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  1. Ez ryder

    What happened to the caravan?

    yet you repot 10 butthurt threads a day . snorider level self awareness right there
  2. Ez ryder

    What happened to the caravan?

    again you fucking bone head they were seaking asylum it was offered they did not want it . translation they want to come to America because we have a welfare system second to none . just who did Mexico think they were dealing with ? jobs lol yeah right I just walk for 6 more weeks and never have to work again .
  3. Ez ryder


    look little cunt proving again he still can't get over the FACT his queen lost . what are you at 10 butt hurt threads a day . fucking pathetic .
  4. Ez ryder

    What happened to the caravan?

    what that they turned down Mexico's offer of asylum? the bus thing is my opinion of what should happen
  5. yes the president make a his own scedual . I bet he drives him self and opens his mail and dose his own grocery shopping also . fucking dolt
  6. Ez ryder

    What happened to the caravan?

    we will put them on a bus and bring them home .there are not seeking asylum they proved that
  7. Ez ryder

    What happened to the caravan?

    and why should we grant it to them ? they turned down the Mexican govenment offers so obviously assilum is not really what they are seeking
  8. Ez ryder

    What happened to the caravan?

    they are still walking saw footage this am on Phoenix local news .
  9. scrolling Craigslist now think I am going tomarrow.
  10. God just let them install that golden tix to the speaker .to eat her her mummbel along is priceless. now when Trump get her all riled up and she is falling over her words stammering to remember the zinger some one wrote for her but she can't remember so she wings it and falls flat again. pricless stuff for 2 yrs . please put get her up there
  11. lmfao you are joking right? France taking on the us military yeah that would take us about 8 hours . fucking pampers
  12. I am all for it pull out tomarrow. and yes it is a bit insulting but really who goes a fuck close all our bases in his back yard and tent them up and make them refuge camps .
  13. Ez ryder

    Weekend thread

    unbelievable amount if hot women in old town Scottsdale almost overwhelming.