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  1. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    you are a perfect conservative, bash things you know nothing about, pat yourself on the back, bash people , pat pat bash people without knowing them at all. I really don't care what you think I have done in my life, just like I really don't care what you have done and that is the reason I don't bash you daily while posting here on others dime for hours on end Just Pathetic
  2. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    so Ballingall will vote what he always votes strong NDP district that went Liberal last election wow what a switch if you think Ontario Proud is good then LIKE their page and keep the meme's going - you will not find any of the boost NDP but will find then to boost PC and bash Liberals Yup people like you are the ones they are looking for, no thought is needed just vote PC like you always do
  3. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    yup that is working you would think fielding trouble at 3am on the phone would be work but according to our employer it isn't they had a meeting about it
  4. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    yes and so does going to meetings and eating lunch while talking about next to nothing, then head to another meeting and talk about the same shit
  5. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    that was funny its all worth it he says because when he is finished he will pay less taxes and make more
  6. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    hey dumbshit many here claim to still be doing 70-80 hours a week - are you calling these people liars And yeah tired all the time sure fucking glad I don't do that anymore, nor to I take weekend overtime where I used to do weeks and weeks in a row without a day off. you don't know me so stop with your bullshit attacks on my work ethics, just stick to patting yourself on the back about how great you are but make less than a government worker
  7. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    sorry I don't follow or like twisted messages and meme's from either side of the fence. Can I take it that you will be in full agreement with everything Doug says like taxes by hourly wage for some while others pay on their income
  8. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    what wynne site? Ontario Proud has nothing to do with being Proud its only about boosting the PC votes = ONEWAY Did you read the ONEWAY SUN today about meds
  9. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    but is ONEWAY which is okay for the feeble minded
  10. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    explain why some should pay on their hourly wage while everyone else pays on total Income how is that fair to anyone never mind the fact that T4's don't show wages only income - more costs for employers it seems I used to work full time 40 hours plus a 6 hour job of 30 hours a week - not everyone sits around the data office pulling their wire
  11. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    I know people that work 2 jobs full time to make ends meet and yes its a long day. explain how you defend and hourly wage to measure you taxes over INCOME while others will be taxed on their income. How about the sunshine list why isn't it just hourly wages earned and not INCOME fucking ONEWAY actually its 37.5 hours a week 8 hrs plus 1/2 unpaid lunch = 7.5hrs a day you can deny this but its still true
  12. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    all you need to do is look up the history and it will be clear ONEWAY Try federal and provincial and see what you come up with you might be surprised
  13. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    just not worth it but by June it will be when companies keep leaving over the next decade who will you blame? oh I know Trudeau if he is around I wish the PC's had kept the promise to lower the tax rate for first level which will help everyone in Ontario - but you guys are not against that because Doug to you so
  14. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    so lowering them won't do anything got ya Thanks Can you name some of these companies that are waiting to come here under Doug - name 1
  15. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    dude you are so easy to beat down Since when is your hourly wage and NOT YOUR INCOME a measure for a tax break some one make less money pays more is fucked up no matter how you slice it. And before you say ITS PART TIME again I am sorry to inform you but most clerical workers are 35 hours a week FULL TIME I have 2 jobs each paying 14$ and make 55k a year, under Doug ford I pay nothing in taxes since anyone making 14 an hour pays nothing - you are fucked up Why are you against a tax break for under 30k no matter how you get there ?
  16. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    do you honestly think a tax break of 1% in a Province with already the lowest taxes in country will attract this mystery manufacturing jobs be honest
  17. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Will Doug be getting the same treatment from OFS that they gave Federal Finance Minister for doing shit to make more money in private life I didn't care then and don't care today about Doug profiting on our Tax dollars but wondering about you guys since you all were very against it in the past. I expect you will all defend Doug no matter what he does
  18. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    your full time job is 35 hours a week and make $15 an hour =27300 - you pay full taxes your full time jog is 40 hours a week and make $14 an hour = 29120 - you pay no tax Only in a fucked up world is this even close to being fair for the little guy but here is 02sled to defend it
  19. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    ignore all of it
  20. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    the CBC BIAS MEDIA posted it so you can be educated and join did you join
  21. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Donny doesn't care so count him out on both questions Trudeau will call with congrats as done wiht all provinces
  22. Ontario has gone to hell under NinnyBag

    any ONTARIO PROUD folk here? CBC wants you to join http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-proud-facebook-kathleen-wynne-liberal-election-1.4173817
  23. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    never have been never will be I have come to terms with that
  24. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    so its is true that if you make more than 14$ an hour you will not receive any tax credits a part time worker making 14.01 an hour will not receive any extra credits . pretty fucked up
  25. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    start the chants going - post some meme's