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  1. I no longer own any antiques but still like the early ext/king cat /kitty cat swoosh and would like a factory through back . not in to the whole Wisconsin tuxedo thing never owned a orange cat . my cat color is the 11 limited
  2. The Tiger is growing on me, I've owned a lot of lime green sleds and I am coming off a two year run on a pickle and that was preceded by a pumpkin, I'm feelin it and it's time to go traditional so u are going black with purple bumpers and stripes poss leopard seat that is traditional and something I would get behind
  3. hay he made a salad .
  4. no shit . I have a roll of shit indoor out door carpet cut to fit the room that goes to back door . lay it over carpet till mud season is over . 3 dogs make mud season a PITA . if I build a new house some day it will have a shower pan by the back door for dog feet
  5. fall is my fav
  6. the meds are no longer working . better go take a nap
  7. no that would be the sleeeezy cunt he took out at the knees
  8. wow tossing stones in your glass bubble .did shop nbc not give you a instruction manual with that thing
  9. I hate to break it to u but a lot of the large producers also help recruit workers and help them with the visa proses. there ar 3 large corps in my state I have seen story's about exactly this in recent yrs
  10. not really the bubble u live in on this issue is pretty small . few large city's is about all u have and many in those are becoming sick of the shit
  11. again no one is saying u cant file for 12 or 24 mo work visa in fact Polaris will do it for u want to work in there factory and ship u up
  12. oh no I answered . the man would have been shipped out of any other civilized country yrs ago for breaking there immigration laws . unless we aer talking about Mexico's laws then he would be serving a 10 yr stint by now
  13. is the man in this country illegally with a court ordered deportation order on file or not? end of fucking story
  14. u ether have a immigration policy and u enforce the laws in it or u don't .if u want open borders fine but u cant have a welfare state and open borders take a pick the 2 can not coexist at all