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  1. Rigid1

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I never was before either, but I've grown to really look for that field or slope the have fun on. My riding buddy has a 144 assault, I had the nytro a frigging trail rocket, but I'd try and follow him off trail, always with bad results. So intro the Axyx switch back,.. Definitely slower on the trail, and straight line is not in the picture,..but it's still fun,..But Z, with that longer track in it, I am off in every field and drift I can find,..It's so much fun! and fuck me the workout doing it..my arms and shoulders are Jello! Haha
  2. Rigid1

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Only pic of the day, rode south west, passed 1 sled all day..I am sore!! Lots of work going through the deep!
  3. Nope, dropped in Baldwinsville and rode out Cato area, no a high mileage day, but broke trail for just about all of it..I am frigging sore!
  4. Truck hooked to trailer, driveway done, got about a foot now. Meeting buddies at 11 for some riding
  5. We are in the middle of "snowmageddon" right now,..What a joke,..Maybe 3" of snow.
  6. There are some creative fuckers out there apparently, It's like daily their creativity is put on display,..
  7. Any of you guys read the article,..lol
  8. Rigid1


  9. Rigid1


    The 998 is assembled in Georgia or SC by Yamaha, where the ATV and sxs plant is and shipped to TRF..
  10. Rigid1


    I am, all of my Yamahas have a built date in the year before
  11. Rigid1


    2019's are already built
  12. Rigid1


    Going into next season Yamaha will have their own sleds again.
  13. Rigid1

    Aussie SS.

    Fun car, there is a guy that brings his to the local drag strip, has some minor things done to it, runs good, always throwing people in it and making passes.. usually women..lol
  14. To not tarnish the validity of his report comes to mind