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  1. Right out the door to 100s of miles of groomed trails in every direction or 30 miles of trails to get to the good deep snow off trail stuff
  2. Cat. Even though the company is struggling these days, I still like their sleds. I also have a good dealer.
  3. Kevin

    Highest Mileage Day???

    Yeah I remember being pretty tired and hungry - we didn't stop to eat. The key to big mile days is to leave early and get a lot of miles in before the trails get rough.
  4. Kevin

    Highest Mileage Day???

    409 in the winter of 89-90 on an 86 ski doo formula mxlt. Ishpeming to the keweenaw point and back and another shorty loop to break the 400 mark.
  5. What exactly is Yamaha going to bail their azz from? Looks to me like the AC/Yam deal was something that didn't come out of necessity for AC.