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  1. Polaris 550

    Closed Trail Thread

    Hey Draggy, does the new ONTARIO GANG know how you ratted the ONTARIO BOYS out to the police, during the PET RUN in 2007/8!!! Why don't ya' tell them what ya' did????????
  2. Polaris 550

    Polaris 850, Sled of the Year - poor Frosty

    Hey!!! You were the guy that ratted-out the " PET RIDE " crew to the police for drinking on the ride, and got them arrested 10 years ago!! The Ontario Gang got you BOOTED from the original FS.com!! Fukken rat!!!!!!!!!
  3. Polaris 550

    Getting ready for the season

    SECURITY! SECURITY!!!!! I'm reporting you to CKF for violations!!! You faggots just can't keep your faggotty mouths shut, can ya'? The only thing that shuts you up is a big cock shoved in your cock smoker.
  4. Polaris 550

    Getting ready for the season

    STD Retrograde has posted against me, along with a few other faggots. So, when I seen a pic of him, I said to myself, " that's the guy that's calling me names, LMAO!!!! " Don't blame me, blame people who post against me. I've only met one person's wife about 4 years ago, to drop off some deer meat. I'll try to stay off some threads but if they post ANYTHING against me ANYWHERE, then I go into FULL ATTACK mode.
  5. Polaris 550

    Getting ready for the season

    Nice PENIS-HEAD, Private Cowboy.
  6. Polaris 550

    Getting ready for the season

    Is that you Private Cowboy!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! You think you can kick my ass with those arms!!! LMMFAO!! Private Cowboy, you look like the kind of person that would fuck somebody up the ass, and not give them the common courtesy of a GODDAMNED REACH-AROUND!! I'll be watching you.
  7. Polaris 550

    2019 Polaris reveal

    PUZZLEBOY could be 800 DRAGON. He is the guy that ratted-out the Port Perry Gang for drinking during a PET RUN, about 8 years ago.
  8. I have to admit, some of the people on this site are " BIG BASTIDS " in sledding. Nice trucks, nice trailers, latest and greatest in sleds.
  9. Polaris 550

    Closed Trail Thread

    They wanted to fight you for reporting them. They said it was a faggot thing to do. They could have gotten arrested!! You should not have ratted them out. They wanted to punch you in the face. The PORT PERRY gang wanted to beat the shit out of you.
  10. Polaris 550

    Closed Trail Thread

    Was that at the same time you reported sledders for drinking during the PET RUN???? Remember the PORT PERRY and ONTARIO GANG wanted you to get beaten up, and banned you from the Ontario FORUMS!!!
  11. Polaris 550

    Ice Fishing Expo

    If I can manage to get up country enough times, I would invest in the shelter. I already have two heaters.
  12. Polaris 550

    Ice Fishing Expo

    I really like ice-fishing. I don't have the portable shack, but I have all the basics. A fishing buddy of mine moved to Florida, but he wants to come up this winter so we can go ice-fishing again.