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  1. If More....

    again light bulb boy go change a fuse then go make your inlaws some money selling a bulb . 1 more self made guy what a pathetic cunt
  2. If More....

    I was raised by my grandparents for the most part also had cabins sleds atc Disney meals around the tv trays .was even in Tripoli /Crete/ every summer in AK but yeah what ever makes your lack of being a self made man fell ok . who says I am scared ? I spend a lot of time in the hood with out a 2nd thought you only have to worry about the brothers when they are in a crew of 3 or more and Indians never most are to drunk to stand still let alone fight and land a punch . you are the cunt living in your sheltered little high rise bubble boo fucking whoo poor passed out drug addict paint huffing pile of shit vandalized a guys property and got his ass handed to him . would do it again today we all know the so called law would do nothing
  3. the 2016 loss of your queen yeah we got it
  4. If More....

    go try to fold a towel fuse boy
  5. If More....

    I dont know any one who packs heat on a reg biases. btw really be honest woul you have blown him gave him 100 bucks because he was down on his luck or just rubbed his head and told him it would be ok you mommy would pay to fix your car
  6. If More....

    sure shit did not call the worthless cops
  7. If More....

    you do not know how to change a fuse . what is that telling you
  8. If More....

    until that 1 drink to many and they start walking around on the balls of there feet and the crazy trail starts rolling .
  9. If More....

    LMFAO of yes he took over mommy and daddy's buisness . you fucking cunt go sell a bulb
  10. If More....

    no bravery just payback as deserved . we cant all just bend over and blow a guy because he fucked up your property
  11. If More....

    so you would just let it slide . fucking cunt
  12. just his usual go to when he has nothing but can not admit defeat to him self
  13. If More....

    20 some yrs ago we walked out of a bar in Minneapolis and a Indian was laying on ground moaning rolling side to side paper bag in his hand can of spray paint on the ground his face was all silver . my buds brand new van has silver paint all over the side . that day did not go well for that Indian .
  14. oh you remember that zinger . oh I am sure you fingered your self in ecstasy after that one