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  1. Keep your fantasies to yourself you sicko shit eating sodomite
  2. It was McCain that did the 180..... Libs loved him for years because he was a spineless rino piece of shit. Then he tried to get all conservativey when he ran for potus and retarded cons ate it up
  3. Hey momo......remember when you called Rob a liar after he outed you for having a dozen dupe accounts?
  4. Get their nutrition off their short transport windows???
  5. Trump is a piece of shit McCain was a piece of shit... Hopefully soon enough we can use a past tense about both of them.
  6. f7ben

    Kid is a hero

    projecting a little there stinky cunt? faggot ass retard
  7. f7ben

    Kid is a hero

    Yah......that's your whole game here Yip yip yip Dumb as fuck
  8. f7ben

    Kid is a hero

    You're a 73er dude and I live in your head. Kill yourself
  9. f7ben

    Kid is a hero

    Yip yip yip
  10. f7ben

    Kid is a hero

    There is only one thing Awful Mouthful is superior at......and that's letting all sorts of strangers practice their dick game in his mouf!!!
  11. f7ben

    Kid is a hero

    I do know something about sleds!! 600s are slow as fuck and grown ass middle age men dont need fancy shocks to jump their neighbors driveway!!
  12. f7ben

    Kid is a hero

    Not sure I've ever met someone so consistently wrong and 100% confident in their idiocy. Its willful ignorance mixed with below average intelligence. Not a good combo