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  1. I hear you, if you make it out holler, we got another month of riding easy
  2. Pizza cook off against my daughter,..her margherita vs mine made leftover chicken broccoli garlic thing.. haha.. she wins.
  3. He will have a good ride by Wednesday it will be kinda shitty.. Lot of snow on OF ...
  4. Was sharp, sounded nice too, prolly had a trail can,. If he wasn't running stacks and wheel spacers on his rotted out 6.7L Stroke I probably would have talked to him..
  5. 2 days, hopefully north of me can hold the snow, fingers crossed
  6. Just an awful idea, saw a guy having issues yesterday in the parking lot..But then the guy on the other side has a Riot,. Was sweet looking
  7. Going to be almost 50* here tomorrow, getting prepped for some BBQ'n..
  8. Enjoy, be safe cool pics of the kitty!!
  9. Rigid1

    97% you say

    Poor Chemical Barbie
  10. Rigid1

    We Grow Our Coyotes Big

    Haha, very true!!
  11. Rigid1

    We Grow Our Coyotes Big

    Fucking shoot that fucker!
  12. Rigid1

    97% you say

    https://sciencing.com/facts-about-landfill-styrofoam-5176735.html Good read, Chemical Ali Barb deals in some really nasty stuff, it's environmental impact is going to be felt for centuries according to top scientists.