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  1. certainly not walk home alone in any affluent neighborhoods
  2. Hey dumbfuck ....thats not bernie and who cares if it was. Hows it feel to be led around by your retarded nose being told what to think
  3. It doesnt even look like the bern
  4. exactly ...undermine , discredit and do whatever they can to subvert the message that Bernie was trying to send that the elites that run the show can no longer steal from us in front of our very eyes without some resistance
  5. exactly .....only a complete fucking piece of shit would see things his way. He is a traitor and one of the most disgusting pieces of garbage in this administration. His position is indefensible and he needs to die very slowly and publicly
  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ....poor stupid fucking momo
  7. Shit I forgot to even link what I was flaming about https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/cia-chief-intel-leaks-rise-cites-leaker-worship-161308243--politics.html
  8. on to a few vodka lemonades now !!!!11111
  9. I have other things to do .....someone else can get this one please
  10. This motherfucking piece of shit needs a dirt nap stat ....there is no worse person in the US government. Please someone who is unhinged and willing to commit violence do this motherfucker in. Honestly .....he sees the main issue as the fact that people leaked information that revealed the US was violating its citizens rights on a massive scale...not that any rights were violated Its fucking time for blood