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  1. What kind of oil do you run in your sled(s)?

    I run Klotz in 2 sleds and Polaris synthetic in the other 1, no issues with either.
  2. NYS Eastern Grass Drag Nationals

    Sounds good,.
  3. NYS Eastern Grass Drag Nationals

    Yes I plan to be there on Saturday, hopefully we can meet up.
  4. NYS Eastern Grass Drag Nationals

    Great time and a really nice facility.
  5. What killed the triple?

    The first trail production triple from Polaris was the 1972 ATX 500, they made 1973 1974 1975 500's and skipped until the 1979 centurion 500 and continued to make triples every year, 2003 was the last year sadly.
  6. What killed the triple?

    I would love to see Polaris come out with a 800 and1000 triple based off the old XCR 800 with the latest technology the 800 could be 190 hp with reliability and the 1000 215 hp reliable as well.
  7. What killed the triple?

    Marketing, cost, and mostly the ability to make pipes that make hp. fit under the modern hood with rider forward and high shock towers. I only ride 800 XCR based sleds, I have a 2003 XCR a 2003 XC/XCR and a 2009 IQR/XCR, I love being able to cruise at 70 or 80 with great reliability and the acceleration from 80 and up. Doubtful they will come back given the poorer sales the last few years and the fact they can make more profit from twins.
  8. First snowmobile?

    1971 335 Olympic, first sled I bought my self was a 1972 ext put a 400 tx motor in it, first complete was a 74 tx 500.
  9. Highest Mileage Day???

    235 a long time ago, most now are 85 to maybe 125 but last year never went once, no snow.
  10. What mods u doing?

    Love the truck too. I bought a clamshell years ago got a great deal on it, but if I had it to do over again I would have gone for the inline. It's hard to justify spending anymore on sledding though, I never rode one inch last year.
  11. What mods u doing?

    Really nice congrats. hope to get an inline myself.