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  1. Sael

    Erasing history

    Well that's a dumbfuck answer to start the week with.
  2. Conservatives run a boycott as bad as they run a country.
  3. Sael

    Meme thread

    Right on, very good meme. Wars being fought for freedom for all.
  4. You have an awful lot to do with threads turning to shit. They don't start that way.
  5. Not as a kid but as a teenager our local A&W was the hot spot. Great food and all the best looking young ladies car hopped there. A teenagers dream come true, food and girls and the mandatory tire shredding attempt as you exited. The 60's were a great time.
  6. Zambroski melting in the heat. Priceless.
  7. Sael

    ****Official IndyCar Thread****

    Tony Stewart finds Indycar that fits him! Will be back in 2019