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  1. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    You can't use such strong terms, it scares them off to butt hurt island.
  2. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    A direct comparison of how following and enforcing rules has a direct effect on the sector the rules are being enforced or ignored. And like it or not the market has done better in the last 5 years than it is likely to in the next 4.
  3. She seemed very smart and matter of fact, and said basically that 5 or 6% was still pretty good.
  4. 23,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Odd you give Trump credit for slowing the illegals from coming in by stricter enforcement of existing rules but can't grasp that the hands off policy of W had nothing to do with the collapse.
  5. The CEO of your company was just on PBS and stated that the last 5 years have averaged 14%, and not to expect that rate going forward, more like 5 or 6%.
  6. Trump claimed (HIS) plan would cover everyone, have more choices, and much lower costs and it was going to be easy and the repeal and replace would be done on the same day or a few days apart.
  7. What Motorfist Jacket is this?

    I got my Motorfist jacket and bibs end of year sale back when they had 100 year warranty, the arms were actually long enough rare to find these days, I paid 225.00 shipped.
  8. What Motorfist Jacket is this?

    The offset zipper is such a great idea, no more having that thing poking you under the chin.
  9. Beautiful video, and more than 2 minutes and no crashes.
  10. " Clearly in the past "

    She is less likeable than you, if that's even possible.
  11. Trump no more could....

    He doesn't need to Mexico is paying for the wall.
  12. Haha Jerry Jones...

    That's it I'm out.
  13. Haha Jerry Jones...

    I have to admit that turned my stomach a little, mostly cause it's probably true.
  14. Haha Jerry Jones...

    I don't know mach is the expert on all things to do with male anal. He can probably take the whole loaf. Guess I better edit.
  15. Haha Jerry Jones...

    He hasn't had pussy since when and if pussy had him, he's likely the product of homosexual anal breeding.