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  1. Lolz....i wasnt trying to take a pic of the chick
  2. I very regarded....also the bartender questiones the rate at whicj i was able to consume corrs lites at while still playing pool lllz Told her i was training for a beer drinking contest lolZ
  3. My brother talked me into playing a tourney last weekend. It was fun. Local joint with 3 tables and 20 entrants. Nice crowd of people also so that made it fun. I got really drunk as my wife was there to DD but either way. I ended up finishing 1st. I havent played anything other than in my basement for over 2 years so it was nice to get out. Won $200 so that was cool also. My brother is a pretty damn good player himself but has a lot to learn about the game still. Going back to play again tonight. Mostly because I forgot my debit card there I might have to throw a game or two tonight so I dont get knee capped and tossed out
  5. exactly , every single thing Trump ran on he has more or less reversed in the first 3 months. Its a fucking sick joke
  6. Its not a fucking conspiracy you braindead retarded ass fucking faggot .....we have the emails that prove it. Sweet fuck are you dumb
  7. Because it was actual news and needed covered. What didnt need covered was 24hr soundbites of every single retarded thing trump said
  8. Creepr Copo and Slinger 3 peas in a pod
  9. See faggot ....its not a lame accusation. We have the proof that it was executed and worked exactly as they planned. Now fuck off faggot
  10. salon wrote it and its spot on
  11. Hey fuck head , we all wondered the whole time why Trump was given such an outrageous amount of air time ....it was weird. It was also why he was able to pull away from the pack and separate himself. Now we know why that happened. The dnc and Hillary own trump
  12. I was making fun of faggot snake because he always used to call everyone REMF's all the time when he was losing arguments. This thread is aimed at snake for a retarded comment he made at me yesterday. My post was appropriate and you are an idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111
  13. oh yah ....its totally typical that the entire mainstream media is controlled by a political candidate who can command them to give their preferred opponent all the air time You are a fucking complete retard