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  1. That seemed like a good old fashioned alcohol fueled beat was glorious
  2. Oh the haters will have to hang their hopes on the southern district of New York
  3. So he's an asshole for wanting to end the witch hunt?. it I like assholes like that
  4. ViperGTS/Z1

    barr's second mueller report leaked

    The one with the super sized Melonhead
  5. ViperGTS/Z1

    barr's second mueller report leaked

    You sound like Snowrider....If Trump had been after pop vote , all he had to do was hold a rally in a densely populated state like Cali...(he won nearly every state he rallied in )....but of course he focused on states to win the EC vote instead. But you can take the 2nd place meaningless win and claim pop vote ....and keep the dream alive to abolish electoral college
  6. ViperGTS/Z1

    barr's second mueller report leaked

    Bigly Double standards %1%24s&
  7. ViperGTS/Z1

    2018 tax fucking

    Yes....based on his 10k state tax he is making 300k+.... No longer middle class...has no room to bitch about taxes.. He should actually be paying his fair share and pay more
  8. ViperGTS/Z1

    2018 tax fucking

    Slinger, as Angry Ginger mentioned, you and I both live in one of the worst states for taxes....NJ has the highest property taxes in the country. I pay nearly 10k for a small ranch with an acre of land. And thats actually a bargain for the area I live in. I, like many others in my state are heading for the exit as they near retirement. ..I'll be damned if I give the first 1k of my pension per month to property tax. Just a short drive over the border to Pa drops my taxes by over 50% for a house with more sq/ft and 10 times the property . I certainly cant blame Trump for these issues....not sure how Im gonna make out on Taxes as I have an extension. Will the weekly tax breaks offset the reduced deductions? . . .not sure at this point but I was on disability for 3 months ,so my income was way down in18, so I think Im ok . I dont know about your state taxes,they seem incredibly high or you are making some serious cash.
  9. Yowza!
  10. ViperGTS/Z1

    90's WWE

    a little before the 90s but this is when I was first introduced to "wrestling"... quite an Entertainer ....RIP