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  1. Neo Nazis?

    But its ok for The Black Panthers, BLM and BAMN to be free to do anything they want? You fuckin.stupid Liberals need to be steralized
  2. Neo Nazis?

    The only thing you beat down, is your little pud
  3. Neo Nazis?

    Actually I take that back. You're not a retard. Retarded people are way smarter than you.
  4. Neo Nazis?

    I draw the line at you're a complete fucking retard
  5. I got it bad!!!!!11

    spot the fuck on Buss
  6. I got it bad!!!!!11

    If you fly, anywhere close to how you drive, you're in BIG trouble.
  7. I got it bad!!!!!11

    Sure people survive plane crashes, but the % that do is a lot lower. I'll send Flowers to the funeral home for you, Faggot
  8. Neo Nazis?

    Freedom of speech is freedom of speech, no matter what. Just because it doesn't fit your Liberal agenda, doesn't mean you can pick and choose. If it's ok for NFL players to kneel during the national anthem, because that's their right to free speech, than KKK, Neo's and any other pro white groups have their right to express their beliefs too. To say otherwise, just shows what a hypocrite and a complete fucking retard you are.
  9. I got it bad!!!!!11

    People survive motorcycle, snowmobile, car, truck, boat, avt, sxs, dirt bike, etc , crashes all them time. Plane crashes, not so much So long , Faggot!!!!!11!1!1!1111!!!!!!!1
  10. Meme thread

  11. Meme thread

    Exactly. I'd love for one of these mask wearing little pussies to TRY and do something. They'll need more than an ambulance
  12. Neo Nazis?

    KKK, White Supremacists, Neo Nazi's, BLM , Black Panthers, BAMN, Antifa, etc. They're all the same , just different colors. If one has the right to protest, and their constitutional rights towards freedom of speech, then they all do. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete fucking retard
  13. I got it bad!!!!!11

    It's been nice knowing you F7Bhent