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  1. A Republican President can't get Obamacare replaced with a Republican house and a Republican Senate. That's gotta be a first
  2. At least I can spell Tourettes. Maybe it's because you have it that you can't spell it.
  3. You are one gullible hack
  4. Fuck have you been to Niagra Falls lately. Pretty sure I was the only white guy there a couple years ago.
  5. Well it is your thread
  6. Jesus you still buying that
  7. Manufacturing jobs have taken a huge hit.
  8. Average is the same . So far Trumps is a little over one time a week. It is what it is. Deflect all ya want
  9. And you say Leafs fans are bad.
  10. Trump has been in power since Jan 20. That's over 9 weeks and went golfing 12 times. That averages 1.33 times a week you dumbass. Jesus do you guys even think before you start bitching about shit
  11. Bottom line a lot of people would vote for the Devil before they voted for Hillary. If the Dems would have backed Sanders instead of that evil bitch they would no doubt be in power now. Face it, they fucked the pooch
  12. Trying to keep up with Obama. In his 8 years he did a golf trip over 300 times https://www.quora.com/Which-president-has-played-more-golf-during-their-presidency-Obama-or-Bush