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  1. snoughnut

    Impeach proceedings

    Hey fuckstain, Clinton's perjury trial also cost taxpayers 70 million.
  2. snoughnut

    Impeach proceedings

    No more imagining, the Dumbocrats made it reality, my goodness what a bunch of complete losers they've become.
  3. That's pretty much the truth for most liberals.
  4. snoughnut

    Impeach proceedings

    Slinger you really should consider backing off before you stroke out, geez.
  5. snoughnut

    Its out!!!

    Yes, they really are or they are really stupid, probably both. It's amazing how many times they shoot themselves in the foot and they haven't yelled "ouch" yet. The next election will be the "ouch"
  6. snoughnut

    Meme thread

    Yes they are and he did a great job at it also. Van Halen is my fav band but the brothers can suck a dick after what they did to MA in regards to not letting him play in the last tour. The fans really wanted to see the original 4 but the brothers had to be dicks about it.
  7. No problem, my ego is in check, haven't had a vehicle payment in about 8 years and I love it.
  8. It doesn't matter, trucks prices are ridiculous because the manus. and the sellers know the male ego is weak.
  9. snoughnut

    Microplastics Raining Down From The Sky

    Give yourself a pat on the back, you're not only existing, you're thriving.
  10. snoughnut

    Microplastics Raining Down From The Sky

    Do you ever watch those Planet documentaries with narrator David Attenborough? That douche can't get through an episode without bringing up the GW bullshit.
  11. Dude, it's on the original engine you dingaling.