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  1. So we got a kid with a shitty grin= racist.. Then we have this guy=ignored by MSM, who just spews pleasantries to the native american vet?? Happened the same time on same day.. The MSM is way fucked up IMO..
  2. No, I run Opti.. https://opti2-4.com/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=9 Opti Injector.pdf It's $70 a gallon retail, but I dont pay that. If your interested I can get you a price quote.. Shit is the bomb digity..I have everything from a quart to 55gal drums.
  3. Thats a big old NO FUCKING WAY!!!
  4. My buddy has 7800mi on his 14 poo 800, never been opened, Im at 1800 on mine.. But we both run the best of the bestest for oil.
  5. Rigid1

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    fucking yard sale!!!
  6. I dont know man, I dont see that, or really see it from anyone else on here..We all just speak our minds and voice our opinions. But if a member brings something new to a topic I might not have known about and I change my opinion, I think that makes me objective and willing to be open to others knowledge or point of view..IMO thats a good quality not a negative one.. To each their own..
  7. I think you dont, In saying that, then why do you think everyone else does??
  8. Question, Do you care what anyone thinks about you on this board?
  9. You remember that gay guy that used to come on here and act like that?
  10. 25* and freezing rain, supposed to get up to 40* and rain.. Finally get ridable snow locally Sunday and getting fucked on Wednesday..I'm like this close to saying fuck this sport..
  11. Rigid1

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    How are you liking the new 850??
  12. I just look at the eye and mouth paint, nothing at all like classic black face, but does look like venom, maybe the kid was just trying to be scary and intimidate the other team..
  13. Im not exactly sure its black face, looks to me more like venom from spider man 3, I could be wrong, but the solid black rather than brown and the white eye and mouth paint are more like venom than traditional black face.. Just another thought..
  14. Rigid1

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Cold today too, good on you for getting out
  15. Rigid1

    Trump is making concessions.

    So why is the government still shut down,..The President wants some money for a barrier in high traffic areas, more officers, more equipment..So we are all good and in agreement... Nancy and Chuckie are telling you one thing but it's obviously not happening as the haven't approved it.. Interesting isn't it
  16. Rigid1

    Trump is making concessions.

    Wouldn't that be "trying to compromise" You know reaching across the aisle, give a little, take a little, getting the people back to work.. Whats Nancy and Chuckie doing to compromise? And make this work
  17. Rigid1

    What's for dinner???

    Lemon garlic tenderloin with a side of haluski, My son's 13th birthday dinner..He picked his favs
  18. @Snoslinger, I'm fucking waiting..You want to say I post stupidity, step the fuck up Playtex and answer the questions..
  19. Define mocking for me please? And then tell me how the boy in the red hat and grey coat the veteran approached and got in his face with a drum "mocked" his drumming?? FFS..idiots abound
  20. Seriously dude, always looking for that "gotcha" moment??,..Get a fucking life Playtex..That has to be one of the most lame replies you have posted, only because you don't have a fucking leg to stand on.. Pathetic..