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  1. He is at mach z level stupid, so yes bottom level.
  2. Maybe the winner can take on Rhonda R.
  3. I got it bad!!!!!11

    A friend of mine built full fuselage plane that was all chrome molly tubing, used a cat or Cuyuna engine, another guy around here built a pusher style with a Rotax and a guy I worked with built one with a VW then converted to a Subaru he now live in Alaska though.
  4. I got it bad!!!!!11

    Just get an imaginary chopper ben.
  5. It takes a shit eating, cock sucking faggot like you, that takes up the ass all day long can to not see the difference, now go sling some shit in your cage you idiot.
  6. Anyone hear?

    Sad to say but Trump is better than Pence or Clinton.
  7. Well when they get to over 400,000 Americans and millions of Jews let me know.
  8. Well fuck stain how many Americans or Jews have they killed compared to the Nazi's? I usually just ignore your stupidity but sometimes your cluelessness is just too hard to ignore.
  9. None that I have known would be as upset by the gay flag as the Nazi flag.
  10. If you really believe that you are dumber than I thought, you shit eating faggot.
  11. Imagine how the greatest generation feels about Americans defending in anyway a group of people marching under the Nazi flag.
  12. Very talented hard working guy, and it's a great thing he is doing.
  13. Hard to believe anyone would stand up for a nazi group protesting anything. Many races of Americans were killed fighting the Nazi's. To try and compare the counter protesters to the Nazi fucks is bs.. I have no love for BLM but there are many races protesting with them and they didn't kill hundreds of thousands of Americans like the Nazi's did.
  14. Kelly show done

    Where do you see a chin? Oh there it is above those nipples.
  15. He is absent since he see's the real 800 dragon is here, he was all full of himself calling everyone else 800 dragon, what a cowardly faggot.