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  1. ViperGTS/Z1

    America's christmas gift for 2019.

    Keep reaching
  2. Horrible news....hope we hear good news in a.m...thoughts and prayers sent your way.
  3. Was just talkin to the wife and she said the same thing....I guess that's their game plan......go against Trump on everything. ....tank the economy at all costs to make Trump look bad to try to secure the election. Not gonna work IMO
  4. ViperGTS/Z1


    Don't know if that will hold much water as Trump paid for much of his campaign out of pocket.
  5. Sorry....they got nada on Trump...but hey keep the dream alive.
  6. ViperGTS/Z1

    Middle class tax cut

    Im loving the tax cut......Ive compared my weekly gross pay from 2017 to 2018 and am clearing 60 to 80 more per week now. It's adding up nicely. 2nd tax cut was a pipe dream and admittedly was a vote grabber.....worth a shot on trumps part. I certainly wasnt expecting it and now the brakes will definitely be on with the new house majority. anti-trumpers will continue to hate no matter what. Its comical
  7. ViperGTS/Z1

    Fake president....

    It's not Trump at all.....economy is still rockin......"smart" money has started pulling out of the market in fear of the Democrats mucking everything up when they take control of the house in the new year. Ive lightened many of my positions as well due to the uncertainty.
  8. ViperGTS/Z1

    Lock her up....

    Bullshit....this isn't even in the same ballpark.... When we learn of Ivanka bleach bitting and devices being bludgeoned with hammers we can talk on similarities. ...until then Hillary should be jailed.
  9. ViperGTS/Z1

    Holiday cheer

    2001 R/T 10 and 98 Gts in garage...both old school gen 2's ^
  10. ViperGTS/Z1

    Lying Donald

    And yet he has delivered on numerous campaign promises ....more so than any other president that I can recall. And would be delivering on many more if it weren't for the resistance. I have no problems with a few exaggerations and inaccuracies he may exhibit.... ...we're living in some of the best economic times of our lives
  11. ViperGTS/Z1

    Black in the burbs

    Here's a homey I caught in my exclusively white neighborhood on my security cameras looking to smash and grab my vehicles. .....cops caught him the next morning trying to rob someone else. They used my video footage (which is much better than this still shot ) to help prosecute this POS. In my experiences. ...the stereotypes ring resoundingly true.
  12. ViperGTS/Z1

    See Ya!

    Funny how MSM glossed over his arrest and hardly gave it any air time ......he was their Anti -Trump hero prior to this. Now you won't hear a peep about him.