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  1. Looks good O4 .,as a custom builder it looks like you did your homework,probably saved yourself some big$$ doing so
  2. Played the repair game on our LG , got bored of it and just bought a new Samsung,like night and day between the two,much higher quality on the Samsung
  3. Nice Cat
  4. looking grimm here in Port Sydney with 20 -40 mm of rain tomorow ,were done im thinking
  5. they get a passport too
  6. people living in cardboard boxes in Ontario and he is letting more people in , nice one JT
  7. nice place for a new viper
  8. If there is no good sitcoms on i watch the debates
  9. ride right out of the shop onto D trail in Port Sydney Ont , love it and no rd rash,was important when we bought
  10. Donald should like this one