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  1. Deisel 93

    Random Photo Thread

    Wife and daughter climbed Mount Gros Morn In Newfoundland last week. Hell of a hike but very satisfying.
  2. Deisel 93

    2013 King quad 500axi

    Perfect condition and well maintained. I've owned since new, has a warn front plow mount, power steering , efi, heated grips and thumb. New Maxxix Vipor tires last fall. 4400kms $5150.00
  3. Deisel 93

    Sledding Winter 19

    Hey guys, decent season just under 3500kms on the 900T.
  4. Deisel 93

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Loving my Turbo.
  5. Got 1000kms on my 900T renegade X. Put a Zollinger clutch kit in it and a 43 tooth gear. Runs 104 on GPS on hardpack. Gets 16 MPG running hard and fast. Best sled ive owned to date and im coming of a tuned Turbo XF cat which is a heavy pig in comparison but still faster on top.
  6. I got one Mike if you still need one.