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  1. what do u call a guy who actually thinks politiofact is not a bias steaming pile of shit? a hack liberal or just revkevsdi
  2. that has been needed for a long long long time .
  3. U do get there is not 1 but 2 websites out there that do nothing but fact check the bullshit bias of politifact don't u ? there is no fact in politifact
  4. she did most of the things U posted already . u get that right?
  5. U are a lib who rides a ski doo so yeah if the chaps fit
  6. that is only because he loves the minty flavor on his boyfriends cock
  7. chicks are in to dudes that look like they have ants in there teeth
  8. seriously U some how got it up in the first place . she starts to cum makes this face instant limp dick I don't care how much I drank . then I would have to make sure she did not shit the bed before kicking her ass out the door with a pillow case tied around her head as a courtesy to the door man
  9. just asked her and she said it was going up lol . something about licensed images stock or something and illustrator and I tuned out from there but she kept talking for a bit lol
  10. I don't know all what she has do not care all I know is on the home office card I see like 49.xx from Adobe and have for some time
  11. u left out tolerant from the worlds great religion description . now u best be looking over your shoulder
  12. do they stain your cock purple after fucking the box