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  1. New sleds???/

    no I really need cat to come out with a non kit . in MN the fuck heads at MNUSA pushed to get bikes banned from the trail. I bitched sent some letters .I was the topic of a few meetings on the subject lol. but long story short the old guard and there par short sighted view never imagined a oem would build a bike . so they fucked the wording that is now DNR law. no one wants to use one on a trail but it would be nice to park at a trail head and get to where you want to go off trail and have the ability to legally drive it to go by gas . the few race ready models available this season do not qualify. but now I am really behind the ball in my crew 1 guy has 3 and 2 guys have 2 and there sleds . they really dont care if i use 1 of theirs for a day or afternoon when we are out west . as soon as cat brings a full bike to market I will snowcheck it
  2. just locked in 8 nights in CO flat tops for early jan . same house we rented last yr epic place . working on a early season for tog just waiting on new year package datesand $ to come out . usually under 150 a night for nov early dec . always need to be packing extra a arms for those rides
  3. New sleds???/

    well 1/2 the fun is standing in your garage 3 mo before you can use your new toy thinking you are still 20 imagining all the crazy shit you will no longer do on it but is sounds good in your head in the garage
  4. New sleds???/

    1 early season dump and the non currents are gone in a week and used is gold again . I am just holding back on a new non current because I think my next buy is a bike . I was really hoping cat was going to release theirs this season . but no only limited numbers to race program . I could get 1 through there but only reason I wanted a cat was to skirt MN trail issues and have the ability to drive it to a gas station or from trail head to the woods . I have also been prodding my cuz to sell me back my old 03 zr900 1010 . he has been living in IL for 4 yrs and has not used it once in that time. keep her at the cabin de tune a bit to run on pump gas and break it out on fresh groom days or ride it when some one comes up with no sled
  5. 2011 Polaris 800 assault

    no do not do it unless it has a new motor . the 11 800 was about the worst one they built lots of updates to the 12 then to the 13 then again to the 14 14 is about as late as I would buy and that would have to be a mid season build not a snow check
  6. New sleds???/

    I was real close to buying a new 16m8 last week but I dont even have 2k mi on my 14m8 yet . I have to fight the temptation but fuck they are giving the hold overs away .
  7. procross harness

    I did tie strap worked fine there is a blank space close to mid plug so works well with no wire pinch.
  8. Dodge Ram or Nissan Titan XD

    yeah that's what I want to do totally void the warranty on my new 60k truck . I see no redeeming quality's left on modern oil burners for the light truck market . unless u wear flat bill caps and feel the need to have a 800hp parking lot dyno queen
  9. Dodge Ram or Nissan Titan XD

    and the towing MPG is shit with them now also. they took everything that made oil burners great and took it all away . U could not pay me to buy a modern oil burner
  10. Dodge Ram or Nissan Titan XD

    I have a bud with a eco diesel he like the truck but having issues with electrical system . mainly keeps getting stranded with a truck that wont even try to start because it says under 11volts or some such thing . the 2 battery thing did not work. they did a few flashes and sensors . think it is getting traded in real soon
  11. best to put a guy in charge . get total room prices. then early fall get every one talking big to put down there non refundable check. lots of big players early fall come trip time some bail but who gives a shit they already gave there checks cabins and rooms booked. last 1 we just did 2 guys bailed the original 5 guys each split the 900bucks . paid the full fuel bill out and back plus a suit on the way out . I use to feel bad about guys who would bail and loose there cash but now I could care less and count on it . a trip with a crew is a commitment like any other u bail it always causes some sort of logistics BS that the rest f the guys have to deal with
  12. procross harness

    they are diff than the old M plugs . u could ez yank out the wire and steel clip out of them and reset in diff hole . I did it a hand full of times on the 09 1000s to give them motor reverse . really crazy 2 wire switch helix and drive from a 10 u have motor reverse
  13. procross harness

    any one know if the main harness under hood. the one u unplug when pulling off hood . the main clip on chassis side . can the plug be replaced with out having to replace whole $4XX buck harness? my clip that locks the 2 together is hanging by a thread . prob wont last the next plug in . thinking zip tie together if it non fixable . looks like it can come apart but no parts in the microfiche
  14. only because my bud is not a fan lol black hills
  15. BTW the other older style sony hdmi port will not work for charge or download . must be deeper internal issues . I may take the old one apart and see if it is a micro board or something . just not cool 2 cams same thing. 5yr extended on next one for sure