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  1. [opens beer, sits back down]
  2. But youre not going to spill blood, someone else!
  3. Ive heard most turn gay in their 40s, how old are you ben?
  4. I didnt know men picked strawberries, how many other men were there ?
  5. Go get her Big Bird!!!
  6. at all of it
  7. so its the normal people who caused all the bathroom debacle
  8. Im experiencing it right now!
  9. Might wanna post this in detroit or harlem craigslist, depending where youre from
  10. Not able to be prosecuted for insider trading doesnt hurt
  11. I dont accept your new guess my gender game, i dont care what you do so stop forcing people to accept it, so tell your people
  12. Thats it! Nailed it!