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  1. Thank God we got Trump

    Welcome to Canada Eh
  2. New sleds???/

    no new ones here ,I put more miles on my old skandic in the last two winters than i did on my vector due to low snow ,meltdowns,trail closures and im in the port sydney area witch usually rocks ,but than again im a impulse buyer ,LOL
  3. Rural high speed for streaming, etc....

    they just put fiber optics on our road out here in the sticks ,thought it was hydro digging for something ,my teenage kid is in heaven
  4. Bombing Syria started

    Rock On ,Too bad our pussy Trudeau hasnt grow a pair yet
  5. Snowflakes

  6. House build

    Looks good O4 .,as a custom builder it looks like you did your homework,probably saved yourself some big$$ doing so
  7. LG Washing Machine Drain Pump

    Played the repair game on our LG , got bored of it and just bought a new Samsung,like night and day between the two,much higher quality on the Samsung
  8. Dodge Ram or Nissan Titan XD

    Nice Cat
  9. District 7

    looking grimm here in Port Sydney with 20 -40 mm of rain tomorow ,were done im thinking
  10. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    they get a passport too
  11. Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    people living in cardboard boxes in Ontario and he is letting more people in , nice one JT
  12. Winter 2017

    nice place for a new viper
  13. Who is sick and tired of american politics?

    If there is no good sitcoms on i watch the debates
  14. Can you snowmobile from home?

    ride right out of the shop onto D trail in Port Sydney Ont , love it and no rd rash,was important when we bought