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    What happened to the caravan? still on way....demanding buses and looking for a free ride just like they want a free ride in this country. ....Screw them!
  2. ViperGTS/Z1

    Holiday cheer

    Wow....looks great! Here is our 40 foot Blue Spruce. ......neighborhood kids look forward to this every year. Its good to have a tree guy with a bucket truck as a friend
  3. ViperGTS/Z1

    Acosta banned lmao 😂

    Its been a good day......Fires Sessions and bans Acosta. 😶
  4. ViperGTS/Z1

    You are a rude and terrible person.

    Tough questions?? He was just badgering him on why he calls the caravan an invasion... which he clearly has always stated they are welcome when they come in LEGALLY.(key word ).....thousands migrating towards the U.S. could easily be defined as an invasion. He goes through this shit constantly with the press.....and then Acosta brings up the infamous Russia thing and asks if he is afraid.....lmao.....wash...rinse..repeat. So predictable
  5. ViperGTS/Z1

    Election Results

    The seats picked up in the Senate shows some great Trump will have no resistance on his next supreme court nominee
  6. I would agree with that but this dem party is hellbent on ousting Trump and fighting him tooth and nail on virtually every policy. Its gonna be ugly.....even though it was expected. Bet the markets start to tank now with increased regulations surely coming...bull ride will slow for sure
  7. Oh well....say goodbye to our tax cuts and look for more frivolous investigations into Trump. Dems have the house
  8. ViperGTS/Z1

    Swinging a Tire Iron...You Better Connect

    Haha....he was all wired up....wish he clocked the broad too.
  9. No stopping this fast paced fine running economy
  10. ViperGTS/Z1

    US wage growth hits nine-year high

    Yet Obama has the gall to claim this booming economy was the result from his watch....what a buffoon......the only credit he should receive is stifling job growth. Trumps unraveling of Obamas regulations has led to a HUGE resurgence in manufacturing jobs etc. People now have choices for jobs and don't have to necessarily take a lower paying job....which will also help to steadily drive up wages.
  11. Could very well be but hopefully this big "blue wave" ends up being a small piss stream.
  12. The economy is flat out booming and now wages are following suit. Everything Trump touches turns to Gold! We must keep Dems out at midterms Rock on!!
  13. ViperGTS/Z1

    Thank you Mr President

    Hard to spin that good news.
  14. Booker just aint right....Im sure there are tons of dirt on him to come out should he actually try to further his political career.
  15. ViperGTS/Z1


    Good....No vacancy
  16. ViperGTS/Z1

    A terrible mistake was made.

    I wish they chopped the guy up into smaller bite sized pieces. .....non-citizen who also mourned the death of Osama Bin Laden. No tears here...more media nonsense....carry on.
  17. I can retire in 6 months with max pension @ just under 57 but I think Im gonna work longer. Like my job for the most part and this retirement thing is coming up way too quick.....financially I'm ready but I think I will go nuts and be depressed if I stopped working. Funny thing is...10 years ago I couldn't wait til retirement but life seems to be moving way to fast for me now....not ready for what I consider to be the last stage of life. I will be collecting ss at 62 though....gonna get what I can while its there and Im alive.
  18. ViperGTS/Z1

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Reluctantly will be signing my camp away tomorrow. other half gave up riding years ago and I'm riding less and less each year. Just don't use the place as much as we used too. I agreed to list our place at what we thought was a high price...never thinking we would get it and said I would only sell if we got full price........well.....we got multiple offers and full price. Damn Trump economy. Ugh.. ...regretting it already....not gonna sleep too well tonight. If this deal falls through I will probably hang onto it. Guess my 09 Z1 Turbo with boondocker booster will be 4 sale now.....somewhere near 4k....any takers?