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  1. Winter 2018

    I am sure that area will be super busy in light of the winters 360 degree turn south of Suds.... Enjoy & stay warm....looks like they are forecasted to get another little dump & mild spell next weekend!
  2. Winter 2018

    Oh, well that sucks. Our last QC trip, that went through Mt Laurier, had the same deal....trails were rock hard and thin for snow cover, but still managed to enjoy the ride. Could always do the Abitibi region on the QC side, up to Matagami, very nice area as well, that I am guessing did not see the mild spell.
  3. Winter 2018

    No snow in QC.....really? Just talking to a co worker before the thaw we had and mentioned that had 6' on his lawn....he lives just outside of Montreal.
  4. Winter 2018

    Ya, but that usually comes before we have anything really established....when you go from potentially a great looking year, to is a real kick in the head. Plus, just a few days ago it was a minor mild spell with cold & snow to follow....could not get any better than that, settle things down nice, than hit with cold and snow!
  5. Winter 2018

    Major bummer....I don't think most were expecting this much damage, I know I was hopeful that it would just tighten up what was there, not potentially wipe it out!
  6. Winter 2018

    No, it was that tiny track that they had on them, may 5/8" if you were lucky and his was so warn, likely less than an 1/2" wonder the dream o meter said he was going so fast, the sled had no traction. But that shitty old track did work well on my old sled trailer! My brother had that Doo super ego back than, so I was being the nice bigger brother and letting him feel good....
  7. Winter 2018

    no, but the one time I was following one (yes following), an old Mach that my brother was on....could not see 10 feet in front of me, and then there was that pressure crack....
  8. LinQ system

    I thought he was too hurt from riding that Doo, with its legendary suspension, the other day to get out again...
  9. Winter 2018

    Speed and lack of vision are my faults/excuses......or just plain stupidity.... I was lucky enough to hit the correct side of a large pressure crack.
  10. LinQ system

    Some folks are just completely wacked, or plain stupid or have no regard for anything but themselves.....or all of the above How about the mountain addiction system, looks pretty good and have heard good reviews on it. Not sure on the price though, but the Doo system does look pretty sharp.
  11. Winter 2018

    Ya, I got that....."father". Still explains a few things about you though.... I have had a couple of bad wipe outs on Simcoe.....but still here to laugh & joke about them.....also seen a few that the people are no longer here to laugh and joke about them, very sad!
  12. Winter 2018

    I guess that explains a lot about your train of thought on things....thinking you might have hit the wrong side of those pressure cracks a few too many times... Also explains why you have gone through so many sleds too...and the "salvaged" sleds you like to ride. Little bumps... You obviously have not rode many frozen lakes on a real cold, cold winter.
  13. Winter 2018

    And when the wall or pressure crack gets too high, out come the chain saws....haven't seen that in a few years though.
  14. Winter 2018

    I read on one of the forums that someone cut a whole off big bay point and there was 12" of ice. Not on the northern end, but there are trucks running across the lake... And I hear the ice road is open to the island.
  15. Winter 2018

    Judging by the bald tires, I am guessing the driver liked to let the engine breath often....