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  1. Polaris 550


    What threat? Two guys coming to play baseball? Wow, you're gay!!!
  2. Polaris 550


    OOOHH, you got beer balls tonight, 'cause ya' got the BAN HAMMER, huh tough-guy? You won't be so tough when you look out your window and see two guys in a Sierra, with Louisville Sluggers stickin' out the windows.
  3. Polaris 550

    Fun and Games in Wisconsin Walmart

    I agree!!! I got exhausted just cleaning my fukken barn out today!! Imagine me tryin' ta' chase a 17 year old Negroid Jesse Fukken Owens, through a parking lot? I don't think so.
  4. We can only pray they get Obie. Brace yourself for the most tumultuous years we have EVAH seen in the good 'ol USA!!
  5. Polaris 550


    I worked on my 12' boat for the last two afternoons. I'm dead tired. That's enough work for me. A TUFF 28 would be a nightmare at this age to take care of. Although, it would be kind of fun waxing a few young punks at a buck twenny going across the broads!!!
  6. Wow, CKF tells ya' to post all the faggot stuff on a new thread, and you and the other " FAGGOT SUPREME " THE ONE, are tripping over each other to post like madmen!! Emergency Awffy? There's help for ya'...………………..call, FAGGOTS 911 !!!
  7. Polaris 550

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    Wow, nice eyebrows!!!
  8. Sure dude, we believe ya'.
  9. Polaris 550


    Do you even have balls????
  10. Polaris 550


    HELL NO!!!! I'd rather beat 800 DRAGQUEEN like a baby harp seal, than open up a TUFF 28/860 coming out of the channel at the Weirs!!
  11. So, you're sayin' that the only broads you couldda' banged on the side were pushin' 250 lbs. on the hoof????
  12. Get bent, pay your Minnesota rent.
  13. NO!!!!!!!!!!! She was a paid decoy for the agency. She would offer the guys oral sex in the bar, and she told the guy to meet her in the parking lot so she could do it. The guy would go out to the lot, and she would take off ASAP!! I saw the bitch that he used. She was not flashy or cheap or whorey-looking. She was pretty, with a nice body, and fairly big jugs, not big stoopid porn jugs, but wicked nice juggs. 266 out of 267!!! The secret is the broad has to be hot enough to make the poor bastard risk it!!!
  14. If broads didn't have a pussy, there would be a bounty on them.
  15. Probably wrong!!! There was a guy on TV that ran an agency that set up guys to see if they would cheat. Girls would hire this company before they got married, or whenever, to see if their boys would cheat. The detective lady would go to the bar when the guy was there, and try to pick him up. Out of 276 traps, guys went with the decoy 266 TIMES!!! The secret to getting guys to cheat, is the bait-girl has to be very attractive!! In most cases, guys that say they won't cheat, is because the only chances they ever get are with 245 pound blousers!!!!