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  1. What's for dinner???

    This bish is going in the oven for a few hours,..date night with the gf..
  2. What's for dinner???

    As the cool uncle, you pick him up a 30 rack of PBR??
  3. It's just very intriguing to me, I love the conspiracy theories, but I'm not a frigging idiot.. But this has fucking legs guys!!! Seriously!! Long tan legs!!
  4. I have to say it is definitely strange, no video in a casino, 40 large guns and 1000"s of rounds of ammo, but nobody saw a thing, the shooters house being burglarized last week, now the last guy to see Paddock alive has gone missing....Things that make HMMMMMMMM
  5. What Motorfist Jacket is this?

    Im going to contact MF tomorrow and see about a warranty on my bibs..I have definite tears in the inside of legs where my boots rub..Not really their fault but I have a tear around one of their logos on my thigh that is stitched on, now thats not my fault. So Im going to see about warranty or a repair..keep you all posted how they do me..
  6. What Motorfist Jacket is this?

    I just dropped a hundy on stuff for my son, Thanks @Biggie Smails for making me go look up the warranty!!! fuckerrrrrrr!!! haha
  7. What Motorfist Jacket is this?

    You stole that coat!!
  8. What Motorfist Jacket is this?

    shop in their clearance section..
  9. What Motorfist Jacket is this?

    I believe you have a lifetime warranty on that coat also... Motorfist guarantees the quality and performance of all of our products. Motorfist’s Lifetime* Warranty Plus covers all eVent jackets, bibs, and pants against failure in materials and/or workmanship for the normal life of the product. If requested, we’ll even provide you with a loaner jacket, pant, or bib while processing your claim (that’s the “Plus” part). Backed by the Lifetime* Warranty Plus, you’ll never miss that perfect Bluebird snowmobile day.
  10. What's for dinner???

    It's breakfast pie DAVE! Bahahahaha