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  1. 1trailmaker

    Pot Day October 17th

    Durham opts out
  2. 1trailmaker

    GM to close Oshawa Operations.

    While white flag waving SlogamMan gives up and is now blaming Trudeau, we have GM stepping up and willing to pay for training to becoming a tech and other jobs. over 2000 jobs have been identified with GM in the Durham region. It won't be long before Doug says it was his doing in talks with GM but really he has done ZERO
  3. 1trailmaker

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Most departments province wide spend less, and are given less, I never spend my budget Only admin can do what you suggest with budgets year ends - the blanket 02s;ed bashes are not true Most of what people complain about is the "unskilled" workers and rarely say Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Police, so that leaves a very small percent of employees that is a very small part of the Provincial budgets. Literally PEANUTS you could cut it all of the unskilled workers and it won't dent the deficit. But you would notice a huge difference in our greatness When the boss says go out and plow these roads even knowing 02sled feels they don't need it, that employee goes out and does their job NO NEED TO BASH HIM/HER FOR WORKING. They are not the ones creating waste. Blame your Government Officials starting with the Premier There is waste in any large organization don't kid yourself.
  4. 1trailmaker

    Pot Day October 17th

    nope I don't have the capital to compete
  5. 1trailmaker

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    I hope so too, these are planned recessions as we can't have the general population getting to far ahead. Enjoy the last 3 years of good growth it will end soon But on Balanced budgets, sorry all our departments must meet the budget every year. Provinces and Countries do not as proven decade after decade. We can pretend that balanced means greatness but facts are it means nothing more than political gain. 4 balanced budgets in the past 60 years is proof for Ontario. That isn't to say you can just keep spending as there is a limit, so today its debt to GDP - once that stops working it will be something else This is the reason no government campaigns on debt relief and only speak of deficits
  6. 1trailmaker

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Balanced Budgets are not the measures for greatness of a Province. Not even in the top 10 measures
  7. 1trailmaker

    Pot Day October 17th

    just drove past the Hell's Angels club house, I don't think they have a shortage of POT wow the entire area just reeks
  8. 1trailmaker

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    He is just starting, we will be at the bottom of Canada very soon within 2 years. No more leading for Ontario. As new tech comes out (Future batteries, coming soon: Charge in seconds, last months and power over the air) Ontario will be left out as with this new battery tech which was invented in Ontario but will not be made here due to lack of Government policies on green techno winning
  9. 1trailmaker

    Pot Day October 17th

    Amazing how TABOO is still here... There hasn't been a shortage since 1981 Instead of trying to kill the illegal market FORD is making it flourish, So many delivery services available like never before. And we have cities pulling out no pot in our town
  10. 1trailmaker

    Pot Day October 17th

    lol now it will be only 25 Stores to open Province wide April 1st Apparently there is a shortage of Pot supplies
  11. 1trailmaker

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    SloganMan being quiet lately maybe it will go away. Just an Editorial but the bold is interest view PUBLISHED 19 HOURS AGOUPDATED DECEMBER 12, 2018 One of Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s favourite slogans – and Mr. Ford loves slogans as only a literal label-maker can – is “Open For Business.” Not only does the $4.4-billion Avista deal look to be dead, its dissolution would cost Hydro One close to $200-million in fees and commissions. The Premier’s costly intervention is all the more remarkable when you remember that Hydro is only 47-per-cent owned by the province. Mr. Ford has cost not only ratepayers, but shareholders, too. The green-energy sector might also have something to say about the Premier’s interpretation of “Open For Business.” It has been smarting ever since the Progressive Conservative government cancelled more than 750 renewable-energy contracts this summer in an effort to drive down electricity bills, while swatting away compensation claims. Reforming the Liberal’s terrible energy policy is one thing, but the wholesale shredding of hundreds of contracts hurts companies and chills the business climate. Tesla didn’t feel Ontario was open for its business earlier this year either, when it successfully sued the province for phasing out electric-car rebates in a way that discriminated against the firm. For an ostensibly pro-business Premier, Mr. Ford has spent a rather large part of his short time in office being sued, spurned and derided by, well, businesses. That’s not because he has a principled aversion to corporate welfare either – at least not for firms with ties to him and his party. Maple Leaf Foods, the recipient of $34.5-million in provincial largesse for a poultry-processing plant in London, Ont., last month, is a long-time client of Mr. Ford’s family company, Deco Labels. There is no proof of anything illegal in that bit of industrial policy, but the optics aren’t good and risk feeding a perception that Ontario is open for business above all if you’re a Ford ally. That’s poison for companies operating in Ontario, who inevitably want to make sure the rules of the game are the same for everyone, and won’t suddenly change. Enter Ron Taverner, Mr. Ford’s long-time family friend and choice to head the Ontario Provincial Police. On Tuesday, OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair, the interim chief of the force, asked the provincial Ombudsman to investigate the many irregularities in the process for selecting a new top cop at the OPP. Deputy Commissioner Blair added to the growing list of questionable government actions, alleging that Mr. Ford’s office asked police to purchase “a large camper type vehicle” for the Premier’s use, without public tender, and off the books. Alleging political interference with policing, conflict of interest and possibly law-breaking, Deputy Commissioner Blair has hired a lawyer and effectively become a whistleblower against the sitting government. This is unprecedented and it’s the latest situation that leaves Ontario looking like a banana republic. The implications are ominous for the province’s economy. Companies rely on the integrity of contracts, freedom from government meddling and the rule of law. If Mr. Ford truly wants to make Ontario open for business, he should try a few of those ideas on for size.
  12. 1trailmaker

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    What about this China thing, what does the party of Cave suggest
  13. 1trailmaker

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Framing walls within a a building is that skilled or unskilled? Pulling wire through ceilings is that skilled or unskilled? You already said earlier that driving a BobCat is skilled if you are working private but unskilled if you work for the government - Driving a dump truck is skilled but driving a garbage truck is unskilled - can't wait to hear your opinion
  14. 1trailmaker

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    People crossing from the USA has nothing to do with UN agreements. We saw an increase in border crossing due to Trumps threats of deporting all illegals - Exactly what do you want the police to do at the border when a mother and child cross illegally? shot them? I will wait for your answer
  15. 3 surpluses really how many in Ontario can say that? Let me know when our debt doesn't grow