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  1. how is asking what you are concerned with being partisan? Partisan means you will vote oneway regardless, seems that is you to a tee for me a good economy is a good thing. Okay so economically best in years and near triple from Trudeau's election date, we agree. You don't like a vacation he took Vote Kellie since O'leary is gone, and if not kellie then anyone that wins
  2. we have been stacking debt for the last 11 years, how come today its an issue? Harper added 160b to it without a blink.from you. Now a 30b addition is a concern, Are you concerned with economic numbers? or if a PM took a vacation?
  3. we'll see, as of today you are wrong on that note.
  4. NAFTA Donny is going to play the "give me what I want or I take my ball and go home" In the end American's workers will pay for his arrogance....... Looking back on Don's deals, he has crushed so many without a care in the world - This is gong to be much different for him
  5. on the BOLD The numbers are calculated the same across the board, so if you don't believe the stats, that's okay but that means for Conservative numbers too. So who's numbers are you going to go by?
  6. so its clear that didn't happen since companies are making more money thanks for playing
  7. historic numbers are not made up funny how you pick and chose what to believe. First step to Fascism is to make all media FAKE NEWS just another historical fact learned from Hitler. so you don't believe BNN? where do you get your negative info from? please state them
  8. so you agree that the low investment from businesses is due to greed and not the government?
  9. too funny - so if Trudeau paid like everyone else did that went, you would be happy? so doubtful how does this benefit Trudeau
  10. although The Star and all economic media reported this, it was BNN
  11. who would have guessed
  12. So business is booming just not expanding
  13. so more profits doesn't always mean more investments like you claim
  14. Despite a challenging global climate, the province's economy continues to perform well and private-sector economists expect Ontario to be one of Canada's fastest-growing provinces over the next two years. The economy continues to create jobs, and the unemployment rate in Ontario has been lower than the national average for 22 consecutive months.
  15. Hey AC you are always yammering about giving money to Businesses so they can invest Explain Earlier this week, Statscan’s annual survey of business-spending intentions showed that private-sector businesses plan to reduce their capital spending by 1.6 per cent this year, their third straight decline. This despite rising corporate profits (up 13 per cent year over year in the fourth quarter), and evidence that some non-resource export sectors are already running close to full capacity.