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  1. 1jkw

    Not cold where you are?

    40 today supposed to be 50 tomorrow.
  2. 1jkw

    Laughlin Desert Classic.

    I'm happy for you Tom, glad you were smart enough to retire while you are young enough to really enjoy all the work you put in to get there. I'm glad you got pics. of those girls too!
  3. Maybe the power valve hit the piston?
  4. Big deal, there is a retired cop by Sandy's, walks around in a skirt and a camo balaclava.
  5. 1jkw

    Laughlin Desert Classic.

    Good job Tom and good luck to the guys you are helping.
  6. 1jkw

    Hey 550

    Still close to his dumpster I see.
  7. 1jkw

    Bizarro world

    That's cause you ate all his Oreo's.
  8. Mexico can't afford sewage treatment plants, since they paid for the wall.
  9. Maybe an inertia switch to shut it down when upside down, like they have for car fuel pumps.
  10. That really sucks, sorry you had your trip ruined. No way in hell should this cost you a dime.
  11. The good thing is they qualify for all the welfare programs.
  12. I wish they would release the video of Kelly throttling Trumps buddy.
  13. I am this is "tremendous debt and deficit", not like the last presidents debt and deficit.
  14. If you think the level of debt, the near doubling of the deficit, and the trillions being lent aren't fueling a bubble you are off your meds.