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  1. Chassis Comparison 2007 Rev vs. 2009 M

    you prob get your dick sucked a lot more .
  2. Chassis Comparison 2007 Rev vs. 2009 M

    fuck that keep the M over that time bomb
  3. Eclipse

    straight down pour rain out for me
  4. Eclipse

    and can still see I cant believe some of the shit I saw today . my how times have changed from when I was a kid in 79 and they had us all poke a hole in a hunk of cardboard and look up at the eclipse in the football field . I am 48 and still dont need glasses . flash forward today schools closing so they dont have any liability .fucking day care facility's and open schools having paper and black garbage bags put over all the windows . a world of snowrider style pillow biters
  5. yes a rewriting of a history book is the same as rewriting history . you print a lye and tell it enough it becomes fact . just look at the last 9 mo for proof of that . you your self take the whole load with a open mouth and a smile then defend it to the bitter end .
  6. who the communists ? millions actually .
  7. secret service, broke

    I am sure CNN is not reporting on one of there hero's remarremarks
  8. did you see what 3 of the 4 of your hero's who were arrested for pulling down the statue share ? all members of the communist party . yes just spontaneous gatherings though .
  9. and again you prove you did not watch the press conference again
  10. so you admit to never watching a whole press conference then watching the media take on it
  11. like I said I was fine with a straight yes or no vote . I DO NOT WANT GOVERNMENT in my health care . I get plenty of there incompetent service at the DMV
  12. the one I liked best was the straight vote to dump the ACA . shocker the 5 never trump voted with Soros money
  13. have you had a original thought in your life ? serious question
  14. yes I do they delivered something . can you answer what it needs replacement why is it failing ? whay could I not keep my plan along with millions like me . why in the ACA costing me over 4grand a year more than my old plan with a 12g higher deductible ?