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  1. Looking for a 2 up

    I ended up getting the rototek one for a great price I couldn't justify big money for the few times I will need it..
  2. Looking for a 2 up

    Has anyone run the rototek one? I'm pulling the trigger on one today
  3. Looking for a 2 up

    You looking to sell it blackstar?
  4. Looking for a 2 up

    What company is that
  5. Looking for a 2 up

    Messaged you!
  6. Looking for a 2 up

    I'm in Niagara though
  7. Looking for a 2 up

    What about the rtk ones
  8. Looking for a 2 up

    She is 11, next year the sled will be hers when she can get her license.. She does ride it and does very well but as you all know she cannot ride it on the trails. I started her on a kitty cat moved her to a z120 then a lynx but I sold it because we werent getting the use due to her not being allowed on the trail. A 2 up seat jack option for my wife's ace this year will get us to next year when she can get on the trail solo. Due to school she isn't up everytime my wife and I are so they wont be constantly doubling and yes at times my wife can sit on back and she will pilot up the ace. Will a full two up from another doo platform fit on and if so what seat would I look for? I don't want to break the bank because it really is just for this season
  9. Looking for a 2 up

    My daughter is a year away from riding legally so I am looking for a 2 up option for my wifes ace.. Any help or thoughts on where to get best price on one?
  10. Klim jacket. When/where to buy

    I have a complete sz large motorfist redline suit for sale..
  11. jagmeet

    Here we go, I just watched clips of his acceptance speech on how he's been pulled over because of the color of his skin and his long hair and when he's voted in no one will get pulled over by the police due to profiling... Way to throw the cops under the bus, probably not the best day to do it when an innocent cop gets run down by some asshat with an Isis flag out west..I have an 11 year old and the way I see it by the time I have grand children, or sooner, they are fucked and so are we.
  12. easiest steering ski

    My cousin has suffered a physical issue and is trying to ride his z1 this year but needs it to be as easy to handle as possible, I'm thinking a setbof curve skis? Any help?
  13. anyone have a kawi jetski

    Stupid question but I don't want to build a dock off my cottage it's shallow sabd for 100+ feet so I'm just going to Moor whatever ski I get while I'm there and store in my garage when I'm not.. I was thinking 2 cinder blocks with a rope clipped to an old jug does anyone have a better idea?
  14. anyone have a kawi jetski

    I'm on a small lake and was thinking for the wife and kid a spark w be great, way smaller than the others
  15. anyone have a kawi jetski

    Well still looking and now considering a spark with the ibr on it, willing to spend up to 6500 I'm on a small lake and I think it will be great for wife and kid.. Any input or leads on one??