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  1. 1jkw

    600 Pounds of Pure Bullshit

    Man on man oral would love to gobble those two up.
  2. 1jkw

    Impeach proceedings

    Pelosi will just point out the lies, poor behavior ect, no way she will call for impeachment.
  3. 1jkw

    2018 tax fucking

    No, I don't think he was a great president, he did alright under the shitty circumstances he was handed, he could have done better though.
  4. 1jkw

    2018 tax fucking

    He thinks Cheney is a great American too.
  5. 1jkw

    2018 tax fucking

    These were targeted tax breaks, the write offs that were taken away negatively affected certain states and benefitted certain states. And it just so happens that NY,NJ, and Conn. pay the most in federal taxes, and guess who gets their write offs taken away?
  6. Only thing that matters is the "Labor Participation Rate" as per your former position on this matter.
  7. 1jkw

    Poor Barack

    Wearing a brown suit or using mustard.
  8. 1jkw

    The tax returns

    No way of knowing, they just suck in different ways.
  9. 1jkw

    The tax returns

    Trump may not suck as much yet, but he is trying hard to pass her it seems.
  10. 1jkw

    The tax returns

    See how fucking stupid you are, you were the one who cried like the little cunt about all of those people but give Trump a pass. When was Billy convicted? And I did not support or vote for Hillary you know nothing idiot. Any of those people who were guilty of tax fraud should have been jailed or fined, and I never said otherwise you moron. No president ever lied as much, golfed as much, and is on par to spend as much as Trump, yet you say nothing, hack. You are right I had no problem with the golfing then or now, just pointing out that you did then and not now. And by the way that's another thing Trump complained about and said he wouldn't do, but he is a liar just like you.
  11. 1jkw

    The tax returns

    Number one no one has lied as much as Trump, number two, Obama took over after the worst economic collapse since the depression, the world economy in the shitter, and 2 wars with over 100,000 Troops, Trump took over with the longest bull market in history, steady economic growth, record emerging markets, and 80,000 less Troops and is raising the deficit at a record pace. Now I know you only have Bush's fault and the list in your pea brain so go play in traffic, you waste of life.
  12. 1jkw

    The tax returns

    No not mad, just pointing out the obvious.
  13. 1jkw

    The tax returns

    No suddenly assholes like you that cried like little cunts for 8 years, aren't
  14. 1jkw

    The tax returns

    Like everything else it's all about him. Only what he said he would do even before he was elected. It's great that he gets a pass on all his lies. No different than his deficit spending, golfing, security costs etc. that caused so much crying before.
  15. 1jkw

    The tax returns

    Remember that one snowflake that had letters and symbols to reference Obama? A level of crying and whining that surpassed any nursery.