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    What the fuck
  1. I understand....he fucked up. But These kids are lied to in the media...lied to by recruiters. Lied to by everyone right through deployment. Then they get their boots on the ground and some of them figure out what they signed up for isnt what they are being asked to do.
  2. What kind of faggot would follow chelsea on twitter
  3. Show me where a us soldier signs up to fight wars for profit
  4. Every soldier asked to fight in bullshit wars of imperialism should do the same thing he did
  5. who here is going to admit...

    None of them should have been there
  6. Newest US Submarine.

    Woolie owned again
  7. who here is going to admit...

    Omfg....you are retarded
  8. Yah.....the NFL aint letting their little princess suffer anything aside from a win in his hometown
  9. I predict the vikings players getting their dicks grabbed at all day long by a bunch of faggots wearing green and gold
  10. who here is going to admit...

    Dude is fucking unhinged
  11. There is no war.....we are bombing civilians. It has to end
  12. Iran

    Dont forget Cuba lolz What a massive failure Trump is I never could have imagined it being this bad
  13. Snowrider lassoed Slingers failwagon and let it drag him right off a cliff