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  1. nah , thats what the polaris is for. I did put a seat tank from a 2001 on it though. Its narrower and much more comfortable
  2. 9 times !!!!!!1111111111111 garble garble babble sdpoiahgaopadsnvjanfijnsajv
  3. http://www.hardcoresledder.com/forums/244-xfire-128-firecat-03-06-09/1168681-adjusting-motor-parallelism-f7-2.html Like I said from the beginning , there is no way to adjust motor alignment on the f7 without modifying the chassis momo is a fucking know nothing faggot
  4. momo ....too dumb to comprehend the simplest of statements
  5. you're a known liar and faggot momo ...the laughing stock of this site for a decade now
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  7. tell us how to shim that firecat motor for parralllesium momo you cum guzzling faggot !!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. nobody is dumb enough to lose a debate to palin .....actually maybe you are !!!!!!!!!11
  9. I was standing in front of the projector at the Sawmill Inn waiting for my GF to get off work when that fight happened. The whole bar from end to end stopped and watched. It was fucking awesome !!!1111
  10. oh that was real tough ......your a real sultan of shwagg....the Shwazzo shwammy fucking idiot
  11. You probably need a diaper change
  12. Trump is a bad joke .....thanks a lot Dems
  13. I put almost 500 miles on the old ZRT this year .....love that sled on smooth trails.