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  1. no a douchebag is used to clear the stink out of a smelly cunt . they are doing there best to make that thing the most rank cunt of all time
  2. I have been watching big island videos looking for your boat with a load of puss no luck yet but you can be sure it has been part of this on any given weekend lol.
  3. spring and fall is when they are busting balls for that stuff . btw the cop shop launch was the nicest on this side of the lake . and the dnr guys chemical wash your bottom when you get out . I yank out there a few times a season just to keep her some what clean and less work in the spring . hell I have pulled it let them wash and back it right back in and they get a bit pissy lol fuck em I can piss tax money away to
  4. also that lower unit top fluid dipstick screw for some reason can be a cunt . I started just giving a Teflon tape wrap and now I don't need to fight it for 20 min to get off after a season in the lake
  5. fuck carpet it just gets trashed . toss down some through rugs and be done in the cockpit stick with the fiberglass I tossed cockpit carpet in trash yrs ago . I did cabin floor in replicable commercial 20 in squares so I could replace walk way
  6. yeah can be a pain so when you said wall mart and I was like WTF. for a shovel that is a 30 min jaunt . yes always a PITA to get out but it is a nice drive around the lake or though the farms and I can be down town in less than 30.
  7. have them reach up like fisting a elephant to make sure no h20 backflow flappers have fallen off and replaced but the old ones still flopping around blocking part of the exhaust . pretty common deal with those OMC/Volvo motors. I have had 2 pop off in 7 yrs and the first time I found well my guy found the old flapper and the one that just broke off so pretty much completely blocking exit. if the guys are good they can be fixed at the launch in about 1.5 hr per motor . if units are already off deff check it out .
  8. 600 not to bad shit the gas and a motel room it is almost a wash best part less time stuck in a cab driving that is worth 200 right there
  9. what dose a ride like that cost with a truck and 30 some feet of wide body boat ? and yeah that tong looked a bit flexy . looked like you could ez cut a foot or so off of it
  10. bellows are pretty ez on that thing. did them on mine few yrs back in a few hours . fyi there are like 20+ launces on that lake. surfside is ok but like you said sandy. should have called I could have yanked you out only about a min drive for me to that launch . always hard buying shit you cant see.
  11. New Audi R8 Pricing - Don't Pay MSRP of $162,900 just have your donors pay the 162k
  12. surf side ha you were real close to my house .did you sleep in the boat over night ? I saw it 2 times then drove by when they were closed and boat was disconnected and jeep in shop .
  13. not a atv but I have had a grasp on sled bumper with 1 hand and holding bibs back with the other as a brisk wind has the sack swaying .sadly a few more times tha I care to remember lol . the pitfalls of boondocking the total lack of bars with warm toilet seats. honestly it is still better than the outdoor shitter at 10k feet in the Rabbit Ears pass parking lot in feb you look down the hole and it is a 7 foot pyramid of turd way to close to being a dirty but plug if you sit to fast . I have pinched it till I got in to the woods more than one rather than endure that sadomasochist situation