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  1. Sears Canada , is toast

    Their tool exchange policy is a joke now too. I needed to exchange a broken 1/2" drive ratchet a couple years ago. They gave me a rebuilt one. Was a POS so I took it back. Same thing on the next one. Finally gave me a brand new one.
  2. Good beer too x2 No such thing as an EX Marine you fucking moron Couple more years you will be able to
  3. Sears Canada , is toast

    You aren't missing anything. They're way over priced and have gone to cheap quality junk on most of their stuff
  4. "every soldier asked to fight" ? SMH. There hasn't been a draft in a long time you fucking moron. Wow
  5. ****OFFICIAL***** Ford owners thread

    GO TO PM NOW FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!!!!
  6. Random Photo Thread

    It's no where near as good as it was when Josh and "Chips" was on the show. It's still cool to see the cars they're doing, but it's to serious now. To bad she turned into a mud shark
  7. ****OFFICIAL***** Ford owners thread

    No I've seen 1 AWD ST would be way cheaper than an RS Yes I did, but he was by himself Saturday and had other deliveries to do and customers on the floor. I didn't want to keep him long and told he we could talk about it on Monday. I will call him in the morning. I have a couple questions to ask him anyway and some info to give to him for the the guy who he's selling my old truck to. I didn't forget about you Alfred
  8. ****OFFICIAL***** Ford owners thread

    Cool dad It's to bad the STs aren't available in AWD. Would have be nice if it could be had optional
  9. *****Official 2017 NFL Thread****

    If the Lions were sold tomorrow, what effect would that have on Ford Motor Company ZERO you fucking retard
  10. *****Official 2017 NFL Thread****

    The Lions have nothing to do with paying me SBYL. Go have another drink