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  1. Getting ready for the season

    What would be great is if you left and never came back. Better yet, what would really be awesome is if you stayed off oxygen, you pussy ass lot lizard faggot.
  2. Getting ready for the season

    I'll beat your ass any day of the year, pussy
  3. 2019 Polaris @ 8pm tonight

  4. GM puts a man step on their new trucks

    He's just that fucking dumb
  5. I'm still working on a few who got out when the economy took a dump. One ride would be all it would take for a couple to get back into it. We needed what we got down here yesterday to hit up N Just making sure you found your favorite place to hang out.
  6. Rental sled? I thought you were out of the sport for a while due to a motorcycle accident? Hoping to get up 2 more times this year, but with the way the weather has been, more than likely 1, not 2. Never know whats gonna happen in March tho. Could be 3-4 more trips Supposed to be a system coming in next week up there, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  7. 3 companies that won't ever get another penny from me Make that 4
  8. weekend rides

    It's far from over, across the bridge. Lower is definitely done , unless the weather does a complete 180.
  9. So rang the fuck up at work

    That's not how it's done everywhere down here.
  10. So rang the fuck up at work

    Nice. It will be over before you know it and well worth the effort in the end. I went on the apprenticeship 15 years ago this coming June. I was actually on the list for tool maker, hydraulic repair and die maker, but they needed more Millwrights at the time and they were asking us on the wait list if we wanted to be a MW instead. Glad I did turn it down
  11. So rang the fuck up at work

    How long have you been on the apprenticeship?
  12. So rang the fuck up at work

    Some of you may have seen these before for safety training. Guys lucky he's still alive. Benny, glad you're ok. Be more careful, wear your PPE

    I do too, but I'm getting sick of people breaking down because they don't do simple preventive maintenance, and simple things like checking the tension on their chain. 2x this year I've had to deal with that BS. No more, I'm done with that shit. Yea, the last one thought I was going to tow him. I said, I'll be right back, I'll go get your cousin and he can tow you, since he doesn't know how to look behind him and make sure the guy behind him is still there. He can fuck up his $180 belt

    I've had to deal with that 2x this year. Getting sick of that BS. Tired of trail side wrenching and having to tow clapped out sleds because people don't do preventive maintenance. Yea, and then they don't even bring anything to tow with. SMH