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  1. We all know those are terms used to describe facts..
  2. Butt hurt post....sbyl
  3. A Carolina tenderloin and a Kansas City tenderloin..
  4. The mower is awesome. The quality of cut is great. Mower will run for 45-1hr depending on conditions.. I have stuffed it in grass well over a foot tall and it just keeps going.. We have all the mowers, 21" push, 21" self propelled, and 20" steel deck models in push and SP.. a dealer gets better batteries than the Home depot is supplied with....
  5. I can probably help you out ckf..
  6. I watched the previous episode and fell asleep an hour into part 2.. Definitely a very interesting show,.some crazy shit went on..Thanks for posting about it,.I probably would have just flipped by it had I not seen this thread.
  7. Ahhh, the sign of a true rook, gay insults..smh
  8. Pissed you got called out @Boered?? Smails seems to be a decent guy. Didn't you stalk someone's fb?? Seriously?? Like my ex stalks my fb..because she is miserably unhappy and has no life, cannot move on, and just get along.. Are you in the same category??
  9. Ho Lee Chit!!! i fucking laughed out loud at that one..spot fucking on!!
  10. See if there is a local club in your area to join, I pay $300 a year for a BMW club and get 2 weekends at Watkins Glen a summer. You're taught how to drive correctly by a professional, move up in skill classes. Its well worth it.
  11. You are correct sir, I went up and did an edit..