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  1. Derek Boogaard. Toughest that ever skated. Watched him end Todd Fedoruks career right in front of me
  2. Joe Biden talking about woman’s boundaries has more credibility than you talking about racing anything dumbass faggot
  3. Rode 25 miles up to buddies cabin. 3 of us drank 24 beers in under 2 hours and now we’re gonna ride up to the bar!!
  4. I hope you don’t die before you get your dick wet gummy bear
  5. Thank you....apology accepted
  6. From bbq to Sleds I am 1000x the man you are
  7. I’d rather eat alpo than sirloin
  8. If it targeted morons over the summer Trump would only get 11 votes next fall
  9. My poor buddy must have been drunk when he bought this clapped out piece of fuck. He paid $6400 for a roached out $3200 sled
  10. It’s fucking garbage. Seriously I wouldn’t have paid $2000 for it. 1400 miles and the thing is blown up and junk. I’d rather own a fusion 900 than any procross chassis sled. It looks like a pile of fucking meth heads designed it in less than 24hrs
  11. Wrenched on that 2016 procross this morning. Honestly it’s the most pathetic piece of garbage I’ve ever put a wrench on. Zip ties and self tapping screws and methbilly junk everywhere.
  12. f7ben

    We Grow Our Coyotes Big

    My buddy wants to drag a carcass down in the mining pit and have me set up with my AR 300yds away. Says they are worth $60 a piece right now.
  13. Where did you stay? I’m not a big fan of riding up there. Almost zero high speed trail sections. I like a good mix
  14. I’d have to order a whole cap from somewhere. And while that would be 100x better than say a filet or whole loin....I’m just not spending $30lb on a cap when I can get chuck eyes for $5