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  1. snoughnut

    I'ma tell you wut

    Don't laugh, those early 2000's Poo Tourings were great sleds, my wife had a 2002 and she loved and so did I, bulletproof sled.
  2. snoughnut


    That was weak, like he was punching under water.
  3. Hopefully we'll see some more of this in 2020
  4. snoughnut


    Speaking of jews, I wonder how old Bernie is doing?
  5. What happens when the auto manufacturers go full automation? Are the robots going to be buying vehicles?
  6. The words "want" and "need" are what get people in financial trouble for the most part.
  7. Slowly looks over at university admin. and professors. Good lord you're a toolbag, Half or fully paid for by 28? I've never met such a person.
  8. Good choice, more than likely it will get 'Bent" again.....pun intended.
  9. Rita Crundwell from Dixon,Illinois was a whopper. I watched this documentary awhile back, it's on Netflix.
  10. I hope that shit continues, sooner or later it has to spark a revolt.
  11. Just ran into one of those last week in a golf course community, the owner tried like hell to beat me down over a $275.00 job and I refused. What I'd really like to say sometime is..........."sir, we actually charge more to deal with cheap assholes such as yourself".
  12. Bent has been well known for taking the non established route.
  13. snoughnut

    More dirty deeds by donny’s friends.

    ......or is it dunder chief?
  14. Well, Duluth is within 100 miles of you.