA standard was designed for competitive auto racing while the M standard was for motorcycling and other motorsports. There are three major differences between them: SA standard requires pass a flammability test while the M standards do not. Generally speaking, SA and SAH helmets will have a Nomex lining and a yellow Nomex chin strap. SA standard allows for a narrower visual field than the M standard (Some SA certified helmets may not be legal for street motorcycle use). SA standards include a rollbar multi-impact test while the M standard does not. Open Face vs Closed Face Open face helmets are preferred in cars with air bags. This is because the airbag inflates into the same space as the chin/face protection on a closed face helmet, which pushes the occupant’s head up and back (ouch!) and lessens the effectiveness of the airbag. Closed face helps are preferred in cars without airbags due to the additional impact protection they provide. Changes to Snell 2015 SA helmet standards Snell 2015 SA helmets are now available in the marketplace (it was a slow start, but they are here now). We strongly recommend updating your helmet to a 2015 due to two significant changes that are incorporated in the Snell 2015 SA standards: 1) Head-and-Neck Restraint (HANS) compatibility across all helmets. This comes in the form of the pre-installed M6 hardware that was previously required only on helmets with a Snell/FIA rating (formerly known as the SAH-rating). 2) New impact testing is being used that mimics FIA-testing. Low velocity testing is now required; as is protection against lower impact points, such as strikes against window frames and other lower structures. Can I use a DOT helmet? NO. The DOT standard (meaning United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #218) is considered to be lesser than current Snell Memorial Foundation standards from both functional and compliance perspectives. With respect to function, the DOT standard was developed in 1972 and remains virtually unchanged except for a minor revision to the testing process in 1988; whereas the Snell standard is revised every 5 years and is continually evolving based on new information on how to prevent brain injuries. For example, the latest 2015 Snell standard has significant improvements in low-velocity impact protection and low-lateral impact protection which DOT does not require. More important, however, is the issue of compliance with the certification standard. Snell independently tests samples of each and every helmet design before providing certification, and then performs ongoing spot-checks of each helmet design throughout its production life. Manufacturers who use the ECE R22-05 standard must also submit their helmets to an independent third-party for similar testing. But with DOT, there is no third-party verification or testing requirements, meaning that companies certify their own helmets. BUT DO THEY? NHTSA conducts random tests on about 40 sample helmets every year for compliance. During the years 2004-2008, NHTSA found 28% of so-called DOT-approved helmets failed performance testing. This is an unacceptable failure rate. Even without knowing you, we are certain you are worth the cost of a helmet that will actually protect you when you need it.
  11. ZRSledhead

    Looking for a helmet

    Personally, find it disturbing virtually none are Snell Rated any more. Guess with so many buying strictly on price thats what your gonna see. While recently looking to buy a new lid, tried on three identical helmets from the same mfg (HJC CL17), no two fit anywhere close to the same. If there is indeed any semblance of quality control in a safety item like that, how could that be possible? Perhaps I'm overthinking it but while wearing a Snell rated helmet a few years back, took a spill that saw me knocked unconscious. Couple peeps have said to me, helmet didn't do it's job, my take, if my melon took that much of a hit in a good helmet, would I have survived wearing a lesser one?
  12. ZRSledhead

    Wife/we need a new car. What's good?

    Long drain intervals are more about making it look more affordable / more attractive when you purchase vs making it live a long life. Same can be said about the oils n grades suggested are more about Cafe numbers vs whats best for your engine. JMHO
  13. ZRSledhead

    OFSC Trail Pass

  14. ZRSledhead

    Deleted emails trial.....

    Ones that truly deserve to be there will walk.