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  1. This storm is Wynne's fault Anyone get any heavy weather? lots of tornado warnings out
  2. CRTC says FREE to unlock all phones now They shouldn't be locked in the first place
  3. his dogs eat it up
  4. You need a marker to compare too, choose one that suits your agenda
  5. Canada’s GDP grew at a 3.7-per-cent pace in the first three months of 2017, more than tripling the U.S.’s 1.2-per-cent pace, StatsCan reported on Wednesday. "Wasn't it America that was supposed to be made great again? And yet boring old Canada was a first quarter pace of growth that more than tripled what was seen for the U.S. ," commented TD Bank senior economist Brian DePratto. -Advertisement- DePratto noted that, with this quarter's results, Canada has seen the fastest pace of economic expansion since 2010, when the country was recovering from the global financial crisis. Household spending was one of the largest contributors to growth this quarter, increasing at a 4.3-per-cent pace. Auto sales were particularly strong.
  6. Trump followers are funny - he is bring it back make america great again U.S. economic growth slowed less sharply in the first quarter than initially thought, but the weakness was likely an aberration amid a strong labor market that is near full employment. Gross domestic product increased at a 1.2 percent annual rate instead of the 0.7 percent pace reported last month, the Commerce Department said in its second estimate on Friday. That was the weakest performance since the first quarter of 2016 and followed a 2.1 percent rate of expansion in the fourth quarter. The government revised up its initial estimate of consumer spending growth, but said inventory investment was far smaller than previously reported. The sluggish first-quarter growth pace is, however, probably not a true reflection of the economy's health. GDP for the first three months of the year tends to underperform because of difficulties with the calculation of data that the government has acknowledged and is working to resolve. Economists polled by Reuters had expected GDP growth would be revised up to a 0.9 percent rate. Still, the weak performance at the start of the year is a blow to President Donald Trump's ambitious goal to sharply boost economic growth rates. During the 2016 campaign Trump had vowed to lift annual GDP growth to 4 percent, though administration officials now see 3 percent growth as more realistic. The Trump administration has proposed a range of measures to spur faster economic growth, including big tax cuts. But analysts are skeptical that fiscal stimulus, if it materializes, will fire up the economy given weak productivity and labor shortages in some areas. There are signs GDP growth regained speed early in the second quarter, with industrial production accelerating in April. But hopes of a sharp rebound in growth have been tempered by weak business spending, a modest increase in retail sales last month, a widening of the goods trade deficit and decreases in inventory investment. Economic growth in the first quarter was hobbled by a near stall in consumer spending and a sharp slowdown in the pace of inventory accumulation by businesses. Growth in consumer spending, which accounts for more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activity, rose at a 0.6 percent rate instead of the previously reported 0.3 percent pace. That was still the slowest pace since the fourth quarter of 2009 and followed the fourth quarter's robust 3.5 percent growth rate. Businesses accumulated inventories at a rate of $4.3 billion in the last quarter, rather than the $10.3 billion reported last month. Inventory investment increased at a $49.6 billion rate in the October-December period. Inventories subtracted 1.07 percentage point from GDP growth instead of the 0.93 percentage point estimated last month. Business spending on equipment was revised to show it rising at a 7.2 percent rate in the first quarter rather than the 9.1 percent that was previously reported. The government also reported that corporate profits after tax with inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments fell at an annual rate of 2.5 percent in the first quarter after rising at a 2.3 percent pace in the previous three months. lowest spending since 2009 doesn't sound like a booming economy to me
  7. go Trump go - you sure do give credit out to the WACKOS freely but zero for our own government Tsx compared to what? yesterday or 2 years ago?
  8. we near tripled the USA growth, where are you getting your alternative facts from?
  9. Good news for SK but bad for AC The Canadian dollar will strengthen in 2017 as the country’s economy accelerates in the second half of the year and worries over U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s trade policies fade, according to the most accurate forecaster of the currency. The loonie will nudge an additional 0.75 per cent higher to 75.75 US cents by the end of the year, said Konrad Bialas, chief economist at Warsaw-based foreign-exchange broker Dom Maklerski TMS Brokers SA, who topped a Bloomberg ranking of Canadian dollar forecasters in the fourth quarter. That would extend the loonie’s 3 per cent gain from last year, which made it the best performer among Group-of-10 peers. It’s also in contrast to the median forecast of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg for the currency to weaken to 74.07 US cents by the end of the year. We need to get rid of this government and its rising dollar and massive gains in the economy - chances are our dollar will be even better than projected due to USA losing big time
  10. I believe its for Robin Thicke clothes line
  11. This type of ad is happening often Men are not offended so it will continue, if Men make a big stink about the ad it would be removed....... removed do to 02sled complaint hmmmmm
  12. I don't think so This business is with in its rights since there is nudity.....
  13. which guy is 02sled more like
  14. nice yard big dog lol