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  1. Anything you say, " SITE FAG "!!!! LMMFAO!!!
  2. Polaris 550

    Dow 26,000:

    Draggy, no matter how much you post, you still are " OFFICIALLY OWNED " by MACHZNOT!!! Voted on by all members and officially posted by HAnlon!! You also were named the " SITE FAG " , but I don't remember who posted it. The Ontario Gang hates you and got you booted for ratting them out to the OPP during the PET RUN!! They hate you more than I do, and that's pretty bad, FAGGOT!!!!
  3. Polaris 550

    Dow 26,000:

    I'm talking about YOU, FAGGOT!!!
  4. I see the market tanking something horrible. Sonofabitch!! Goddamn sonofabitch!!!
  5. Polaris 550

    Dow 26,000:

    Nope Draggy, you're THE ONE!! The one that sucks dicks and turns tricks.
  6. I got on DT in 2007, to rag about my Mach Z 1000. Not knowing much about sled forums, I even tried to get a class-action suit going against BRP. Holy shit, they went nuts!! LMAO!! I eventually got booted, but somehow got back on much later. IT IS LOYAL TO BP, BEYOND ANY DOUBT. There are however some knowledgeable people over there.............they do know their stuff. Just don't shit on BRP .
  7. Polaris 550

    Dow 26,000:

    I described pussies like YOU, FAGGOT!! Pussies that will NEVAH go beyond their keyboard. They just post like the faggots that they are, faggot. Now, go suck a black cock, and lick the cum.
  8. HUH??? Are you stupid...............read it and weep, Fagmont.
  9. Polaris 550

    New members

    WTF are you talking about dicks!!!! OMG, you really are a homo!! Dicks on the brain.........yup, you're a faggot all right!!
  10. Polaris 550

    I know what works the best!

    I wouldn't go up there if my life depended on it. Scared shitless of heights.
  11. Polaris 550

    I know what works the best!

    Do you go up on those buckets and work on those lines?
  12. Polaris 550

    Dow 26,000:

    HA!HA! Shut the fuck up you cum-faced fake. I gave you a chance to post pics of you on your dozer holding a sneaker in your left hand, but you never did, you faggot!! SUCK ANOTHER BLACK COCK!!!
  13. FS2 is the last fukken place on earth that you should ask for an answer to a serious question. FYI. Seeking medical help on FS.COM!! LMFAO!! OMG! he really is a lummox!!! FS.COM, serious medical questions!!!
  14. Polaris 550

    New members

    Up to 1035 members. It was 9500 when Rob burned the site down. Where did they all go?