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  1. We are all praying for these lost souls at the mission
  2. I think they could find the peace they seek with prayer groups down at the mission
  3. you snowmachiners sure argue about some strange subjects, but who the biggest liberal hack takes the cake
  4. yes he did mr ckf feller, the 01mxz feller is one fine snowmachiner, I was going to have sister mary elephant take a picture of it on my awesome ski-daddler but some kind feller donated a formula mx to goodwill and I have been working extra hard at the mission to get it
  5. I stand corrected, that CKF feller likes that notangryanymoregotmorefreedosledderstickersthan01xz800guy best
  6. CrockpotKF likes 01mxz800 best
  7. oh it sure looks like this Momo feller just layed the smack fucking down on that snowmachiner SVT
  8. oh thank you kind sir, but can I trouble you for 2 so I can paste 1 on my lady friend Minnie the moocher's titties
  9. oh thank you kind sir this Ski Daddler has lots of power, can take my lady friend Minnie the moocher on rides with me now
  10. he's not their president so they don't give a fuck
  11. Celebrity death match FTMFW LOL
  12. with being downtrodden what would your guess be beggers can't be choosers
  13. oh mercy haven't seen a clean landing strip in years
  14. it's purdy funny that these doom and gloom fellers tried to use a 1.5 year old piece to try and discredit our new president, grasping at straws I says
  15. looks awesome mr. f7ben feller except for the grass clippings stuck to it, fall out of the cast iron pan onto the ground? other than that looks good