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  1. Stoney

    Domino;s pizza @ 2am

    We have one of those pizza ovens as well, they do work great and fast. Wife makes her own crust, don't know what she does but I know you have to use the correct ingredients based on pizza crust vs. other crust.
  2. Stoney


    Refs should be gone for the remainder and Kadri gets a game. Pathetic what the NHL allowed....and what Kadri did.
  3. Stoney


    What happens when the team in front of Freddy do not play the same though..... I am looking forward to the series actually, I would love to see the Leafs send the Bruin's golfing.....Chara & Marchand especially.
  4. Stoney


    I just watched the replay, it looks liked rask was too busy bobbing back & fourth following the deke and likely why the poke was not used. I am sure the next will be different and the leafs will come out of Boston 1-1, which is better than I was expecting. Leafs did a lot right in that game, and Boston did not.
  5. Stoney


    I thought it was a great deke, it seemd Rask already committed to the side by the time Marner pulled the other way an slipped it in the net.....perhaps on a better day, Rask could have succeeded with the poke. There was also the 5-hole goal on him that I thought he should have had.
  6. Stoney


    They did play better in that area as did Freddy and also made Boston pay when Boston was pressing in the leafs end and Boston turned the puck over. It seemed Boston at times could not control the leafs speed....Chara for sure, but he is old after all.... Chara could have had a lot more penalties than just the one for sure. Rask I do not think was as sharp the entire game as he could have been either.
  7. Stoney

    Polaris 850

    Well when you ride like a grandpa, brakes are truly optional.....
  8. Stoney

    Polaris 850

    Fairly simple system, interesting to know what happened.
  9. Stoney

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Bones are not as strong as they once were, as you age.....had a couple of dirt bike mishaps over the summer, and damn, I do not ever recall my recover taking that long before! That is why I was wondering about the charges, what all were they looking for and was there any grace being given.....
  10. Stoney

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Off into a guy bigger than you This is the link to the report.....would be interesting to know more about it, that seems like a big number for weekend. Heal fast
  11. Stoney

    PERSONAL opinions of an OPP SAVE officer

    Sean, Can you share any more details on the apparent 195 charges laid this past weekend up in the Ottawa region on the trails? Sounds like a big number that could see a big impact, would be great to know the breakdown.
  12. Stoney

    New Doos'

    But it is comical, which was the point.
  13. Stoney

    Polaris 850

    You make the trek every weekend to your place to ride? Good for you.....I recall it being a bit of a drive!
  14. Stoney

    Spark Plugs

    Yes, truth! From my experience it was in automotive end of things, ran crappy tire multipack option, had issues.....than ran same single pack plugs and zero issues. Both plugs had gaps verified to spec as well, never buy plugs from crappy.
  15. Stoney

    Polaris 850

    LOL...since when does the smallest CC & tracked sled tow the one that went down?!?! I wonder why the 6 had the worst mileage....must have had something dragging it down....