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  1. rothschilds are big into hockey
  2. Bettman put the fix in....bought the jets off. Big money being made on this Cinderella story
  3. The fix is in.....follow the money. Shit is rigged
  4. The only thing I've been wrong about is the knights....and I ain't the only one My east bracket was spot on
  5. f7ben

    Canada allstar team

    Honestly....the kid is so fucking electric. It's crazy how he makes the entire rest of the game happening around him look slow
  6. f7ben

    Homeless stats

    I think you're a faggot !!!!!!
  7. f7ben

    Homeless stats

    Well thays total bullshit. MN has about 1000x better economy than WI so I'd say everything you typed is pure bullshit
  8. f7ben

    509 Helmet Fidlock users?

    I'd rather ride with anyone of 100 people I could call today and if that tiny little imp touched my sled and he wasnt with me he'd be missing work for a few days while the swelling went down. Fucking little man syndrome motherfuckers crack me up
  9. f7ben

    Homeless stats

    I have no idea what this means
  10. f7ben

    Homeless stats

    You could spend a lifetime in the BWCA and not see it all. Some amazing country there. The northshore is a real gem as well. I love it. All 4 seasons are prevalent ....good riding in winter and a few 90 degree beach days in the summer. Low crime...reasonable property taxes. I could go on for hours
  11. f7ben

    Homeless stats

    Idiotic...there is recreation for everyone and economically its excellent. Cost of living is low comparatively etc etc.
  12. f7ben

    Homeless stats

    The northern portion of the state has some beautiful geography. North shore of lake superior. BWCA etc etc. Also economic opportunities far exceed most states
  13. f7ben

    Homeless stats

    Sorry....quality of life...mix of recreation. Population density. All of it combines to make a massive win.
  14. f7ben

    Homeless stats

    Minnesota is one if the best states in the lower 48 for overall mix of reasons. Maybe the best
  15. f7ben

    Homeless stats

    Florida is shit