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  1. Because it’s literally in its infancy...god are you a fucking moron
  2. So just like Trump and the wall
  3. And this virus is more infectious and 60-100x more deadly
  4. I like Medicare for all and I think he can make it happen
  5. Bernie is better than Trump
  7. The 1.1 trillion dollars in deficit spending this year that he signed How is that being paid for???
  8. How are Trumps programs being paid for?
  9. Any vaccine is months and months out and then it will take literally years to make enough doses to protect against a pandemic. It’s not gonna help anyone this year
  10. And they have zero clue if the potential efficacy of this treatment.
  11. Well for fucks sakes I just corrected the retard on this yesterday and here he is a day later posting bullshit and calling MC names like he’s right
  12. That’s not a vaccine you fucking retard , can you read????
  13. This was 100% bullshit post a link you brain dead fuck
  14. How many people is the vaccine being tested on currently moron?
  15. There is no vaccine being tested you fucking retard. The first trial of 25 people is scheduled for 6 weeks from now why do I have to continually correct you on this. Sweet fuck
  16. To bad you couldn’t have made that one a true daily double!!!!