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  1. Rigid1

    Beginner Motorcycles

    I saw one for 5k last week, might go back
  2. Rigid1

    Yammi tank.

    Oil change on a nytro is easy, uses a dry sump system,..oil tank is under the right side cover..it's a 10-15min job... Just never hit the throttle till the red light is off on the display, you don't want to change those plugs trail side
  3. Rigid1

    Check this out.

    It's possible!
  4. Rigid1

    Check this out.

    Exactly what I was thinking
  5. Rigid1

    Yammi tank.

    Right, honestly, best sled I ever owned,..kick myself in the ass for doing what I did selling it.
  6. Rigid1

    Yammi tank.

    It needs an Excell wheel kit, I can see that from the pics..If you want some other goodie to go fast let me know,.. Easily make that an 800 eater..But yeah, the cool thing about a nytro is pretty much all used ones have had all the quirks fixed since there is really nothing else to worry about.. It will definitely make those dick beater's stronger,..It's a lot to muscle around, but I enjoyed the work out,..I'm not a lazy rider..
  7. Rigid1

    Check this out.

    I still can't get over the fact you're a therapist..Fuck I was like.. and
  8. Rigid1

    Check this out.

    Not that I would ever put something like that on my vehicle,..but here in NY, a black gun is banned, if it's wood it's fine.. Both do exactly the same thing, hold the same rounds, shoot the same speed and caliber..One is black, one isn't..Guess which one NY has an issue with and I need to "register"... Liberals judge by looks, not by knowledge.. I'm gonna go bust some caps in the back yard now
  9. You really need links? you cant rationally see that throughout his presidency and after?? Sorry that was a stupid question.. obviously not..
  10. Rigid1

    Yammi tank.

    Buy it Woody,..looks like it has the jre spindles,..if it doesn't, I'd go with the Hygear slicast arms, and get the Star kit for the skid..it's just break in in for miles..Set of Curve skis if it doesn't have them.. Miss my nytro, had the opportunity to buy it back last year and I should have.