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  1. Tricked-Toys

    Looking for kids ATV

    A Suzuki Ozark is a 250cc ATV.
  2. Tricked-Toys

    Looking for kids ATV

    How old are the kids? We started ours out on a Suzuki 50, but they out grow that. Then we got a 250 Ozark, the Ozark has a 5 speed tran, so you can put it into 2nd gear and let them go and it will only go so fast. As they get older the gears go up. Have had the bike for 11 years now.
  3. Here is a coupon for the show, print it out and bring it with you to the show for the discount. Brian
  4. Tricked-Toys

    Furnace advice needed.

    I was told years ago by someone in the business, you want Carrier for your furnace, and Lennox for your A/C.