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  1. This article below did a nice job in explaining how the "Tucker" rule changed things this season. Still, congrats to the new champion. Intrigue Behind the Numbers
  2. THE most important job of our federal government is national defense. It's nearly 15% of the total budget - still a lot of money for sure but necessary.
  3. Well it certainly has the media focusing on the media - a nice distraction by Trump from the real issues of the day
  4. To the degree CNN, Fox, or any of them do this it damages the credibility of the free press. CNN is real bad with it right now. I don't have a problem with them taking on the POTUS - that's their job - but why does the nearly the entire 'front page' have to do so? Also, it's not always the reporting itself that's the worst problem either - sometimes it's the misleading title or what's not reported that day that smells of such bias.
  5. CNN is yellow journalism 2017 - so fake news fits. At times their website's 5-6 or even more top news stories are related to Trump and are consistently titled or reported with a bias against him. It's so glaring it's clear they have an obsession. It's kind of like the problem people like MC have. Still, the press thing today was petty on the admins part and only pours more fuel on CNNs fire.
  6. Good post. She's a smart lady who communicates well with - even those who only get up each day bent on trying to take trump and his admin down.
  7. He was too busy dissing law enforcement officers to have time for the veterans.
  8. He is highly respected and will do a good job!
  9. If the objective was to improve public education, this was a bad decision. If the objective was to help dismantle public education, it was a good decision.
  10. He's keeping his promises; he's doing a good job so far. I'm 100% good with having helped make him the POTUS. There are some real lunatics in Washington but most are on the left....
  11. Good post. It really is pathetic and sad.
  12. Just has the feel of a great day - can't put a finger on it but it feels like a cloud is lifting and the sun is going to shine brightly again.
  13. I think the Russians, Chinese, Americans, etc... are all hacking and spying on each other. Hillary placed our country at risk using a private server and Podesta and his team just dropped the ball.
  14. We will never know that but we do know that Hillary and her team explicitly ignored those states - even against President Obama's urging.