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  1. I don't know if it's sad or not but I know every one of those locations. Few pictures from our rides didn't get that many pictures this year. Dec.16th-March 25th. Maybe one more ride left.
  2. Whats the detail on the Cat. I got a 17 M8 Sno Pro. Haven't really gotten a chance to flog it yet.
  3. 'EZ wins the innerwebs. Who's Cat is that?
  4. Baaaahhhaaaaaaa, thats awesome. Or not.
  5. Dropped my sled at camp Tuesday night took a quick burn with Wollie. Had a business appointment an hour and a half South for Wednesday and scheduled inventory at work for Thursday at 7 a.m. Started heading home after my appointment got stuck in traffic for 2 and 1/2 hours from Monster accident on 495. While sitting there inventory got cancelled. I was halfway between home and camp and decided to keep rolling home. Head back up first thing in the morning ride the weekend. New Cat feels pretty awesome from when I can feel of it then the short ride I had.
  6. The track looked good when it was upside down.
  7. , it's called a burn because there's a fire burning underneath the ground there for decades I think.
  8. I actually had a clear kitchen pass to go but the wife's Ex had a heart attack on Tuesday and open heart surgery for 6 hours on Wednesday so all of the kids and family arrived here and plans changed. Looked fun, guess they had a few issues with two sleds but good first ride.
  9. You would have been more trouble free than them probably.......sniffffffff. Ski Doos SMH.
  10. s pump

    New sleds???/

    Picked this up to augment the SBA for deep days.