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  1. ***Official BBQ / Smoker Thread***

    Sometimes you snowmachiner fellers suck shit
  2. Nothing Here...

    the last I checked that Trump feller still occupies the white house, not that slithering snake in the grass Hillary
  3. Repeal...-

    Like when that lady feller said they have to pass it to see what's in it
  4. Dump Supporters Are Treasonous Traitor's....

    I live in Rochester, 01 lives in Wayne county we had a mutual friend in the late, great snowmachiner feller Capt Storm, I used 01's tablet on a job site to get on here and forgot to log out so I'm cool as a cucumber
  5. hey rwws...

    No idea who you're talking about but bet that fellers is a hoot to hand out with
  6. hey rwws...

    Absolutely not you stupid fuck merely laughing at the latest attempt at justifying the loss of the cunt shillery clintoon by the butthurt liberals
  7. Is there a shred of proof yet?

    I must confess to my snowmachiner friends I colluded with the Russians today, had Russian dressing on my chef salad at lunch at the mission, there was also some hot little Russian homeless woman show up at the mission that I would like to collude with as long as Minnie doesn't find out
  8. ***Official BBQ / Smoker Thread***

    U mad bro?
  9. Happy belated 50th Birthday Biggie!

    Nope just hounded by AARP
  10. Fireworks from my drone

    Neighbors probably trying to shoot the fucker down
  11. WTF? Invoice from State of MA

    Minnie say she's not going out again so you better pay it she claims there were alot of creepy "donars" wearing green and smelling like 2 stroke
  12. WTF? Invoice from State of MA

    cost me more than that by the time I took Minnie to the car wash to spruce her up before she went to work
  13. WTF? Invoice from State of MA

    check your paypal mr CKF feller
  14. Let's Play.... "WHO SAID IT?"

  15. WTF? Invoice from State of MA

    I am going to send minniethemoocher out to do some tricks to help ya out