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  1. i actually sat on FS and talked shit after the first 20 min as it rolled in the back . just awful shit . same thing with creed 2 last weekend . I am a movie guy pretty much all I watch or pay tv series .
  2. Ez ryder

    Beginner Motorcycles

    I am telling you for a around the house bike they are great . it will do like 120mph . it shines on the curves . you will find your self running the clover leaf a few times in a row just because you can . I hauled mine out west just to run mountain passes . wife would just chill in the rv or hike so I could run up and down the beartooth and Teton and chief Joseph etc . i have other bikes but this one is built for that shit
  3. wtf is wrong with you ? really ? and you call this owned lmfao are you related to snorider
  4. so you some how got your balot back after feeding it in to a counter . impressive. I have not voted for a dem in a long long time . last one was Clinton's first run . have voted a few independents over tbe yrs but just got sick of tossing my vote in the trash.
  5. he says a lot of shit . the fact is no bill was ever proposed that was a Muslim ban . not ever
  6. I will wait till it hits Showtime or HBO. then not pay attention and text on FS as it plays in the background . deadpool 2 sucked as do most new super hero movies . so fucking over them
  7. no he never asked for it . not 1 bill presented was a Muslim ban . fact
  8. Ez ryder

    Beginner Motorcycles

    that said for under a grand for a decent runner I would prob run it for a season just for fun
  9. Ez ryder

    Beginner Motorcycles

    my cuz has had one for yrs,. it is like a crossover sled it is just ok at everything it dose . to heavy for a dirt bike to uncomfortable for long hall freeway bike
  10. that is true we have never met
  11. was the ban a Muslim ban yes or no ?
  12. one of my customers has 3 homes in Italy they let us stay at the home on Capri that was a,cool stay for a few days also the neighbors kne we were coming so had us over for dinner and showed us around .
  13. what the ban a Muslim ban yes or no
  14. rome is touristy zero question . I get the historical significance and have studied the architecture . again no denying rome is touristy .