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  1. Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    2 and a 1/4 actually.
  2. Wife/we need a new car. What's good?

    Thanks again for everything, Sean! Nope, must just be the lack of light and my shitty cellphone pics? I did smear a bit of grease/Rust Check on them, however, to help stop the rust and the wheels seizing on there though. Thanks.
  3. Wife/we need a new car. What's good?

    Well, I got the car Krown rustproofed, new Husky floor liners/mats front and back, new molded mud flaps, snowies and rims, the windows tinted and yesterday, I gave it a coat of wax. Glad I was able to get all this done before it got too cold and snowy as I should be good until the spring now. Momma is still on cloud nine with her new car. She absolutely loves it, as do I.
  4. Winter 2018

  5. Winter 2018

    One of the main reasons I sold my Atv's and my dirt bike. Too much money/hassle with insurance, trail passes, mtce n storage, etc, and not enough time to justify keeping them. I don't blame you. I asked in the photo post what you used on your trailer roof? Is that Rexoseal or something different? I did our middle seam this past summer with some stuff I got from a roofer at work. It's Bitumen and something else and worked great, but being brown, I don't want to use it on the outside seams as they will stick out like a sore thumb. I am either going to go with Rexoseal, or whatever I can get up here, or use Eternabond RV tape?
  6. Winter 2018

    It happens. I have a good friend at work who said the same thing. Just lost interest and purchased a sports car instead. I asked if was because of too many "Oh shit" moments, and surprisingly, he said no, just time to move on.
  7. Winter 2018

    Mont Laurier looks like a beautiful place! I have to get there someday! Enjoy your trip, George!
  8. 105th Grey Cup Sunday

    Shania is still looking hot!! Not bad for a 52 year old!
  9. *** OFFICIAL FS Ontario Vintage Sled Thread ***

    You got that for a song too, from what I recall. I owned 2 once upon a time. Wrecked one in the Ganny and sold the other one to a friend. Aside from the crash, neither one gave me a bit of trouble.
  10. *** OFFICIAL FS Ontario Vintage Sled Thread ***

    I can't remember if I posted these already in the old FS or maybe even this thread, but just in case I didn't, here they are again for those who are interested? I seen them at a Thursday night car show they have every week in Marmora during the summer. No one was around when I took the pics so I know nothing about it but I thought it was pretty cool seeing something this old. My son also enjoyed looking at it as I think he thought snowmobiles had only been around a short while so to speak.
  11. 105th Grey Cup Sunday

    I might try to watch it, but truth be told, I haven't watched a FB game, CFL or NFL, from start to finish, in years.
  12. 2008 Yamaha Vector LTX GT

    Thanks, Oggy.
  13. Winter beater, anyone?

    Car is sold, thank god! The phone was ringing off the hook. (FYI, hardly any calls/e-mails for this, which surprised me)
  14. Sled cab...

    Good point.......... ............but this is also a good point. Would definitely have to make sure all exhaust and exhaust leaks vented to the outside.
  15. 2008 Yamaha Vector LTX GT

    Mileage, Oggy?