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  1. Or you could get momo to lick it clean.
  2. Tombstone, Bonnie and Clyde and the Shining for me, seen them many times but watch them whenever they are on.
  3. Imagine what momo's manonmanoral domain is worth these days. Maybe they would give him another bag of dicks.
  4. Doesn't have anything to do with Trump doing exactly the opposite he said he would, he campaigned and said things and did the opposite, his own words bit him not any press.
  5. The truth is but for "at least Hillary didn't win" he would be even lower in ratings, honestly has anyone ever lied or flip flopped as many times as him in the first hundred days? Hopefully he gets his shit together and makes a difference.
  6. Well he was fired before Trump picked him. Maybe that should have been a red flag?
  7. I think his best was the Indians killing off the buffalo, although there was a lot to choose from.
  8. Yeah he took on 6 Marines at one time and his hands were registered weapons.
  9. I think he claimed he slapped Saddam across the face.
  10. Yes, he had some awesome pics. of a trip he took.
  11. It doesn't matter the wall will be free, paid for by Mexico.
  12. Pretty cool Tom, do they come with a step so you can get on them?
  13. He can breath and eat from the same cock, master of his trade.