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  1. Italian restaurant, Avanti's, tonight for my niece's 40th. Not sure what I'm going to get but more than likely, Chicken Parm?
  2. irv

    What ya watching?

    That was really good.
  3. irv

    Summer people suck

    Exactly! Up here, all one needs is a boating card and away they go, fully legal to drive a boat. Obviously, there really isn't a way to get tested like one does for a car license, but something better needs to be done, or something better where you can't have a friend sit right beside you and do the test for you.
  4. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Trudeau's policies are cutting Canada's economic throat. Not only are we killing domestic and international investments to develop these resources, our lack of pipelines means we can’t get our existing oil and gas supplies to tidewater and from there to global markets. That means we’re forced to sell them at huge discounts to the United States, year after year, literally turning our backs on billions of dollars of economic development, thousands of well-paying jobs and increased tax revenues to fund health care, education and other public services. Recall Trudeau’s legislation making it all but impossible to get our oil to global markets from B.C. by banning tanker traffic, and his sister legislation making the environmental assessment process even more byzantine than it already was. What this ignores is that Trudeau and Co. have sent out a message to the world that while Canada has the world’s third-largest oil reserves, and we’re the fourth-largest producer and fifth-largest exporter of natural gas, his government isn’t truly serious about developing them. This is economic madness. There’s no other way to describe it.
  5. No, I don't believe so? Netflix, Crave, Rodgers on demand are the ones I believe she has? Is AP the only channel/media available to watch it?
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    Big Thanks to Good Guy F7Ben!

    Good job, Ben!
  7. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    But the TSX, the TSX..................Only in trail's pathetic world is this an indicator of our CDN economy. So ignorant, so blind and so stupid....................... Truly, the stupidest PM we have ever had. Is it any wonder why trail admires him so much.
  8. irv

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Only a complete and utter moron, such as yourself, fail, would vote liberal, both provincially and federally, this day and age. It is more than abundantly clear, due to the liberals incompetence and stupidity, why you support them. Birds of a feather.................
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    Frankie's awesome!!
  10. irv

    97% you say

    Barbie Boom Boom, the biggest polluter, anti-climate person on the site, bar none. What a hypocritical moron! Is it true that Styrofoam contains toxic chemicals? Yes. Styrene is the building block for Styrofoam, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) lists styrene as a “probable carcinogen to humans”. That is the same grade given to human papillomavirus (HPV), which has been linked to cervical cancer. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Styrofoam is commonly contaminated with flame-retardant chemicals that can leach into the environment and harm human health. Styrofoam is a major environmental problem. Used in product packages and the shipping industry, the world produces tons of it each year. The fact that Styrofoam is non-biodegradable adds to the ecological impact. Landfills are filling up at a record rate and Styrofoam is one reason. Styrofoam has the potential to affect the entire ecological system of this planet. The Earth Resource Foundation reports that Styrofoam manufacturers were the fifth largest producer of toxic waste in 1986. Over 90,000 workers face exposure to the effects of styrene, the material in Styrofoam, each year in industries such as rubber and fiberglass manufacturing companies. Health effects from exposure to styrene are irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory tract and gastrointestinal problems. Chronic exposure affects the nervous system, causing symptoms like depression, headache, fatigue and weakness, and minor effects on kidney function and blood. Pollutants Styrene leaches into foods and drinks served in Styrofoam containers, and according to the Earth Resource Foundation, the manufacture of Styrofoam releases large amounts of ozone into the atmosphere, causing respiratory and environmental issues. In addition, with billions of Styrofoam cups used yearly in convenience stores, restaurants and lunchrooms ending up in landfills, some cities have banned the use of Styrofoam.
  11. Bollywood bhangra blunder?: India not impressed with Trudeau's dancing Any of you Trump haters want to trade for our idiot in charge up here??
  12. Trudeau is the weakest PM I have ever seen. His lack of knowledge, insight, foresight, smarts, or pretty much anything one can think of, describes this moron. A truly embarrassing time for Canada.
  13. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    He's blinded by Liberalism and his boyhood idol, Trudeau. He'll never see it, but I guarantee he sees his Trudeau posters every night, with smitten glee, before going to bed.
  14. He's too busy in the Ontario thread defending his stupidity and ignorance to ever come in here. I think UTS nailed it when he said he is either willfully ignorant or just plain too stupid to even recognize it.
  15. How is that even close, Whince? No Arab get up, no grand dancing fool entrance, basically nothing. Post fail, but nice try.
  16. No, Trudeau is the laughing stock worldwide.
  17. Is it a customized Barney? I don't know my sleds very well anymore.
  18. I just watched, "Ice Guardians" after searching unsuccessfully for Tough Guy. Another good doc on fighting and the role of the enforcer. Sure opens your eyes and clearly portrays, yet again, the affect the media has on most people.
  19. Just posted that in the other thread.
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    Unless something was in progress before the 3pm deadline, Toronto, a team that needs a lot of help, basically did a whole lot of nothing. Could be worse though, I guess, as they could have picked up another forward instead of a defense man, but I, and I assume most others, were expecting a lot more than this.
  21. Mine's the Vector so it's not near as bad as the Apex's. No idea what the sidewinders or other 4 strokes are like but doing it once a year only will always be a plus to me.
  22. About $40-$45 for me up here with Mobil-1 0W-40 European formula and a High Flo (HF) 147 filter. The one time, years ago, I used Yamaha oil and filter, it was over $90 dollars CDN. Their oil/filter is nothing special at all, just the price.