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  1. You're HOMO-SEXUAL. True dat Dragqueer!!
  2. Polaris 550

    Why is F7Ben such a faggot.

    When I'm jammin' your sow from behind, and slapping her ass, while calling her a dirty whore, you'll see who's gay!! Fukken faggot!!
  3. Polaris 550

    Why is F7Ben such a faggot.

    Wut, ya' mean that pic was NOT Tucker Hibbert?????
  4. Polaris 550

    Snoop got sumpin ta say

    I mean he's kinda' right, but they hate Trump anyway, so who gives a fuck.
  5. In most cases, even if you catch them in the act of stealing, you can't shoot them.
  6. WHO, in their right fukken mind in the year 2019, leaves a new sled in a fukken trailer, ready to be hitched-up and driven off!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO is that fukken stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spotlights, cameras. motion detectors, heavy cables, locks, DOGS, you name it!! Whatever it takes to stop a mother-fukker from taking your shit.
  7. Polaris 550

    Why is F7Ben such a faggot.

    Wow, that looks like an ARCTIC CAT factory racer!!!
  8. Polaris 550

    Another POS Cop

    Just confirms what I've been sayin' for years......................dogs are the source of thousands, possibly millions of conflicts per year in America. Biting, barking, scratching, shitting, pissing.................it all leads to fights with neighbors, etc.
  9. I just hope the next couple of months brings it back.
  10. No he won't go easy. He's got plenty of money to fight. I just wish the market would come back. I hate this volatility.
  11. Will somebody wake me from the nightmare that is American politics?
  12. She makes me sick the way she licks her teeth. Watch her, she does some weird shit with her tongue. The old bitch loves the attention and adulation. Fukker is worth about 30 million.
  13. Polaris 550

    Another POS Cop

    I've " OWNED ' you on sled-sites since 2007!!! They even posted that I " OFFICIALLY OWNED " you on FS1!!! Hanlon posted the vote naming you " OWNED " !!! Yes, you are a faggot!!
  14. Polaris 550

    Another POS Cop

    Why should I, when I can " OWN " faggots like you on sled-sites. " OWNING " faggots is my business, and business is good!!
  15. So what if they ever do impeach Trump's hair, we get Pastor Pence. What's the big deal.