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  1. fucking vw bus conventions , faggot ass Desert tours and cheering on the pats Kill.......yourself
  2. f7ben


    Than what?
  3. f7ben


    Ya....we know
  4. What dont you like about the srx? That's an expensive one mistake there
  5. f7ben

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    If some fucking old wagon burner beats a drum and screams in my face like that I'd laugh my ass off lol
  6. Oh come on....the fucking ref was right there and the db tackled the fucking receiver before the ball was even close. Get off your knees Ricky Bobby....your precious NFL is rigged as fuck
  7. f7ben

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    I guess I dont see what the kid did that was such a big deal
  8. Nfl is rigged. That was the most blatant PI in football history and no flag. Complete WWE faggot bullshit
  9. My employer doesnt pay me on time???? I dont go to fucking work. Simple as that
  10. f7ben

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Nooks are so insecure they need our approval for their self esteem to be above flatline.
  11. f7ben

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    How can a person not slap that little gummy bear around. Hes like annoying pinata
  12. f7ben


    I'll head up there and race that 1200 sometime.