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  1. Winterman

    Bunch of 2020 Sleds

    The thundercat’s spindles look like they’re made of wood. Bad choice of color
  2. Winterman

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    4 great days in western Quebec.
  3. Winterman

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Awesome place. It’s been years since I stayed there.
  4. Winterman

    Could this be the new cat 850 2S ?

  5. Winterman

    RIP Roy Clark

    Rip to a good ole boy
  6. Winterman

    Go LSU

    They are rollin...
  7. Winterman

    Go LSU

    I’m sick of the tide. I hope LSU can shake things up.
  8. Winterman

    shunned in pittsburgh

    Yes, idiots protested him coming. Same idiots would have pissed and moaned if he didn’t.
  9. Winterman

    Klimt adrenaline boa boots.

    I have those exact boots. They are great and the boa makes them the easiest on off boot I’ve ever owned. I click the boa and kick the boot of with the other foot. Laces suck
  10. Winterman

    Meme thread

    I’m going to heaven!
  11. Winterman

    Polaris 700 CFI Motors....yay or nay?

    Parts are scarce. Get a 600 and you have almost identical performance.
  12. Winterman

    Random question thread

    Route 6 runs through some beautiful country. I haven’t been on it in years so I don’t know about the condition of the road itself.
  13. Winterman

    I miss the hood

    CFRs were outdated before they hit the showrooms. They were an attempt to restore a “performance “ image that the F pig Barney flushed down the toilet.