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  1. fresh garden veggies

    The kids and I do a small raised bed every year. And with the least amount of maintenance, I hate picking frigging weeds.. But I try and grow everything to walk out in the backyard and make a salad.. Delicious!!!
  2. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/cortneyobrien/2017/08/21/the-dnc-had-a-really-bad-july-n2370898 Under the leadership of Tom Perez, who took over as the new chair in March, the Democratic National Committee has been starved for cash. The DNC raised only $3.8M last month, clocking in its worst July of fundraising in a decade. They also added $154,000 in new debt, bringing the grand total to $3.4 million. The RNC, meanwhile, is chugging along. They gained $10.2 million in July and has a grand total of $0 in debt.
  3. I disagree with this. IMO the MSM is emboldening the fucktards as the MSM is doing everything they can to align the Neo-nazi cunts with Trump. Even on here you lefties are doing the same. I dont get that you dont see how all these threads that you guys start only gives them more propaganda, more screen time, more air time.. They cant run tv commercials for recruitment, but the MSM is doing that for them.. No different than what ISIS did, used our media in recruitment videos..Same thing is going to happen with the Nazi cunts.. Sometimes we all need to take a step back, remove the blinders, and think logically..
  4. the fucked up thing is the MSM's nonstop barrage on this is only give more air time to the neo-nazi fucktards, Im not saying it should not be covered, but its only aiding their cause..
  5. 4 pages of just about everyone on the site saying what you suggest right here
  6. School Registration

    I have been making my kids their lunches everyday for years and years. I enjoy it, make them some pretty cool and healthy stuff.. But I am one kick ass Dad..
  7. let's pretend.....

    ... thats what I thought would be your response...
  8. School Registration

    Its actually against the law here for a public school to charge a sports fee. But then again we do pay crazy high taxes, like stupid crazy high
  9. let's pretend.....

    Not at all, did you hear about any of the things I posted???, all happened in the past 7 days, same as charlottesville... And that answers the second part of your question.. You might actually have to think about this to figure it out..
  10. School Registration

    It is sad, My daughters friend is a sweetheart, super polite, yes please, thank you, ect.. i have talked with her mom about ditching the loser, she just wont leave him..Her and the kids would have a better life and he would be forced to work.. sad what people think they have to put up with, but I was there once..
  11. School Registration

    for a public school?? and every year you have to pay that?? I think i had to pay $25 when they went to kindergarten, but nothing since.. Even all their school sports are free