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  1. Sorry to say as a seller you are fucked, and the fucking scammers know it.
  2. Or had a preexisting condition. Seems as though despite having years to write a new, better plan and Trump promising better, cheaper coverage for everyone they couldn't even convince themselves they had a better plan.
  3. Trump will take the blame for removing the mandate and killing the aca,. without fulfilling his repeated promise to repeal and replace with coverage for everyone.
  4. At one time the Governor was against it as were land owners and of course environmentalists, not my state not my problem, but I don't like the Federal gov. forcing states to make exceptions for foreign companies.
  5. Land owners for one, I don't live there so I don't know but the WSJ reported there will be opposition to it.
  6. I think there will still be delays in the state of Nebraska, will have to wait and see.
  7. Even the great deal maker couldn't get the assholes in his own party to work together.
  8. I wish Tucker had been able to ride an IQR for just one race last year, he would have lapped the field.
  9. I bought a brand new roller from Ross in 2010 was a great guy to deal with.
  10. I hate to ask if you were there last night, the announcer said after the young girls race there was someone with her that had a huge head.
  11. Polaris seems to have found some power and has a pretty solid younger group coming up.
  12. Didn't get to see the last race the live stream quit. Happy for Kamm and Polaris, sorry to see Ross Martin retire, but I guess it was time.
  13. Congrats to KK takes the win and the points championship. TT second TH third.
  14. Only tough for the WEAK! The fact that anyone even mentioned the passing of his wife was fucked up no doubt.
  15. One rule, just one rule was all that everybody needed to follow and couldn't, sometimes you just need to grin and bear it.