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  1. That kinda reminds of my dad when he watched the Packers in the 70's, especially the last 15 seconds
  2. snoughnut

    FSCE Shop Talk

    It would appear that Fireball is more concerned with function over style.
  3. WTF? Flossing your teeth is good oral hygiene.
  4. snoughnut

    Meme thread

    Like I said, SETTLE DOWN!!! ....your memes are not that funny.
  5. snoughnut

    Meme thread

    Geez, settle down SS it's not that funny. I think you can do much, much better.
  6. I could never become that brand loyal, lmao
  7. Geez, a couple of old decrepit senior citizens.
  8. I remember sledding in the UP during that time period, groomers could never keep up, trails were always bumpier than fuck unless you rode during the week. The UP has been busy the last few years because it was the only place that had consistent snow.
  9. snoughnut

    Illegitimate President

    I have to disagree, it's been clear for quite some time now that he's a complete idiot.
  10. You also have to remember that snowmobile registrations today are down roughly 1/3 from that period....... Fucking Obama
  11. snoughnut

    Right in the old brainbox

    Awesome, I love stories that have happy endings.
  12. snoughnut

    Wisconsin Democrats

    I love the last 2 sentences........ the whiny Democrat children are the only ones creating chaos in Madison. "The first thing Scott Walker did when he walked through the door of the Capitol was to create chaos," Democratic Sen. Jon Erpenbach said during Senate debate. "The last thing he is doing is creating chaos."