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  1. A Weekend at Bernie's

    Nope....giving someone a job and paying them 15$ an hour is countless times better than teaching someone to kill and then employing them to do so without cause If you disagree with that you are a fucking moron
  2. A Weekend at Bernie's

    Right.....so why is Bernie's idea so bad and "out there" yet the military does essentially the same thing on a much grander scale with nefarious intentions and results Bernie is a big thinker that challenges the status quo. Whats so bad about giving someone a job and getting them off the dole. I see you in here railing against all this spending yet I never see a fucking peep out of you about the worst offender in welfare which is the US military by many multiples
  3. A Weekend at Bernie's

    Sounds like 10000x better idea than spending 1 trillion a year on the bullshit military
  4. Caption this pic

    She's the 3rd wife mail order arm candy of a billionaire.......she's hot but its tough to count it
  5. Caption This Picture

    "Al Qaeda may have been right"
  6. Romney - "Russia is our number one enemy" MC - "What is he trying to do ....start WW3" Hillary - "Russia is our number one enemy" MC - "Yah....Russia Russia BAD BAD Coommie pinko commie commie commie bad bad scared commie" Dems - "We must protect our workers from unfair trade practices" MC - "We need to tariff the shit out of china and protect our worker...china is bad bad bad poksmdvnwoifdnvio" Trump - "I'm going to tariff china and protect our workers" MC - "What is he trying to do...start WW3 or a trade war....China is our friend" Fuck you MC you pants shitting moron.......you babble out whatever shit you are told and havent ever had an original thought in your life you anti-american faggot
  7. No....Daive would never comment on something like a chick while we were discussing meth injection and big boost.
  8. Mobile Hotspots

    mobile versions of websites will use less data
  9. Mobile Hotspots

    It has a turbo that spins......the rest of what surrounds that turbo is gayer than 50 bags of fucking dicks
  10. Mobile Hotspots

    turbos I'm actually pretty computer illiterate too
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/news/john-bolton-sends-shot-across-211313601.html I'd give my retirement for 5 minutes alone in a room with Bolton .....the man is pure evil Trump is a fucking retard
  12. Mobile Hotspots

    yup...mobile has far less content and is formatted for mobile devices. It pisses me off
  13. Mobile Hotspots

    Its just mobile site format....you can click on show full website on any device and look at it in its original format. I fucking hate mobile webpages and never use them
  14. Good fucking luck Prolapski is like arguing with momo....the fucking idiot never ever ever admits he was wrong
  15. KaBoom

    When I took my first carpentry gig I wanted to get one of those "My boss is a Jewish carpenter" bumper stickers that would have really pissed my real boss off
  16. When the chips are down ....Rand gets in line.....be it military spending or appointing faggot ass bootlicking pieces of shit like Pompeo. Fuck Trump and Fuck Pompeo and Fuck Rand Paul
  17. He probably has 2 or 3 of them.......him and Woolie have a double sided one they share
  18. Mobile Hotspots

    Exactly....been using my phone for home wifi for years.....only reason I could ever see having a hotspot is if I wanted to leave on at the cabin or something for security cams or thermostat etc....phone can run all devices and stream 20mb or more at once
  19. Dow 26,000:

    Next up.......22k Earnings are fucking amazing and the market is getting ready to tank......glad I aint in
  20. If Trump only knew how the faggots here felt about him he could be getting blowjobs and pitching daily !!!!!!!!11