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  1. and they said all those yrs of sex behind the dumpster of the gay bar were a wast of your time
  2. lol and I had no idea we were in this war
  3. yes the disability box was a must have for the cast member
  4. again it is not her she is the puppet . pretty much just Flow from progressive
  5. no a body of activist had a cattel call and she fit all the boxes that needed to be checked off to play the part . just a tool and every one but the likes of pampers has known this from day 2
  6. lol how do you figure ?
  7. and I am fine with that as long as the same percentage of cuts are across the board for all fed spending . fyi your pension will be funding both of those programs before you get to collect . Mark my words
  8. hate to burst your bubble
  9. or just back people who want to take the rich man's money . untill the rich man is tge factory worker pulling 100k then is she still great ? how about when she wants a part of your pension because every one deserves a good retirement? she still great then.
  10. Ez ryder

    Ski Donk 8 Diddy turb

    lol i had that sled how come i did not get the bannana hammock? must have been a snow check only option
  11. I always take the sofa. lol I sleep on the sofa all the time. hang out with the wife till she crashes then go out to the sofa and watch tv till I pass out . guys come to my cabin that don't know me well and are like well I dont want to take your bed I will sleep on the sofa and I am like well you will have to fight me for it .lol I can't sleep with out a tv on