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  1. GreatLandEmpire

    New Ski-Doo's

    You mean england
  2. GreatLandEmpire

    New Ski-Doo's

    Why didn't you work on it yourself you retarded know nothing weak american FAGGOT? even f7ben isn't faggot enough to not know what a wrench is Good job
  3. GreatLandEmpire

    New Ski-Doo's

    True story, think of all the Ford dicks that needed to be sucked to get promoted from clean toilets to sweeping and mopping Gay Jay amg, what a fucking faggot
  4. Shut the fuck up momo you retarded fucking faggot
  5. GreatLandEmpire

    Fuck the Russian investigation

    Watch out ben slinger is smarter than you That isn't saying much but you're completely fucking retarded lol
  6. GreatLandEmpire

    Wtf momo challenge

    Momo is so retarded he's fucking up the world
  7. GreatLandEmpire

    New Ski-Doo's

    I don't got to because I'm going to win
  8. GreatLandEmpire

    New Ski-Doo's

    How much you wanna bet you retarded know nothing fuck?
  9. GreatLandEmpire


    The mail lady didn't have anything to do with my charges I was arrested because my neighbors said I scared them away with a gun And I ended up with a misdemeanor conviction for that anyways so gfys Faggot
  10. GreatLandEmpire

    New Ski-Doo's

    Because I know that's me Only a retarded know nothing american faggot like your self wouldn't understand
  11. GreatLandEmpire

    New Ski-Doo's

    How much you wanna bet that's me you retarded fuck?