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  1. Not a sled related thread on the entire first page. What happened to freedomsledder, a snowmobile website?
  2. I don't know if the new one is too stiff or not but the 15 was bag of dicks gay soft and would bottom and swap with the slightest aggression.
  3. Random Photo Thread

    No idea. I eat like a bird and can't lose a pound.
  4. Random Photo Thread

    You get the lap band or what?
  5. Pretty awesome sled. I'm going to ride my 15 SBA one more year and I got an m8000 for off-trail days maybe next year trade them both for a new SBA.
  6. Snowmobile News..

    If you're not fluent on a dirt bike you probably shouldn't bother. My little experience on them showed that you could get tossed pretty good on them unlike a sled that won't highside you. I rode dirt bikes for 40 years Kind of reinforces what I just said. The only cool part is even Chris burandt looks like a rookie on one compared to him on a sled.
  7. Snowmobile News..

    Good deal
  8. Shoulda bought New Balance.......Made in Merica Bitches.
  9. Do you drink and ride?

    The real question is where do you put your empties when you're done? I prefer the belly pan hahaha. Never drink when I'm riding, after it's parked, maybe one or two or 3 maybe four sometimes.
  10. New sleds???/

    Picked this up to augment the SBA for deep days.
  11. Oh Dear Lord!

    How about that section by Kineo getting off the lake? On my cat it was a ball on my Polaris it was torture.