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  1. firecatguy

    Garage Heater for Home

    Has anyone ever put a microfurnace or comparable heater in a clamshell trailer to defrost your sled? Not to work on jist to melt snow and slush off..
  2. firecatguy

    Selling sled want trail pass

    Do I rip trail pass off and keep original paperwork to replace?
  3. firecatguy

    Need to test...

    I'll be in burks, beers cold!
  4. firecatguy

    Looking for trailer

    Ok I am officially looking for a mission hybrid need a dealer near Niagara ish....
  5. firecatguy

    Looking for trailer

    Linky no worky
  6. firecatguy

    Looking for trailer

    Leaning towards hybrid over clamshell wheres best pricing
  7. firecatguy

    Birch point

    I heard the same about
  8. firecatguy

    Birch point

    Are they still a cat dealer?
  9. firecatguy

    Snowmobile license

    I called the ofsc and left a voicemail...I tried emailing through the link and no luck
  10. firecatguy

    Snowmobile license

    Im trying to get ahold of anyone that can help me to see if there is availability on the Sunday and have yet been able to reach a human...
  11. firecatguy

    Snowmobile license

    Didnt think i needed to elaborate this much but looks like everyone seems to be painting me as anti-club so here it goes.. -I live in Niagara so local club eh... - I support and have a cottage in almaguin district and have friends and ride with people in the club and was told nothing planned and they have heard nothing.. -I saw a news clip which looked to me like it was available online and this I think being a snowmobile forum seemed like a place I would seek clarification -I only get my daughter Sunday to Wednesday compounding the issue of finding a course that is usually held on Yep you guessed it Saturday.. Having said all that my neighbor took his son last year for his license and said the closest was guelph so he drove him up there and pissed the day away waiting for him so if y'all are wondering why I may want to go the route of online after hearing that may be an option there it is in a drawn out nutshell
  12. firecatguy

    Snowmobile license

  13. firecatguy

    Snowmobile license

    My 12 year old is ready to get her license did I see it will be available online?
  14. firecatguy

    Doo 900 Turbo 150 HP

    Now the doo faithful will spend that kind of money and throw more at it to run with a winder and then motor issues will ensue from the doo camp yet again... More profit in selling a 2 stroke is my guess as to why they still think the big hp in their lineup has to be a mediocre 850 that can maybe get by a stock Firecat I had in the day.. If doo would have thrown 4-5lbs boost at that 1200 motor and reinforced the internals to make it capable of higher hp for those that play instead of dodoing that motor I would have been impressed but instead....BOOOORRIIINGGGGG!! Let me also mention I have a 600ace for my wife and daughter soon to be with license and it is a great little sled plus I ride with several guys that have 900's and they love them but to me this missed the mark for all you doo guys
  15. firecatguy

    Maynooth area question

    That's it!!-