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  1. typical of an informed Canadian
  2. fresh garden veggies

    southern Ontario has the Holland Marsh, richest soil in the world. cant beat the veggies grown there
  3. people enter Canada and USA illegally everyday being by plane or car they come and never leave, what is irregular is walking over the border into Canada. Our Border is truly a treasure between usa and Canada People that entered USA illegally are not entering Canada irregularly
  4. 55% of all that crossed from USA have been rejected and sent away. No one is coming here to suck up our healthcare. We don't hire illegals like the USA does so that isn't a problem. Please don't listen to Momo or Sludgey or Rat Dave they really have no clue about anything, they believe we are paying these people 3k a month for life
  5. Eclipse

    really it was a one second glimpse he took after taking his glasses off. Something millions of people did today
  6. Eclipse

  7. Eclipse

    boring here, clouds would give a better affect lol
  8. Trump Biracial girlfriend

    unless it sounds like eh!
  9. fresh garden veggies

    They are picked before ripe and ripen in the back of trucks on the way to the grocery store.
  10. Upcoming eclipse

    that is excellent
  11. Neo Nazis?

    Sorry sleepr that was President Trump that tweeted that
  12. Hey Tom whats your opinion on these?

    lol I have mine on a leaning post but only get 91 since trees are in the way, going to move it again one day. At home I have a 5 bar for sats although 3 arean't used anymore, sad day that was
  13. Hey Tom whats your opinion on these?

    you basically moved west along the skew line, if you go south that skew will move