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  1. there are no dupes here
  2. I think there should be more 4 year degrees for McDonalds workers then maybe they would get my fucking order right
  3. much better than the Obama "apology tour"
  4. ok, is drop the MOTHER fucker on N Korea a little more pleasing
  5. they should have dropped that fucker on N korea
  6. I really feel sorrry for this MC feller, he seems to have been led a stray from what he claimed for years to beileve in, but the DNC has strange and mystical powers that can cloud ones ability to make reasonable decisions, they are sure an evil bunch, we will pray for them tonite at our Thurs. prayer meeting at the mission
  7. we have to roll our own and MD 20/20 is nasty shit Wild Irish Rose is where it at
  8. why yes I did, that last storm we had to use it to get supplies for the mission, we had to get some powered milk, government cheese and freeze dried coffee. that old ski daddler sure saved the day
  9. someone has way too much time on his hands
  10. oh boy another faux news story posted by MC.........New York Daily News no less.....what a bafoon
  11. there hasn't even been any talk of this story down at the mission what gives MC?
  12. We are all praying for these lost souls at the mission
  13. I think they could find the peace they seek with prayer groups down at the mission
  14. you snowmachiners sure argue about some strange subjects, but who the biggest liberal hack takes the cake