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  1. with every new big bore motor Polaris ever released
  2. I thought this was the most durable over engineered longest tested motor Polaris ever built . but I guess that was also all bullshit
  3. Ez ryder

    Passport renewal.

    he'll we have to wait 4mo for a standard 'licence MN is totally fucked with them
  4. why would it be big biz? no one crosses ilegaly
  5. Ez ryder

    Passport renewal.

    MN is way way behind on the secure license . don't think we can even get one yet if we had to
  6. Ez ryder

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    nice ride out for the last 3 hrs,any way lol
  7. Ez ryder


    no it is far from a fact . cat is actualy putting togeter the yammi motor in st cloud . cat haa been desining ther own motors and having zuk build them for over 20 yrs,. there new 6 and 8 is 100% in house . if they want they could build a,new 4st . but why there parent company ownes webber grab one of there designed 4st motors tweek to make work for old man sleds and go .or desine there own and build at the st cloud plant. one thing cat dose well is desine good motors
  8. Ez ryder

    Could this be the new cat 850 2S ?

    but a diamond pounder track . xfire ?
  9. a tax cut is not even in the same ballpark as a subsidy
  10. Ez ryder


    cat has zero need for Yamaha motors . they already are putting them together in st cloud. the have designed there 2st motors all the way back to the early zuk partnership .
  11. suck more dick it may create some lower jaw mussel and help create the illusion of a chin
  12. not govenments job .that is sleazy govenment workers getting there's on the back end . govenment creating jobs is always costing more to the tax payer than the jobs the other people's money created .
  13. no other people's money the govenment took and gave to the highest bidder did that
  14. Ez ryder


    word has it they are dumping the textron name this yr and going back to cat. not sure why? cat has never had a rep of quality atv but some marketing panel looked in to it pretty deep and made the call