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  1. Poor NBC and the liberal sheep

    this coming from one of the resident window licking short bus riders
  2. oh mercy me these anti-trump fellers have lost the fucking minds, so very sad to watch
  3. remember when, case #3790

    Wrecking shit is 1 of them
  4. Bad News, I lost another drone :(

    And don't think for 1minute that Minnie is going to help you this time she worked her ass of for that un-paid toll of yours mr CcantkeeptrackofafuckindroneKF feller
  5. Obama made call to not indict Hillary

    Because he is a liberal Kool aid drinking worthless know nothing young feller with no Street smarts, he's probably visited the mission a time or 2
  6. Chevy garbage

    That's funny most focus's in my area are boneyard fodder before 100k
  7. Obama made call to not indict Hillary

    You have got to be bar far the dumbest mother fucker on the interweb young feller
  8. Chevy garbage

    100k on a throw away count your blessings young feller
  9. Don't go to the forum!!!111

    This interweb site sure breeds alot of keyboard Billy bad ass fellers
  10. Trump Dossier

    I see they still havn't got that mc fellers meds right very sad prayers for him at the mission tonight
  11. liberal crybabies

    after being out of town working on some bigly infrastructure projects I return only to see the same shillery supporters fellers still crying over the crushing loss their little queen suffered, fucking pathectic........oh and Hi to all my snowmachiner friends
  12. ***Official BBQ / Smoker Thread***

    Sometimes you snowmachiner fellers suck shit
  13. Nothing Here...

    the last I checked that Trump feller still occupies the white house, not that slithering snake in the grass Hillary
  14. Repeal...-

    Like when that lady feller said they have to pass it to see what's in it
  15. hey rwws...

    No idea who you're talking about but bet that fellers is a hoot to hand out with