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  1. This drug is for in patient use only. Settle down.
  2. s pump

    Wrong side of history

    S Slavery, Civil War......Damn Dems
  3. I'm in next year. Used to love NASCAR but the new format sucks.
  4. Yeah, I'm sure. It's like having a couple bucks on a golf game. Makes you focus more.
  5. Would you want your kids or family to read the stuff you write?
  6. Usually stiff legged ko indicates damage....
  7. How does this game you guys are playing work? Lowest score wins? Is there money on it?
  8. Who could have called that one... That one never gets old.
  9. s pump

    Frum vs Bannon debate

    He's actually very bright, gives no fucks and backs up his beliefs. He has no talking points and speaks without notes at most times. He believes what he espouses.
  10. It's pretty funny watching the Sunday morning shows. They are switching the narrative to the Dems might not have their Blue Wave.......even admitting they miss the call in '16. Might be a little too late to try a new tactic.
  11. s pump

    Ford taking it in the shorts.

    God, you're insufferable. Whatever you're doing, do the opposite.
  12. When you two read this in one thread, do you get how fucked up you sound? It's embarrassing.
  13. s pump

    US wage growth hits nine-year high

    That's racist.