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  1. Rigid1

    Weekend thread!!!!!11

    Incredible pics @SSFB
  2. Rigid1

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    Dragons are the red, 509 are the black
  3. Rigid1

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    I have a 509 breath box, and Dragon optics goggles. I like the Dragon goggles, they really sit back in the helmet will the way the srtap is way off the front of the goggles and lots of foam for a good seal
  4. Rigid1

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    It's a good helmet, no issues with fit, comfort, or quality
  5. Rigid1

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    I have been running a Shoei vfx and Dragon goggles for 3 seasons now, best set up I have found for me. I had 2 509, they both really hurt my ears the following days. Fly I liked, but my dog ate it, and my hjc was friggin heavy as hell.
  6. Rigid1

    Would ya look at that

    The spin on this should be epic
  7. this looks legit!!! wtf..........
  8. Slinger, you attack everyone not on your side about what they do for a living, Bhen for the past 2 days, you did it to me this morning, and now you're onto Sludgy 15min later.. get over yourself already.
  9. Rigid1

    Gop utopia

    Who was the prez from 2011-2014??
  10. he is driving in IMSA now, wheeling the shit out of the car too.. Been one of my favorite drivers for decades..
  11. That was crazy when that happened, I was like wtf! How did that happen, thought jet dryer guy was gonna die in a fire
  12. thats what I was wondering, if they would know somehow..
  13. If you traveled to the states and got tires put on, they wouldnt know would they?? like where you would have to pay a duty? or whatever they call it