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  1. Performance tire thread.

    Check out Hankook tires
  2. What's for dinner???

    Lemon and herb Haddock, rice, salad, and a bizkit..
  3. Best trails I have ridden on the Tug Hill, 98MI in 3 hours
  4. Are you guys kidding me, 4 threads in 10 hours about the same fucking thing?? Fucking derp derp derp
  5. What's for dinner???

    My usual sausage roll when I don't have other mouths to feed
  6. Put the bet blower to the curb
  7. who'd have thunk?

  8. OMG...Page 4 Post #35

    I had one on my nytro, worked out perfect for what I expected it to do.. put 3k on the track and no missing studs or lugs..Id really like to put one on my axys..
  9. What's for dinner???

    Rubens for the Sunday family dinner
  10. What's for dinner???

    Ummmmm... A brownie, large scoop of vanilla, and some melted peanut butter.. Trying to be healthy this weekend
  11. Yes, hence the 16Oz aluminum screw top can..👍👊
  12. Ummm, a matter of fact!