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  1. Its pretty egocentric to think that this period of our existence is the worst time........fairly comical really. Total lack of awareness of what times were like before.
  2. I had plenty of time to think about bailing. It was flying straight just nose down and I instinctively panic revved her and it got the skis back in front off me. Did that once before on my '03 Pro X. I was jumping a drift coming off a lake. About the 5th run, I hit a wood guard rail post in the drift that sent me 85 feet flying nose straight down. Panic revved it and it just got back enough not to eject me on landing. My buddies were sitting there as I flew by 10 feet in the air. Picture below is the post I hit and where my buddies are sitting is where i hit it. Where I took the picture is where i landed. Paced it out to 85 feet.... First night we were on Rangely for Snodeo, 5 minutes int our ride, a guy hit that big ridge on the East End and total his sled, got knocked the fuck out and had an obviously broken arm. Meanwhile, his drunken buddies were too fucked up to realize his sled was toast and were trying to stand him up. All they were worried about was getting bust for drinking. Fucking idiots.
  3. Yah, we were on the plateau to the right. If you look close you can see the tracks up higher. That's where I said no go. If you got off track to the left, I could be very bad/ Thats about 3000' drop/
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    But is it?
  5. I would have gone higher but the next ridge was pretty sketchy but there was one track going up already. I have a picture somewhere of it from the road. It was pretty aggressive. We met a couple guys and one had a stretched turbo Apex and I would guess it was his track.
  6. Video I got in my email says 1 year. I took my boys to Togwotee and they were on m6s. I had an m8. They kept getting stuck and when I throttled them out , I was amazed how flat the 600s felt. I asked the guy at the rental place at togwotee How Hi we could get. He said some guys get up to 8500 to 9000'. When we returned the sleds the 1st day I showed him my GPS and it showed 10650'. We were on the 2nd ridge at breccia didn't dare to go higher with the boys. Not for me. We dont have much over 2500 feet and it's in the trees. There is a spot I want to get to at closer to 3500'. They logged out an area that opened up an approach. At least on Google maps it now looks doable. I'd love a turbo but for $18,600 plus.....not so much.
  7. Doesn't seem to have the rpm of a boosted Poo
  8. I'll bet by next season or even this, someone will find a way to turn up the volume. $18,599
  9. This was from the water being lowered and probably 50' from shore running perpendicular to my travel. Big Perm hit it farther out and was looking back. No fucking hand signal there tho......I was looking at him about 750 ft away when I hit it. Could a sucked. Yah, that was a close one. You came in hot and I was like wtf is he doing......: :lol:
  10. That's what I see too. Everything has to have a party or get together. Birthdays, showers, reveals, all are big budget. Everyone is a Kardashian now....
  11. I hit a ridge Satdee and almost ghosted my sled. Fortunately, the Axys chassis sucks up bad hits pretty good. I saw it about 1/2 second before I hit it at about 50. Ass end kicked up about 5 feet and my feet were probably 4 feet above my seat. She was flying nose down but panic rev leveled it out before landing. It's been a while since that feeling. Oh, and keep your fucking hands on the bars....... Fucking rookies.
  12. You can bend the pickup arm to make them accurate. I got my Cat gauges to the exact increment per gallon.
  13. Im with you, until I can go 500 miles on a charge at full power and recharge as fast as gassing up, no thanks. Love the idea but not stepping backwards as far as convenience. I was reading about some tests in Europe where the batteries are just changed out a service stations like flipping out a phone battery. Pull up drive over a grid and it switched dead batteries for full batteries for a nominal charge. That would work.
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    Snacks, when did you get an RMK?
  15. Chiefs will be there for sure.