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  1. Marijuana causes addiction? I thought that was a rumor.
  2. There are a bunch of bright spots with AI and Robotics, don't fight it
  3. I've had one close call in the last 15 years, for the most part, I don't like trail riding because of the guys coming the other way. When riding hard, I'm concentrating and feel safer than riding with a group at "family" pace. All in all, I'd rather ride back country and avoid high speed trail racing.
  4. Like I said, maybe different there. Other point was Hyundais have been phenomenal cars for value and reliability. Just did check Adessa on OVE, BMW and MB under represented compared to most other brands.
  5. Come on AC. Pretty much all of that statement was wrong. Been dabbling in auctions for over 20 years. Maybe in your world but in US cars like Nissan, Honda, Toyota and come through Manheim, OVE etc. High end go to closed Franchise only auctions for the most part. The orphan, high mileage end up in the secondary market after that.
  6. I'm over trail riding for the most part. I'd rather poke around logging roads and connect wormholes to explore.
  7. Was really more like 3000-4500 most years. 5600 on year on my Apex, 11,000 miles in 3 years. We used to ride.
  8. The quote is incomplete. I heard the speech live, he was referring to the doctors and parents. Way to jump on the narrative tho.
  9. s pump

    Meme thread

    Are you ok Dan? You seem particularly unhinged lately.
  10. Ben would you mind if I started a Bens Destruction thread? My first memory of you was you hitting a culvert on your FST......come on this will be fun.