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  1. How anyone drives a high HP sled with out studs, unless in powder, I'll never know.
  2. I probably have some like new carbide tipped studs I'd sell cheap.
  3. So 2/3 of illegals are overstays, 90% of drugs come through ports of entry, lets address this first while we wait for the check from Mexico.
  4. Or a hypocritical fake conservative, you know the kind that blindly supports a lying president who is growing the deficit and debt at an alarming rate.
  5. Fine and jail plus property forfeiture.
  6. No, but I would like Trump to not lie 90% of the time, Trump is giving HRC. a run for the money in the lying dept. Trump was supposed to be different, he's not he lies more than he tells the truth.
  7. He is making far more money than he could working a regular job, and he actually likes it.
  8. And Trump said his plan would cover everyone and cost half as much, and the liar didn't even have a plan. He said the middle class would get the biggest tax break and he would probably pay more , another lie.
  9. My wife's cousin did a tour in Iraq, and has worked for a security company in Iraq and Afghanistan for years he's making huge dollars.
  10. Not the point. Trump said over 100 times Mexico would pay for the wall, he lied, just like he lies about most everything else.
  11. Or he could get the money from Mexico like he said he would over 100 times, fucking liar is all he is.
  12. The Troops can clean up the mold themselves, with the HUGE raise Trump got them.