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  1. 2016 Axys Pro-s stock front shock springs

    already done.. I think these springs would look great on @f7ben's sled.. He really needs these to make his sled pop..
  2. 2016 Axys Pro-s stock front shock springs

    I put dual rate Hygears on right off the bat last year, but yes, I had Hygear split the difference of the pro-x and pro-s springs to get a bit more ride height and a bit more spring for mogul mashing.. I couldnt remember what I did with the stock springs.. Found them about 20min ago in a box at work..lol
  3. pair of new take off black pro-s front shock springs, stock, black- $60pr
  4. Axys low black windshield

  5. Axys low black windshield

    TTT, still have this for sale
  6. Team Tied/Bikeman Clutch Kit Arctic Cat

    That's a nice set up
  7. F150 - New Tires

    Hankook dyna pro atm,..had them on 4 different vehicles, solid tire
  8. procross harness

    I had to take apart the main plug on my nytro, pretty easy to get the wires out with a small screwdriver, there is a release tab for each wire in the plug. Maybe you can find a plug at a sled salvage yard. This one is local to me but I know they ship world wide, Its a huge place with tons and tons of parts, they buy new sleds and strip them.. http://www.hudons.com/
  9. Axys low black windshield

    Axys low black windshied, new condition, zero flaws. $40 plus the ride, I have paypal.
  10. What kind of oil do you run in your sled(s)?

    On the 4stroke yamaha oil..It has almost 3 times the zinc and an ester additive than what you would find in a conventional motor oil like mobil1. The added zinc help with lubrication in the shitty environment and high rpms these motors see. The ester additive helps bond the oil to metal surfaces. Automotive oil also has a very high ash level which creates sludge, Yamalube has the lowest ash level of any conventional motor oil produced.
  11. What kind of oil do you run in your sled(s)?

    I run Opti-2 oil.. http://opti2-4.com/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=165 http://opti2-4.com/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=9
  12. Hand signals??

    I signal when I can and it's safe, 50% of the time I'm riding I would guess..
  13. Youth Arctiva Comp 7

    Size youth 12, No stains, rips or tears, Zippers and velcro are in perfect working order, Washed and treated with Nikwax products to keep waterproofing up to factory specs. $50 plus the ride, I have paypal and ship UPS daily from my work.