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  1. ViperGTS/Z1

    More caveats in the bill

    Well the walls all around those moronic counties so all the riff raff shit gets funneled directly into those areas
  2. Wrong. ....these funds, at least intially will go towards building the wall in specific areas that our agents addressed as the most troubling and indeed in a crisis. 90 % down = false. Stop cherry pickin....arrests are way up this year over last. Averagng 1100 arrests per day is very substantial. Who knows how many are successfully getting in......its way too many. Let me know when you want my PayPal to make good on the wager.......tell ya what....I'll even wait til he actually gets and spends 5billion. Yup.....he did all he could to work with the looney side. AMEN!☆●☆
  3. ViperGTS/Z1

    Nah, there’s no collusion

    Tic toc....please dont let yourself be known as a welcher Slinger....its time to pay up
  4. ViperGTS/Z1

    the MAGA hat kid and toothless indian

    I feel empowered already with this magical hat......very adjustable but doesnt seem to fit quite right....those damn Latino bastards...send em back
  5. ViperGTS/Z1

    the MAGA hat kid and toothless indian

    Got mine last week......high quality made in the USA by the finest LEGAL latinos that this country has to offer. Can't wait to go on a smirking spree to get some reactions. Even had my friends wife try it on...guess she's one of the 26% of woman who like Trump.....not a fan of her team however😂
  6. ViperGTS/Z1

    Where did the tax cut go?

    Looks like middle class did among the best with the tax breaks25% to 22% and 28% to 24%... upper middle class not so much 33% to 32% and 35% to 35%.....they and upper class already pay their fair share IMO .... ..but not according to AOC I guess. Trumps plan benefited nearly everyone. I know I received a huge weekly break. Thank you Mr. Prez
  7. ViperGTS/Z1

    Jobs numbers

    Astounding many months in a row now has the jobs report been great! Wow
  8. Sure, the huge hauls are stopped at entry checkpoints and those arrests get all the coverage but it's pretty naive to think major scores of drugs aren't coming in through our very porous unwalled areas as well. Either on small vehicles or just carried on person. A kilo/2.2lbs of Heroin or Cocaine goes a long way and is easily concealed. The drugs are only a small part of a wall making tons of sense......on average 1100 immigrants are arrested daily trying to gain entrance into our country. All those dealing with the problem acknowledge that the walls work very well where implemented as they are also shown to be extremely effective in other countries. Trump will get his wall, the stats will validate the crisis/emergency and the courts will uphold his decision. Time for the dems to give up the fight of the wall and focus on koluzion again
  10. Looks like true wage growth : "But the ultra-low unemployment rate and the job's challenging on-the-road lifestyle mean there are fewer workers interested in taking these roles"