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  1. She looks like she's gonna a whip yer ass in pool, then whip yer ass in the parking lot. Then treat you like Fireball440s ex did to him
  2. you calling anyone an idiot is comical Only Shitslinger, and the rest of the Lib pussies do. The rest of us who actually have brains and balls agree with you
  3. Is one of his nick names Crash Jr.
  4. Forgot your debit card there
  5. I voted for Bernie. You couldn't get me to vote for that cunt, or her daughter if you put a gun to my head
  6. Dumbass should have stayed at Michigan for at least 1 more year
  7. Probably
  8. No kidding What retard made that move
  9. No kidding
  10. I haven't had a cigarette in almost 10 years. Quit dipping probably 21+ years ago. I always put my dip in the same spot lower lip right side. I have significant amount of gum loss in that spot. My dentist told me I needed to quit
  11. I do that all the time with those Simply raspberry lemonades Drink a bunch or pour some out, then dump in a bunch of vodka 2nd one Yep