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  1. I love this new branding of crime. Is it okay if Terry McAuliffe donates 700,000?? Is that a crime?
  2. So............

    Hey, fuck off. I challenge you to find any other threads I jumped in in "crying" on. I have 1/10th the posts you do and you won't find another negative post from me. You, on the other live online and 8/10ths of your posts are negative. The other 2/10ths are apologizing for the previous nights posts.
  3. Problem is, most of the people dying from it are in their 20s. It's skewing the actual life expectancy age in the country it's that bad. I'm surprised that your attitude here.
  4. How many miles you got on there Tucker?
  5. Dayum!!!

    Most say the Cobra is slower on top because of the cup sharp. I had a 1.6 ice cobra and didn't notice it though. 14 Cat c.f. 107 on gps.
  6. I see what you did there.
  7. 2019 Polaris @ 8pm tonight

    I've missed my seat on my M a couple times. Could use another couple inches.
  8. 2019 Polaris @ 8pm tonight

    I have had 40th, 50th and 60th anniversary Polarii. 40th and 50th were junk. 60th has been reliable as an anvil. This 8 fitty has me sneered. Tempted but skeered.
  9. Trump, winning again

    It's really kind of sad to watch. This whole derangement thing is real
  10. Stop at nothing.

    That's a nice little piece of Irony for the Spinster to masticate.
  11. Repug Pussies...

    S no rider