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  1. I would get a 5.0 Mustang over an EB any day.
  2. You should start looking at 3.5eb mods Sure Yes
  3. Go watch some YT videos Exactly what I said I've already seen the car How much $ you wanna lose? Don't be all BH because that car bone stock will blow your Faggot ass modded Beeee mer away in a straight line, or in a road course. See above yea it's VERY obvious that you don't have a clue It will be way more than 600 HP. The last one was 662 I can get you an RS , below MSRP right now
  4. I'm just wondering what the excuses by the GM queers are going to be
  5. I don't do road course.
  6. Thanks, but I'm not a like you They're already being tested. Should be revealed soon. We haven't had one here yet, but supposed to get one soon. Only thing I've seen new so far is an '18 GT 5.0. Not sure what package they call this to get it done like this , but I like it. I like how they even blacked out the 5.0 badge.
  7. Go tinker with you model farm equipment
  8. You're a know nothing cunt
  9. You like inferior crap
  10. You can easily get a 5.0 into the 10s N/A Get the 3.5EB And you're the biggest know nothing faggot when it comes to these threads Lame Fixed for accuracy
  11. He shouldn't be allowed anything more than a base model Focus Buddy of mine just got a GT premium convertible (from a dealer up here). And added the Stage1 to it. Car was $35,995 plus $8K for the Roush supercharger and everything needed to go with it. He's taking it in to go on the dyno shortly