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  1. low-1

    Moto and other stoniers

    What strain and where from? 16% is on the low end of most of the stuff I've seen here in MB. Tweed has a CBD medihaze that's lower (~4% THC, ~16%CBD) called boaty mcboatface. Most other stuff I've seen is above 20%
  2. low-1

    Dope be legal

    Infographic is wrong too. $12/g in Manitoba is the most common price, but delta was selling a few strains for like $9.50 as well.
  3. low-1

    Dope be legal

    Where in the actual fuck is that happening? 7 grams is like $84 or less across the board in Manitoba (where you live) from any of the legal shops. Still a lot, but no where near $330
  4. That makes much more sense. I had (have?) copies of both Pihkal and Tihkal of Shulgin's. The man lived an interesting life. I had the chance to talk with Rick Strassman years ago as well (author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, it's actually on Netflix now I think). Even if a person is completely against those types of drugs (as opposed to the "good" drugs, like alcohol, nicotine and caffeine), it's pretty incredible to think how a tiny molecule can cause such a drastic shift in perception. Definitely an interesting space.
  5. Occasionally but it nearly as often. Sleep is more important now (and challenging with a 1 year old). I also found that treating a hobby like a business can suck some of the fun out of it.
  6. Yep, likely for life. It's home
  7. Once upon a life ago, maybe. And it was honestly never "just for fun". The things you can learn about yourself and how you fit in this world can be life-altering, if approached in the right way. People grow up, though. Still have a strong interest in neuropharmacology and the general human condition. Probably more so now. But those days are long behind me.
  8. I'll just throw it out there that not everyone that's interested in this kind of thing is a gonzo whack job. Timothy Leary, Alexander Shulgin, Rick Strassman (among many others) were/are all brilliant men (although it could be argued that Leary kind of fell off the rails). Some people are genuinely curious how a tiny molecule can cause such a drastic change to one's perception, and approach it as scientific pursuit rather than "getting fucked up".
  9. I dunno man, I'm not convinced. This whole space was a huge interest for me back in the day and I'm very familiar with it. And the last half hour or so on various boards and pages hasn't really pointed to anything that says 5-meo is terribly active when taken orally, and those that do mention it say it is extremely unpleasant with a huge amount of body load. And those that made mention of adding a maoi like Syrian Rue strongly cautioned against it due to massive hypertensive issues and serotonin syndrome. I always took you for a guy who did his research into these things, so precisely how many mgs did you take? Since you said 4-5 hours, and compared it to psilocybin, I'd be much more inclined to believe it was a 4-ho tryptamine analog. I may or may not have had an opportunity to try some 5-meo sometime around 2000, and it may or may not have been an interesting 10 minutes or so. But nothing like psilocybin. At all.
  10. 5-meo-dmt isn't normally taken as a pill, I've never heard of it. It's not normally active orally unless MAOIs are taken at the same time. Usually its smoked. DMT is sometimes combined with other chemicals to make it orally active, such as in ayahuasca. Never heard of anyone doing that with 5-meo, so I'm not 100% sure he was on what he thought he was on.
  11. 5-methoxy is like half hour ride at best, isn't it? Like real DMT except less "fun". Or did you pop some MAOIs to stretch it out?
  12. It would be nice if I could take my wife out to dinner while I was on the clock at work...
  13. low-1

    Speaking of stocks

    Cannabis stocks are crazy right now, I've been in a few for quite a while. Just play money, nothing big. Also into some disruptive tech and lithium mines.
  14. low-1

    Practical jokes

    As an electrician in an industrial power plant, there was always a back and forth between the mechanics and us. Most of it was shift vehicle stuff. Things like pouring water on the driver's seat, A/C on full with windows down while the other crew was warming up the vehicle at the end of the day in the winter (or heat in the summer), cranking the radio or wipers or whatever to come on when they started the van, rolls of survey tape tied to the frame and set on the back bumper. The best one I personally did was when we were replacing a fire alarm system. The panel had a gawd-awful trouble buzzer, so I removed it and build a little RC timing circuit that would latch on and never shut off. Calculated the time it would run on a couple of 9v batteries (something like 18 hours) and worked on setting the timer for 5 minutes. One of my friends, a mechanic, saw me messing around with the test setup to set the time and asked what I was doing. Told him I was doing a project and he offered to give me a hand holding leads. Got it set up for almost exactly 5 minutes, I thanked him and off he went. The rest of us electricians then took this circuit, got a cast device box and wired everything up. We put some epoxy around the cover and screwed it on, then drilled out the screws. The "trigger" to initiate it was an old limit switch off something. I snuck into the parking lot, drilled and tapped into the firewall of their van and mounted the box. I then zip tied the switch so that when they pressed on the brake to put it in gear at the end of the day, it would start timing. We followed them home that night, and sure enough, 5 minutes after pulling out of the parking lot, the van swerved a bit and the brake lights came on. They enjoyed the rest of their 25 minute ride home. The guy who took the van home fixed it in true mechanic fashion: with a really big hammer! Other classics are flapper switch connected to horn, so when the vehicle reaches a certain speed, the horn starts blaring.