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    What the fuck
  1. Spot On Proof......

    All mainstream media is 100% propaganda
  2. Did I say sledding was doing better than ever you fucking idiot? And for every article you post stating it's suffering I'll post one saying it's thriving. They are still selling over 100k units per year. Which is doing well
  3. If More....

    The citizenry had the same arms as the state in 1791 and it should be the same today within reason. Weapons with enough force to reasonably resist a hostile government via an insurrection
  4. If More....

    Dumbest motherfucker here by a longshot
  5. If More....

    Quit with your faggot ass 2 word lead in topic titles you stupid fucking derpstate retard. It's not edgy or intriguing or even the slightest bit interesting
  6. I never said any of that you dumb mouth breathing motherfucker.....fucking toolkit
  7. Parise has stated to look really good and Coyle is looking to be going full beast mode lately
  8. Great game.....nothing to be ashamed of there. 3 unanswered goals and they got lucky to tie with the EN ......gotta take a good attitude after playing that well and move on
  9. Best Wild game I have watched in a quite some time......just awesome effort and everyone giving it 100%
  10. Yah....this was a twisted kit with aux injectors and was a well sorted kit....I think I could have got it for 1250. I just didnt feel like taking on that project right now
  11. I looked at a turbo kit for it
  12. It was pretty standard to good for me. We usually arent riding past about this time of the year and my first ride was 2nd week of december
  13. I'm gonna fix that low rpm thing this summer
  14. Yah.... Obama and Holder did too you fucking retarded piece of fuck....die in a fire already faggot
  15. So............

    I offered him 5k and he wouldnt do it