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  1. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    By his own standards, Trudeau doesn't deserve free pass However, the problem with giving Trudeau a pass is that he would not do the same if a similar photo were discovered of one of his opponents. Or of Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Or, most especially, of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Since long before this campaign began, Trudeau and his Liberals have been running as much or more against Ford and Harper as they have against their actual opponent, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. If a photo similar to the one of Trudeau with face, neck and hands blackened by makeup and wearing an Arabian turban showed up featuring Ford or Harper or Scheer, the Liberals would gleefully shop it around to every friendly media outlet they could, condemn the “scandalous” behaviour at every campaign stop and quickly have television commercials produced that warned of the Conservatives’ hidden racist agenda.
  2. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Do you have any kids, Trail?
  3. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    My wife will benefit but barely. You do realize this whole issue of Trudope reversing Harper's decision of a 67 retirement age was a bad idea don't you and was only done to spite Harper? You also realize Trudope, with doing this, didn't look into the future implications his little Harper Ha Ha would have on the country, don't you? How raising the age for CPP and OAS to 67 would benefit the whole country Reality check: Are Trudeau’s changes to old age security a good idea?
  4. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    It's optics, trail and you know this. I could care less how many he banged as well but when the idiot proclaims this and proclaims that then comes out and does the opposite, that is where I draw the line. The idiot is a chronic liar and a hypocrite and needs to go! How you can still support him and everything he has done is incomprehensible to me Trail. Like I asked you a long time ago, what would it take for you to change your view on him. It is clear to me now that you would be 100% OK with anything this imbecile does. I now understand your oneway term. You are, without a doubt, speaking of yourself. That is 100% clear!
  5. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Oh, I will have no problem this coming October, trust me! Like I said just a bit ago, he gives with one hand and takes more with the other. You can't honestly see this, eh? Trudeau cost me and my family money. Easily 2 grand a year by taking away the child fitness tax credit and the public transportation one as well. Add into the fact he changed income splitting and lowered the amount one could put into TFSA's, this idiot has done zero for me and like many articles read, increased taxes on 80% of the middle class.
  6. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Yep, not that long ago. When did the groping incident occur? Add all these up and it clearly shows a pattern with Trudope and proves, time and time again, that he is a complete lying, arrogant sack of egotistical shit. I was just wondering about that the other day? Just a few days ago was the first time I have seen Sophie in months and months. I'm sure both have more on each other and are just waiting for the opportune time but with Trudeau's track record and latest embarrassment, I'm guessing it is going to get even more ugly for him.
  7. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Truthfully, it is hard trying to figure out what exactly one is entitled to when it comes to CPP and OAS. Numbers/years galore and I also read from a finance guy, it can be very confusing. Good! He is too stupid to govern and needs to go ASAP before he completely ruins this country! What do you think of this that is currently floating around? Maybe it's to pay for his OAS enhancements? No matter how you try to spin something positive, Trail, remember, when it comes to Trudeau, after all is said and done, you nor I will be any further ahead. He might hand out with one hand but he is taking far more back with the other.
  8. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    But the hypocrite still brings up Harper's name and everything he did in the past and you know for a fact him and the Lieberals would be all over this if it was a pic of Scheer and not Trudope.
  9. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    So you qualify for the maximum or are you just trying to embellish this number?
  10. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    That's what I'm asking you to do, Trail. Spell it all out for me and explain to me how it is a $15,000 windfall for me since Trudope changed the OAS retirement age from 67 back to 65. Here's a tidbit to help you get started. The maximum monthly OAS payment that you can receive is $590 (or $7,075 per year), for those that start taking their OAS payment at age 65
  11. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    Trail is in love with Trudeau, no doubt about it. Could be the hair, I don't know, but none of what has been shown/proven to him has swayed him one bit. His admiration for Trudeau has clearly blinded him and has him not thinking clearly. Unless, of course, Trail is not right in the head which, of course is a strong possibility.
  12. irv

    Justin Trudeau is Doing a Great Job

    You keep saying that even though it is not remotely close to being true, unless you are only 18 and plan on working for the next 40 yrs. Prove me wrong.
  13. irv

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Says the guy with over 10,000 posts who practically lives here but won't pay to become a contributing member.