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  1. We haven't let our cat out in the morning yet since he has returned. He goes to the back door like he wants out but he is far less excited about it. I keep him in and then bring him back downstairs where he just cuddles up. My son let him out last night when he got home from school and he said he was only out about 10-20 minutes before he wanted back in. Either he got chased/had a close call or seeing that dead cat definitely changed him? We will never know where he was for almost 40 hrs, but we have both concluded, he was likely hunkered down some place scared out of his wits. Feels great having him back!
  2. Polaris 340 for kids?

    Great looking little sled, TOD. Your kids will enjoy that for sure. Congrats.
  3. I thought we lost this guy Friday! My wife let him out at 10 to 7 in the morning Friday and he never came back after a couple hours or less like he usually does. I don't work Fridays so I was calling/whistling for him but nothing?... It was around 9:30-10:00 when up pulls a Animal services vehicle to my neighbors house. He goes out to greet the guy and shows him something dead on his front lawn. I said to my neighbor, what is it? He never replied back and it was like he was ignoring me? I asked 2 more times before he responded (he had a friend with him so likely never heard me or didn't want me to see it?) He says, it's a dead cat that a coyote got. I said to him, nervously, is it our's? He said no, I don't believe it is but asked the animal services guy to hold it up. It wasn't, thankfully but I think I knew the cat, which was torn apart pretty badly. Needless to say at that point, I didn't feel very good! Our cat was an abused/neglected cat that some people in behind us owned. After months of the cat living at our house years ago, I asked the guy to give him up, which thankfully he did. $1000 dollars in vet bills later and some tender loving care, he turned out to be a great cat. He was an outdoor cat and we tried to keep him indoors for a bit but it just wasn't fair. He would literally bounce off the walls wanting to get out. Anyways, after seeing this cat and our cat not coming back, I, of course, thought the worse. All day Friday I called and called, between tears, but still nothing. My wife arrived home around 4:30 and immediately said, what's wrong? I told her Buddy still isn't back and there's a good chance he won't be either. I told her the story and she immediately started crying. I have told her numerous times, don't let the cat out in the morning until you are ready to go outside with him. I normally turn on the outside light, have a coffee and a dart in hand and go outside making some noise, either burping, coughing or farting and I shuffle some of our deck chairs around to make some noise. Needless to say, she didn't do any of these things! Needless to say, Friday was not a very pleasant day/night. We continued to call until around midnight but still nothing, not sign of him anywhere. (he had never been gone this long before) so we eventually went to bed, both having a terrible sleep. I got up at 6 hoping to see him at the front or back door, but nothing, he was nowhere in sight. Saturday was another long day, we didn't do much, other than call him occasionally, and it was really starting to sink in that he wasn't coming back. Saturday night arrived, it was raining pretty good and I went outside for my last smoke around 10. I was emotionally exhausted, as was my wife and I needed to get to bed. I whistled a couple more times, which I thought was pointless, but I just couldn't help myself, but he still didn't come. I went downstairs to check one last thing on the computer and to log off before hitting the sheets when all of a sudden, my wife yelled, "Buddies home"! I said, what, and took off upstairs as fast as I could! Sure enough, there he was, soaking wet but real glad to see us too! We both hugged/petted him and he couldn't have purred any louder! He was glad to be back home. Of course, we have no idea where he went or what he was up to, but we both think he likely seen the coyote(s) and/or seen the other cat getting killed and that spooked him so he ran for his life and hid? He might have ran up a tree being in hot pursuit himself, we're not sure, but we're sure glad to say he is home after being away for almost 40hrs! He did absolutely nothing today but eat and sleep and made no attempt to try and get outside, which is OK by us, because there was no way in hell he was going out today!
  4. Polaris 340 for kids?

    TOD, what's up with that trailing arm in your pic and why isn't it bolted to the chasis? I assume there is a story about that?
  5. Polaris 340 for kids?

    Personally, I don't think you can wrong with one, depending on condition of course. I purchased this 95 for my son, which needed a lot of work, but once fixed up, it was a perfect sled for him and never caused me any grieve whatsoever. It's been gone now for a few years, (sold to Tinker, who resold it after a couple years) but I bet if it is still in good/great shape, the new owners will have no trouble getting what they paid for it, if not more. These are becoming harder and harder to find all the time. I'd have no trouble recommending one. Good luck.
  6. Snow Tires

    Another great deal, Bob. Keep us informed on how you like them and how well they last.
  7. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    LOL. That is a good one!
  8. Moto X bike info?

    Nice meeting you today, Stoney. Hope the bike serves you well. Ride safe and enjoy.
  9. Beauty vids, CKF! As someone else said in here, those look more like lakes than ponds. Being curious, I looked it up as I also thought the same. Seems like a logical explanation but another site said there were discernable differences between the 2. I think of a pond really no bigger than 20-30 feet in diameter but never really gave it more thought than that. As far as colors go around my parts (Southern Ontario) I'd say were are way behind as not much has changed yet for some reason? We had a ton of rain this summer as well as being cool and this fall has been the opposite. Way above average temps and not a lot of rain. I took these a couple/few years ago around the same time as it is now but our park looked nothing like this just a couple weeks ago.
  10. Snowmobile News..

    Not that this is new news or anything but man do we get hosed up here! $9000.00 is a deal and a half. Congrats!
  11. My son listens to Rap, as does most of his friends and they think our music sucks! I hope some day he/they wake up and realize there is more to music than someone who can just rhyme.
  12. The often talked about - Bike insurance

    Yep! Now that my son has his G-1, I told him basically the same thing as times have changed big time since I was 16.
  13. Congrats Steve! Definitely a sled I am also interested in. We'll see how this winter goes? Keep us updated on how you like it.