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  1. SVT Renegade XRS

    NZ shows Merca how it’s done.

    Got any pictures of an "assault weapon" Never seen one before Same as all the other clueless know nothing idiots. "assault weapons"
  2. SVT Renegade XRS

    Instagram hottie of the day.

    I don't see any resemblance to a horse, unlike what you see here.
  3. SVT Renegade XRS

    ****Official Pet Photo Thread****

    Damn that sucks. Shitty way to die for her, but at least those bastards didn't get her and you know that, and we're able to bury her. My condolences buddy
  4. SVT Renegade XRS

    What's for dinner???

    That's what I used Always use buttermilk but I don't normally keep any in the fridge unless it for deep frying batter, making ranch dressing or another recipe. I didn't plan on cooking these tonight, and i didn't feel like going to Kroger once I decide to cook them instead of vacuum sealing and freezing them.
  5. SVT Renegade XRS

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Whatcha ordering?
  6. SVT Renegade XRS

    What's for dinner???

    Two different ways. On the left 1st dipped in egg wash with/milk (I didn't have any butter milk unfortunately) then roll in a mixture of Italian bread crumbs and flower. On the right rolled in flower, then in the egg wash, then italian bread crumbs. Both ways are really good , but I like method #2 better. Fried them in canola oil in a pan. Thanks. They were very delicious Bella agreed
  7. SVT Renegade XRS

    What's for dinner???

    Fresh caught walleye.
  8. SVT Renegade XRS

    Meme thread

    Look it up, faggot. Don't pay any attention to retarded Retarded Richie Cunningham
  9. SVT Renegade XRS

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I already did a while ago My name is Kev144dicksuckedatonetime, and
  10. SVT Renegade XRS

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    Bout time you posted something useful for once, faggot