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  1. Stoney

    Snow and Trail Conditions??

    LOL....nice to live by the trail! That is one thing that I find each year to get harder & harder, the drive to the trails to ride them.....
  2. Stoney

    Snow and Trail Conditions??

    How is the morning ride, George?
  3. Stoney

    Snow and Trail Conditions??

    a wee bit surprised that this thread made it to 2 pages of actually sledding discussions.....
  4. Stoney

    who is loaded up

    I am sure you are itching to get some miles on the new sleds.
  5. Stoney

    who is loaded up

    Now why on earth would you ride on a Sat as a retired man, on top of that, the first Sat with some actual open trails not that far away.....its going to be very busy..... Enjoy and have fun!
  6. There's no cougars in ON....just an overweight house cat. Could you Imagine running into one, talk about an o shit moment.
  7. Stoney

    ram boys

    For those that have a hard time with the door open and reverse thing, I think an easy work around would be to wire the door switch permanently in the closed position or install an override switch to do that so you can still have your interior lights when door is open, based on your wants.....I know should not be required, but then again, a lot of the BS things we tolerate as a whole sucks because some dumb ass' went and got killed because common sense ain;t so common the last decade or so..... I used to open my door when reversing trailers, usually smaller ones, but with the towing mirrors now that work great, I find it not needed....
  8. Stoney

    ram boys

    My BIL who works at a dealership mentioned this feature a year or so ago, he hates it too. I don't think the HD trucks with shifter still in the column are affected....
  9. It is a royal PITA to work on though with that is shoehorned in there, not a lot of space anywhere.... Otherwise, they are a nice vehicle, wife drove an 07 Commander for a while, she still misses it.
  10. Stoney

    Shitty day....

    Sorry to hear, condolences to you and your wife. You did one hell of an awesome thing with him! Dogs have a very special spot in our hearts, I am not sure what it is, but damn isn't it one of the toughest things when you loose your companion. Better have a few of those drinks though.
  11. Stoney

    Basement floor drain/sewer smells.

    I do have the dirt bike still! Never got out this year on it, too busy with home reno's, camping & other stuff, the previous year, we were out riding most weekends. The few times I went out this year with the kids, I used the BIL's YZ125 instead. I do need to rebuild the forks though, last year I think most of the oi leaked out, so planned on doing that over the winter, but never did of course, maybe this winter or has been a lot fun getting back on a dirt bike, other than the odd crash here & there, that take a heck of lot longer to mend now a days.....
  12. Stoney

    Basement floor drain/sewer smells.

    Know any plumbing buddies that have a snake and tracer to see what runs where? Any rental places rent these, doubtful.... How long you been there for? I'm guessing at some point possibly proper sewers were added to the street and each home owner had a timeline to tie into it or the town did it for you at an inflated cost.....perhaps if that was done by previous home owner, it wasn't done correctly. Agreed, keep city away from this.....just asking for issues....
  13. Stoney

    Truck tire thread

    I have the Duratrac's, been really good tires and run them all year..... BFG's have or had some bad reviews with sidewall issues, towing, etc....and I don;t find them to be a very nice looking tire. Toyo's are good, had a set on my last truck, but a very heavy tire and they are a more pricier option.
  14. Stoney


    Watching the leafs last night, for the time in a while, was sad.....must have zero big contract players and in the rebuilding stage I assume...... As for Ron, reminded me of a sympathetic rat, quite the opposite of what Don and him have represented on the corner for a long time....really makes you wonder how he was able to do this, this long with Don, but then again, I think without Don, where would Ron be now..... I also think what he said, was expected of him by the masses, which is sad, but so is taking what Don said to the degree it has been, sad......right or wrong, that is Don Cherry, what you expect of him. Could have easily done some damage control in a different fashion.