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  1. Coyotes

    We thought we lost our cat last fall. My wife let him out around 6:50 am and and I began calling for him around 8 as he was usually out for 20 minutes give or take. When I was around the front of the house, a city of Oshawa van pulls up to my neighbor's house and proceeds to pick up a half eaten dead cat off his front lawn. When I seen it I knew it wasn't ours but thought it was a cat mine played with occasionally. I called and called for ours to no avail. My wife came home that night and knew something was wrong. We both continued to call/look for him that night and all the next day. I went out Saturday night around 10 for one last futile call and of course, nothing. Just as I was thinking about hitting the sheets, my wife yelled, he is back! I ran upstairs and sure enough, there he was, all soaking wet but no worse for wear, thankfully. We're not sure what happened, whether he got chased or if he just hid seeing the cat getting killed or finding it already dead? Either way, something happened as he had never been gone that long before. For days after he was afraid to go outside and if he did, it was for less than a minute usually. We live near the Oshawa airport and with the ravine/green space around there, it is a great spot for them, but after that incident, and with the amount of rabbits around, my guess is they have moved out. We have noticed in the past, lots of rabbits means no yotes, and no rabbits means they are around. The airport was shut down at that time but with it up and running again, I think they've been spooked and have moved one, thankfully.
  2. 2019 Polaris reveal

    That's gotta sting!
  3. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Is there still hope, or is it pretty much over?
  4. Winter 2018

    No, probably not.
  5. Winter 2018

    Glad to hear it wasn't Dave's, George. I haven't been on FB in a while due to ongoing issues, but may try to login later.
  6. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Funny how you like to leave out the fact, which I have repeated over and over again, that if Elliott was the leader way back when, I would have easily voted for her. Like I have also repeated over and over again, the majority of Ontarians voted for Wynn because Hudak was a dolt and was viewed as incompetent to run this Province. The PC’s clearly gave the Wynn and the Liberals a majority Gov’t because of Hudak, that is a fact. If Elliott was the leader back then, there would have been a very good probability that she and the PC gov’t would be running this province now and not Wynn and the Liberals. If not, then I highly doubt the Liberals would have won such a landslide victory. Doug Ford is another Hudak, imo. Maybe not quite as stupid, but he is clearly not the leader most Ontarians wanted. Now, with him at the helm, the chances of ousting Wynn and the Liberals is far less. Because Wynn is so hated in this Province, Ford may just win, but that will not be based on his campaign and his smarts but rather on Ontarians wanting Wynn out no matter what. Imo, if it was Hudak who won last night, and given what we now know about Wynn and the Liberals, he could also likely oust Wynn now as people are so desperate to see her and her party gone.
  7. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Seriously? I have not heard that one. I agree, or Hudum for that matter. How can someone not win a simple mayor's job (in comparison) but yet win a Provincial leadership race and possibly become the Premier of Ontario? It is mind boggling! 3 times now they have chosen the wrong leader. Elliot gave me hope that finally someone with some intelligence would be the Premier of Ontario. Ford, like Hudum, and Brown, is stupid as a stump.
  8. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    What a friggin train wreck! The Liberals will use this and the people of Ontario will also be thinking twice now. They can't even organize/run a leadership race let alone run the Province. Even some of their own are being very vocal about it, which, of course is stupid on their part as Kathleen Wynn and the Liberals will also use that to their advantage. I've never seen the likes of Gov't like this in all my life.
  9. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    Still be debated/recounted according to live coverage on CP24. Ernie Eaves is sure hoping for a Elliot win. He indirectly refers to her as being the best choice. If Ford wins, I give up!
  10. *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    UFB!! May as well have let Hudum run again. Edit: Maybe too soon? TV says it's not over/concluded but CBC says it is? I'm confused!
  11. 2019 Polaris reveal

    Well, I am glad to hear there is at least 4 good ones out there, but if they were ridden like they were meant to be, instead of just a short little slow demo ride, I am sure those 4 would have a similar story to all the rest we hear about.
  12. Pretty Blue Ones

    This article sums it up pretty good with they are doing, but aside from that, I also think they are done. Imo, with their sleds likely being the lowest money maker for them, I can't say that I blame them. Consider the Yen, the tariffs, the duty, etc, it is likely a wise decision.
  13. Pretty Blue Ones

    What's Polaris got, another 50cc's, BFD! Does that mean the parts fly a little further now when they grenade? I think the best addition Poo could have done with these new sleds is line the underside of the hoods with kevlar so the rider, and people around them, wouldn't have to worry about getting tattooed with pistons, connecting rods and primaries when they fly apart.
  14. Pretty Blue Ones

    Sorry to say Tommy, but it doesn't look like even the new Polaris has anything on the new Yamaha SRX. You might not want to watch that release tomorrow. Speaking of which, is Doo still number 1 in sales? With the amount of Yamacats around, I would hazard a guess they can't be far behind?
  15. Electric Snowmobile coming for winter 2019

    0 to a 100 km/h in 3 seconds is impressive! It's the way fo the future and we will have no choice but to get use to it as these might be the only things available in the future? The future might not be in our lifetime, but maybe our kids? I was behind a Volt not long ago sitting at a light. When the light turned green, I could not believe how fast the thing accelerated! It was super quiet but sneaky fast. I was not trying to race him as I was behind him so I assume he/she just wanted to play.