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  1. Rigid1

    Open house

    Check it out
  2. Best trails I have ridden on the Tug Hill, 98MI in 3 hours
  3. Rode some new trails today, Cazenovia area
  4. Cny mud bogs today, should have went north... B-ville to Weedsport, was still better than riding the couch..
  5. That's flying on that I'm sure, what's it weigh?? Round about
  6. Oh man, that is frigging sweeeeeeeettttt!!!1111 How fast will something like that go?? I don't know much about older sleds, didn't start riding till 2007/8 season
  7. Buddy of mine just picked up his first sled, took him for his first ride, 101MI,..hehehe, someone is gona be sore tomorrow.. Lol
  8. I frigging love riding PowerLine!!👊 and that looks like a very good time! Is it the c-tec in that sled?? 600 hundy rip good don't it?
  9. Lol, he has a small jump he made, it's just nice to see him outside rather than infront of a screen
  10. 3* out to boot, I wanted to take them north, but the warm up Friday and Saturday made for some nasty flooded areas..but he still had fun tearing it up in the yard..
  11. A boy, his sled, and lots of laps around the yard..👍👍👍👍
  12. pair of new take off black pro-s front shock springs, stock, black- $60pr
  13. Got out with the boy quick for a yard and field ride..he learned how to jump his sled today..Only fell off once, whiskey throttle.. Lol
  14. Rigid1

    2016 Axys Pro-s stock front shock springs

    already done.. I think these springs would look great on @f7ben's sled.. He really needs these to make his sled pop..
  15. Rigid1

    2016 Axys Pro-s stock front shock springs

    I put dual rate Hygears on right off the bat last year, but yes, I had Hygear split the difference of the pro-x and pro-s springs to get a bit more ride height and a bit more spring for mogul mashing.. I couldnt remember what I did with the stock springs.. Found them about 20min ago in a box at work..lol
  16. Rigid1

    Axys low black windshield

    Axys low black windshied, new condition, zero flaws. $40 plus the ride, I have paypal.
  17. Rigid1

    Axys low black windshield

    TTT, still have this for sale