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  1. maybe this will help ease their pain in losing
  2. we will pray for him at tonights service, but it seems they are others on this snowmacine site that could use some devine intervention more than the Momo feller
  3. oh thank you kind kind sir, you snowmachiners fellers are the best, and Minnie says bless you
  4. it would seem this MC feller and a few others on here have been experitmenting with some mind altering substances, time to get clean join us at the mission and we will save your souls........for a small donation of course
  5. WOW the losers Greatest Hits, we watch the reruns at the mission all the time, times are tough since Nov 8th, been a lot of bewildered people stumble into the mission with no where to turn
  6. we are all praying for these lost liberal souls down at the mission, but it seems the big guy upstairs thinks we are wasting our time....
  7. the earth has been warming since the last ice age except for the mini ice age a few hundred years ago........just saying
  8. boy it's going to be a long 8 years for the lefties
  9. yeah the dnc itself
  10. nickleback
  11. better be nice to my lady friend fellers
  12. my lady friend Minnie the moocher has been marinating for a few days hope they get the water fixed down at the mission soon
  13. why thank you kind sir
  14. come on mr biggie smails feller lets see some pics