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  1. MiSledder

    Meme thread

    "Write my own ticket"
  2. MiSledder

    Tesla death watch

    Make me fat fuck
  3. MiSledder

    Tesla death watch

    You can always find the simple answers here on fs
  4. MiSledder

    Canada vs US

    When my BIL and his partner were shot and killed while on duty the community of Tampa rallied together and donated over a million to each of the officers family
  5. MiSledder


    This is the o my name I could find that was close
  6. Subway isn't a bad sandwich, but there are better of course, I don' care for Jersey giant as there bread is so thick and throws off the bread to meat ratios lol
  7. I thought subway was a franchise?
  8. MiSledder


    What' the kids name?
  9. MiSledder

    Barbara Bush has died

    I can't begin to image how hard that was for you to type
  10. MiSledder

    Fastest sedan in America

    Don' let these guys fool ya, it' a quick car today
  11. MiSledder

    Barbara Bush has died

    He argues like the black girls I went to elementary school with, obnoxiously loud to get attention and the more attention he gets the more outraged he becomes
  12. MiSledder

    Anyone have one of these?

    You poor Telitubby bastard