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  1. Is Joshua Boyle a Moron?

    would the kids be considered Canadian? The story is fucked up for sure
  2. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    what a waste of time "got caught" it was posted on a Federal website for fuck sakes " no employee discount from retail will be included " Andrew then rants " when will you comment to not taxing discounts " if this is how you do business at your work place, you most likely won't be working there long
  3. Mr. Leahy won't be down for dinner

    great character and toss in his buddy Randy what a fucking riot The show is pretty funny once you watch it for a while
  4. Sears Canada , is toast

    pure GREED brought this down - lots of people are going to get fucked over making gains quarterly year in year out isn't possible anymore
  5. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    I bet ever MP gets an electronic copy too... Some people do prefer Hard Copies of certain things - I'll do that book for 100k and even pay taxes on it
  6. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    and the crowd goes silent when tax cuts are mentioned - no wait here they come with all the negative talk about it So far Trudeau in less the 2 years cut taxes more than its been cut in 20 years Met Harpers goal of 9% that Harper continued to fail at - It just keeps getting worse
  7. Closed Trail Thread

    anyone know how C trail will be along 69? Tons of construction going on
  8. The often talked about - Bike insurance

    insurance companies don't care about points - a ticket is a ticket to them. A reduced ticket will save you money in court costs and fines and possible license being taken away, but saves you nothing with insurance
  9. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    “Okay, but the cost is perfectly reasonable for what we got!” Two hundred thou for one document, huh? Try that one out on a newspaper art director. Try it out on anyone who ever worked for a magazine, particularly one with newsstand sales that actually depended on a fancy cover. Maybe you’re thinking, “Even if it’s a bit ridiculous, it’s ONLY $200,000 against a background of billions.” But is it? To me this is the most intriguing part of all. Blacklock’s quotes an e-mail (“It’s fresh. I love where this is going”) from someone who has the title “senior marketing advisor for the finance department”. Am I the only one left asking, “Why the hell does the federal finance department need a marketing advisor?” The “senior” part denotes a six-figure salary, none of which is included in the cheque that was written to the nice creatives at McCann. Is the finance department a business whose revenues depend on effective advertising? Does Canada’s federal government have several finance departments contending with each other for market share? Why the hell does the federal finance department need a marketing advisor? Someone with a job title in “marketing” might make sense at a department like Global Affairs, which does a lot of traditional straight-up selling of Canadian products to the outside world. It may even make some sense at the Canada Revenue Agency, which is in the position of offering a service, involving different forms and modalities and commercial applications, directly to the public. But why does the work of finance need to be marketed to Canadians? Do we have a choice not to deal with finance? Do they care whether we are keen on them? And if we have full-time marketing specialists at finance, for what are we paying an ad agency? Is that the main job of a government “marketing advisor” — choosing someone appropriate to do the actual work for a reasonable price? If so, I cannot say, as a media professional, that I am impressed with the advice given. Also, I think I definitely picked the wrong career. Rest assured I am only pretending to be slightly dumb about all this. Finance has “marketing” specialists for the purpose of advertising a political agenda to the public. It cannot be helped that a Liberal government is bound to give a budget a campaign-friendly name like “Building a Strong Middle Class” and to throw your money at promoting it. The Conservatives liked to play a similar happy-talk game with the titles of parliamentary bills, which some people found odious, but which didn’t cost us 200 Gs at a stroke, either. Unfortunately, this is the kind of public waste that we cannot throw anyone in jail for This is the sort of use of public funds for essentially partisan purposes that we can’t throw anybody in jail for, except in my daydreams. Blacklock’s uncovered e-mails make this positively explicit: in arguing over the 2016 budget cover someone observed that, “Justin Trudeau’s election mantra was all about positivity, change, and optimism for the future. We want this budget cover to illustrate that feeling.” I would say this utterance is not quite in the tradition of our public service, except for my fear that it is a perfect expression of the real tradition. Of course, using an ad agency for this foul business has the bonus of cementing Liberal friends in a trade that has a lot of power over the media. No doubt I am making trouble for my company’s desperate, beleaguered bean counters by even talking about this. It is ugly. It is not about a $200,000 cheque: it is about the underlying abyss at which that money hints — and about Liberals not being able to change the exploitative, dubious old-school habits that led them to the Adscam disaster. I do not spend a lot of time wishing for a New Democratic federal government, but I am pretty sure such a government would put a plain orange-ish cover on the print version of the federal budget. And, by the way, how many people even handle a printed version of any government’s budget in the year 2017? A few dozen? Don’t marketing experts know we have the internet now? The cover should be white with word budget and year on it. Printed for $50 This begs the question as to what the average cost of these covers are?
  10. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    We pay too much federal tax, I said this years ago and you guys disagreed because Harper was PM. I haven't changed my opinion
  11. Polaris 340 for kids?

    nice looking sled is that a 92? Track doesn't look to bad in the photo/ you can change the drive to 2.52 and use a 121 track, here is the track and conversion kit for 90-92 indy lite http://www.alssnowmobile.com/oemProductParts.aspx?ps_OemSku=AL128488&pl_Exact=0
  12. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Spokesperson John Power said the CRA made the original decision to change the wording, not Lebouthillier. “This document was not approved by the minister and we are deeply disappointed that the agency posted something that has been misinterpreted like this,” he said in an emailed statement. The document was either signed or is wasn't signed by the Minister - its that simple either way glad its not happening
  13. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    seems that this issue of taxing employee discounts wasn't from Trudeau at all, it was CRA agents deciding this on their own. It has now been taking down off their website.. I knew there had to be more to this - glad its not true
  14. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    If that was the case then GM Ford all of them would have backed up decades ago and moved to Mexico - it just won't happen Average wage is $650 a month even with a $4 min wage - Cost of living in Mexico is 53.88% lower than in Canada (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not taken into account). Rent in Mexico is 69.34% lower than in Canada (average data for all cities). some good info here on prices they pay https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=Mexico&displayCurrency=CAD What does a 3 bedroom cost you out there? 1800? Mexico its $500 I am not too concerned about Mexican workers, I am sure some are exploited like they are here
  15. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    That will never change We buy too many tons of vegetables and other foods every year - they would buy none from us