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  1. Sael

    Great Joke

    Substitute Obama, if it makes you feel better.
  2. When Drumpf dies and goes to hell, he is met at the gate by the devil himself. The Devil says, " You have lived a particularly miserable life and will spend all eternity in Hell".But, because you are a 'celebrity' you have 3 choices as to how to spend your years.There are 3 doors. Open each door and then when you've seen inside all 3, you can make your choice.Drumpf opens door # 1. Inside he sees massive amounts of people standing on their heads in an atmosphere of fire and brimstone. The screaming coming from these wretches is unbearable. Drumpf shuts the door.He opens door # 2. Inside this room he sees massive amounts of wretches standing on their heads on mountains of shards of broken glass. Blood comes out of their heads and other parts of their bodies. The screams coming out of this room are intolerable. Drumpf shuts the door.He opens door # 3. When he looks inside, he sees massive amounts of people standing waist deep in shit and other sewage, drinking coffee and eating donuts. Drumpf closes the door.The Devil says "what's your choice"?Drumpf says" Obvilously door # 3"The door opens and Drumpf is pushed in. The door closes behind him.Next, he hears a voice over the loudspeaker saying " Coffee break over. Back on your heads".
  3. Sael


    Does it float?
  4. Sael

    Big Don

    Much more truthful song
  5. Sunday tweets, subject to Monday denial.
  6. Sael

    Would ya look at that

    It will happen right after the North Korean peace talks.
  7. Sael

    CNN collusion

    You mean like two-scoops and hannity?