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  1. Sears Canada , is toast

    I feel bad for you guys my grandpa always had a subscription to OUI and playboy . there were always fresh copy's on the back of the toilet and stacks of old ones on the porch.
  2. Wow, I didn't know it was possible demonize Chelsea. and she has done what ?
  3. my bud had his dog taken down last summer about 10 feet from fr door . another buddy's wife was walking down the trail with her dog and 1 was stalking her keeping about 50 yards back stoping when she stopped walking when she walked . she called the cops then a friend along trail . the friend ran out then ran down trail and shot it . cops came about 30 min later . she now carry's a 9 out on walks . you see all sorts of lost cat and lost small dog posters around my parts all the time. most people do not know just how many there are around here . almost every night I can step outside and here them all fired up after a kill
  4. you are 1 sic pup . but hay all the power to you. my wing man for yrs loved him some fat chicks bigger the better . if the fat one is getting fucked every one is getting fucked. best wing man ever I could have deff used a guy who liked repulsive smarmy ones
  5. well xc has proved today he has to much time on his hands and chinless snorider you fingers his ass when thinking of Chelsea as he is engrossed in her tweets . we know the maincunt would if he could remember how to turn on his phone , slinger you know hangs on her every tweet
  6. why are you and your old good ol DFL boys missing the good ol days of dragging my best buddys down the road then burring crosses in there moms yard?
  7. Bad news for some

    prob not even real . it is just hard to go to a book signing when 8 people show up and 5 of them work for you
  8. sucker born every second . between you and the other 12 suckers left the rent in bills fuck pad in NYC is covered for 30 days this yr
  9. laws of individual donation amounts per election
  10. ok then pull up a employee list . and then come April I will remind you again to pull up the 2017 donation list so you can remind us all of how smart you are
  11. so 50 cents to every woman bill has groped then .
  12. now we should take all his money ? I dont give a fuck what any one dose with the money he gave personally. but now we should take the guys money and do what the collective thinks is best with it?