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  1. Sidewinder

    Cool vid, I watched with head phones turned up and full screen. Gives a real appreciation of how fast they are.
  2. The only practice you get is catching practice, unless you consider sticking a bat up your ass batting practice.
  3. PA election

    If it's like most of PA the rural areas will come in late and heavy for the Republican.
  4. PA election

    Not that part.
  5. PA election

    This seat will only last until November due to change in districts.
  6. Someone we know?

    Too young, too tall and too thin to be mach-z.
  7. It's good to have face to face talks. You can't solve a problem if you can't talk it over.
  8. You are not allowed to post actual pictures of other members, lot lizards may be the exception though.
  9. Does that go for lot lizard tranny's like you too?
  10. At the end of the day you are the only one thrown off the site for being too gay, you are a lot lizard tranny faggot , that's all I need to say.
  11. It’s that time again.

    My daily driver is a 1994 awd like that, only mine is dark green with wood grain sides and paint peeled off the hood and roof.
  12. You really love your AR?

    That Church is about 30 miles from me on the edge of our county.
  13. Don't worry, everyone here knows you gave more head than anyone else in history, lot izard.
  14. Talk about coming un-cunted

    Maybe a flywheel bolt came loose.