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  1. Well we already armed , funded and trained them
  2. No.....no we dont. What fucking difference does it make if SA or Iran control oil? It's not like one is better than the other. Also what fucking help is us sucking Saudi and Jew dick doing with Iran?
  3. We dont hate or fear Iran. We are simply doing what our Israeli Zionist masters command. They have all kinds of religious idiocy to use us for.
  4. Blathering on about kooks and what happens when were gone is nothing more than thinly veiled justification for our policy there. You know it and I know it. Do you need the definition of caveat explained to you?
  5. Always a caveat with you. You are lost
  6. I absolutely did not vote for him. I would never vote for an authoritarian piece of shit like Trump. I've probably been one of his most vocal critics here. Good grief
  7. Our president is a piece of fucking dogshit and I've never said otherwise. Hopefully he chokes on his next McDonalds greaseburger
  8. It would be really cool if there was a single shred of integrity left in this whole fucking world that wielded any power at all. From world governments , to churches right to the local Barney Fife. Corruption , greed , graft and pure evil.
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/95e5ada6-9f54-376e-bb54-06cab182e342/pompeo-gave-saudis-plan-to.html Just pin it on a patsy....execute a bunch of loyal henchmen and protect the evil crown prince at all costs. The US will make sure this blows over and get back to business as usual
  10. f7ben

    Ben the dumb ass rebel

  11. f7ben

    Ben the dumb ass rebel

    You need me to link up how terrified Leo's are of armed citizens????
  12. Govt got a fraction of the value they injected. Back room deals allowed that
  13. f7ben

    Ben the dumb ass rebel

    Its LEO orgs we really need protected from and our guns do that incredibly well
  14. I'm sitting in a US Steel "factory" right now. But the half man cuck probably knows more