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  1. TheOtherDoonut

    Retarded Kijiji Ad's

    Because RETARDED!
  2. TheOtherDoonut

    Winter 2018

    Cochrane the only place left in Ontario. Crazy season...I just knew when they were calling for an epic winter but it's la nina...NFG!
  3. TheOtherDoonut

    Winter 2018

    Mother nature's a whore...we are leaving at 5am for Mount Laurier. We moved our booking from this weekend to March on Monday then the friggen forecast changed...30 mm of rain over 2 days. This could be IT for anywhere even reasonably close. What a shit show trying to get any availability for Saturday lucky and snagged a cancel at Mekoo's.
  4. TheOtherDoonut

    Winter 2018

    We stay at the Quality inn as well, killer breakfast there! Ok i'll bite, why Le Central on a thurs? They have a Cabaret? lol
  5. TheOtherDoonut

    Winter 2018

    Where did you stay in Laurier Fozzy? The ride up to that log lodge is awesome, we do that one every trip to Laurier. We are scheduled to be in Laurier Feb 16th for 5 days. Might move it to March if local trails are open. Really tough call right now.
  6. TheOtherDoonut

    Winter 2018

    Go this from a buddy, these guys are Sledding to work on lake Muskoka after the rains. Good 8 inches of clear ice in this spot.
  7. TheOtherDoonut

    LinQ system

    Best system and bag options out of all the manufacturers IMO. They are well put together and last. Only downside is the cost, they really are spendy as you say. You can however use between ski-doo generations although they always seem to come out with something new and better for a new chassis. I'm referring to the new "truck bag". Jacques and Pierre suspiciously decided to design a seat without a trunk. Then they make a LinQ bag(a nice one) that fits the space where the trunk used to be. Really makes you mad how they charge more give you less and make you "finish" the sled via the accessories. I posted a rant about it on dootalk about it.
  8. TheOtherDoonut


    Everybody's tolerance is different but if my eyes are watering and icicles are forming on my eye lashes I'm out.
  9. TheOtherDoonut

    Winter 2018

    Love it so far, only one ride though. It's the best out of the box sled I have had yet. Fits me perfect(I'm 6'1). I usually found myself changing my past ski-doo's to fit whether it be higher boss seat or risers or both. The 850 engine is amazing, can't believe how hard it pulls yet so smooth. You really notice it has more low end torque and linear power delivery. Not peaky like the outgoing 800. Need more ride time but so far the only thing I need to address is the ski lift, I will be pulling the limiter strap in one which i'm certain will keep it more planted when powering out of corners. The new chassis really responds well when you shift your weight around. I'm in Muskoka, rode the sequin over the xmas break, nothing else open near my cottage. Ask me again in a few weeks and I'll let you know more.
  10. TheOtherDoonut


    My buddy just bought the titan from Orps so I will get to try before I buy. I'm sure it'll be a great helmet for most of the time but I suspect not warm enough for a Quebec or Cochrane trip where you might be running railbed in -25 to -30
  11. TheOtherDoonut

    Winter 2018

    4 years on my new spring order XRS. Number one reason to buy new and spring check! When 4 years is up I'll get a new one assuming the OFSC isn't defunct.
  12. TheOtherDoonut


    You can usually fix this with a bigger chin skirt. Order the chin skirt off of the new Ski-Doo Ex-2 Enduro helmet from any doo dealer. I think they are around $13 bucks. They are the biggest I've ever seen.
  13. TheOtherDoonut


    Not sure if anyone cares but here's my 509 Delta 3 helmet review. Had a chance to try this new helmet over the xmas break...did not like it at all. The visor fogs up so quick it's not funny, even when plugged in the sides still ice up(riding in -13). The helmet is also surprisingly cold even with all the vents closed of which there are only 2. Doesn't make sense to me because by all accounts it appears to be a warm design having minimal vents. Also the slide down sun visor is as useless as every other one that has been tried by various manus over the years, when you slide it down it's covered in snow dust and is pre-fogged for your enjoyment. It appears to me heat from your breath makes it's way into the visor slot along with fine snow dust which then sticks to the sunvisor. On the positive side I was luckily able to return it for a full refund, bottom line it's an over priced POS that simply doesn't work as advertised. Anyone here happen try the new CKX Titan with electric goggles? Really spendy to just give it a shot!
  14. TheOtherDoonut

    Winter 2018

    The 850 is impressive, amazing right out of the box. I liked my 15 800 XRS alot but this new 850 is better in everyway. Low end torque amazing, it really rips, smooth and linear power. Seating position is perfect, really like the adjustable bars. So far not one bad thing I can say about it. Yes for sure, no suspension..power slide corners like the old days. It's a hoot. Faster than I thought. You bet, they loved it. Scored big Dad points this year!
  15. TheOtherDoonut

    Winter 2018

    Some crazy cold in Muskoka right now but wasn't keeping the boys from trying their sled. Fun times for sure!