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  1. Nothing but stinky Push Pull Indians, and Pakistani.
  2. You've got nothing
  3. I've driven SEVERAL Corvettes. Multiple C6 Z06's New Stingrays. Never had a problem keeping them under control. And they were far from driven easily or babied Driving experience helps
  4. Laws are put in place for a reason
  5. You just have to know when to lift
  6. Naaa, we just don't have our heads crammed up our asses Guys brain is beyond fried . I know for a fact I make more than that POS I wish I could make what I make mopping floors
  7. We know, we've seen the damage
  8. You never know who's gonna do what or who's telling the truth. If you wait til the have a barrel pointed at you, you're done Yes you're still an idiot My dad hasn't been able to take me on since I was in HS What don't you come and try , Nancy boy. Little sissy faggot
  9. If you drink CL fast, you're going to get fucked up I remember all the beer that my mom kept in the basement fridge forher dad, brothers, BILs and other guests Off the top of my head I remember there was always a mix of Altas, Black Label, Old Milwaukee, Schlitz, Blatz, PBR, Old Style ,Strohs and Budweiser. That's just what I remember
  10. My FIL went last year hobbling around drunk , after he hurt his foot the night before playing in his 55+ basketball league. Told him he needed to go to the ER , but he said no wasn't that bad. Couldn't have been more wrong. Turns out it was a torn Achilles and he more than likely damaged it more by not going to Dr. right away. Only problem with that, is you have to have a DD
  11. PBR My aunt and uncle keep a 1/2 barrel of that out in the fridge in their garage/rec room out on their farm. Red Solo Cup dispenser on the side too. Me neither. Wish they'd start selling it here. Cow too But I don't think either will happen. I keep a variety of beer in my basement
  12. Dumbrowski ruined that team, and then bailed. They still choked big time in '12 I've never been to a Tigers opening day. I've always sold my tickets
  13. Yea true If they even make the playoffs
  14. Not when you slam them fast Alcohol % is alcohol % Doesn't matter what it is. Your body can only process it so fast I like it a lot, but not my first choice. They don't sell it here either so OH is the closest place to get it. I have buddies who go there and bring it back all the time. And I work with a guy who lives in OH and brings it back also
  15. I was thirsty from being out on the boat in the sun all day. They were going down really smooth I usually keep CL or Rolling Rocks in the garage fridge for working outside in the summer. Didn't think CL was gonna fuck me up like that Should have just got a pint of vodka and cranberry mixer like I was originally going to I got tore up again on CL down in Hilton Head last year over St Patty's. Went golfing with my son, FIL and his dad. Grabbed a pack of those CL aluminum cans when we got back and hit the beach I was drinking one, and had 1 in each pocket of my swim suit, then the rest in the cooler. Was slamming those, then we got out of the ocean and went to the St Patty's parade and I switched to Yuengling I was really fucking hammered after about 5 of those. Good party down there for St Patty's Haven't been shit faced like that since then. Got pretty good buzz last Saturday up N Came back from riding. Got changed and slammed a couple Cows and Yuengling , then headed to Foggys in Christmas for a cook your own steak dinner. Had a few more pints there, then a couple more Yuengling when we got back. Slept like a baby that night And was still the first one up and cooking breakfast by 8