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  1. Wife/we need a new car. What's good?

    Long drain intervals are more about making it look more affordable / more attractive when you purchase vs making it live a long life. Same can be said about the oils n grades suggested are more about Cafe numbers vs whats best for your engine. JMHO
  2. OFSC Trail Pass

  3. Deleted emails trial.....

    Ones that truly deserve to be there will walk.
  4. Snow Tires

    Neither the Hercules or Coopers made any appreciable difference in fuel mileage on my '03 GM. Buddy put KO2s on his '14 F150, claims to have lost approx 2-3ltrs/100km on same driving.
  5. Snow Tires

    None of the above (I'd give Coopers a sorta close second though). Hercules Avalanche X-treme SUV Traction coming out the ying yang n wear extremely well.
  6. easiest steering ski

    I ran a number of different skis on my former F sleds and always found myself coming back to the SLP-SLT. On the '07/08 found it perfect with Shaper bars but on my '11 with it's altered geometry, more comfortable with the smaller round bars from SLP. Combo of light effort and minimal to no darting combined with terrific bite makes it a ski you can live with mile after mile after mile.
  7. Did you get a chance to pull fender liner n check?
  8. As for the comment about rust, have customers with all makes sporting rust that is absolutely inexcusable. From what I'm seeing, later model GM's are leading the pack, my '11 was well under way in spite of being properly Krowned each year (paint was peeling from inside of rear fender edges / just started on both fronts). On milder winter days, drag hose outta the basement and hand wash, rest of the time it's run through touchless or spray wash. Body on my '03 sierra, could shove your fist through the rocker panels plus floor rotted right to the outter seat bolts on each side, yes it was religiously Krowned and well washed as well.
  9. Be great if you'd post what is or is not in there.
  10. There is an ad on Kijiji where a Ram owner talks about some sort of padding / felt on the backside of the fender he felt is the cause of his rust issue (both front fenders). I'll be pulling front inner fenders for a closer look before it gets Krowned in the fall.
  11. Found a great deal on a '16 Laramie with 11k.
  12. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    Good buy if it's as stated. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-snowmobile/gatineau/light-use-2015-polaris-switchback-800-pro-s-with-gps-gauge/1250615106?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  13. I don't see any insane Dodge deals out there, only inflated MSRPs plus a discount that takes you back to what you'd expect to pay for it (after dealing of course) in the first place.
  14. F150 - New Tires

    Still good value for what you paid.