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  1. Never said that, you red headed nigger faggot. Paid $56K cash for it and got a check for $39K when I traded it in 40 months later with just under 70K miles
  2. SVT Renegade XRS

    Fuel economi

    Same here
  3. SVT Renegade XRS

    Kavanaugh vote cancelled.

  4. SVT Renegade XRS

    Washington Post: Kavanaugh accuser comes forward

    Even if it's not fake. 35+ years they need to tell her to fuck off and SBYL
  5. SVT Renegade XRS

    Washington Post: Kavanaugh accuser comes forward

    35+ years later, she comes out now. Yeah fuck with your BS bitch.
  6. SVT Renegade XRS

    New AR

    Yep Still wouldn't have anything to do with a Glock if someone offered to give me one for free.
  7. SVT Renegade XRS

    Watch out you sex fiends!

    What a stupid bitch
  8. SVT Renegade XRS

    New AR

    Says the whiney little bitch that follows people around and puts his useless .02 in on everything. Get a hobby and a life and log off the computer and your phone every once in a while. Maybe that's why you're such a cunt. Or get us a $ # and we'll set up that go fund me page and get you some pussy.
  9. SVT Renegade XRS

    Wheel hop cure

    Lotta bad ass cars and $ right here Cool find.
  10. SVT Renegade XRS

    New AR

    Weak. Exactly like you are, all around. A weak pussy
  11. SVT Renegade XRS

    New AR

    What's the going rate for a whore up there Jimmy Pouts? Would a go fund me page for you so you can get see pussy after how many years, get your panties our of your vagina? I don't have to say make me to you. Cause there's no chance in hell you're doing anything about what I say, cunt
  12. SVT Renegade XRS

    Favourite childhood restaurants

    There's a place I haven't been to in a LONG time. I don't think I've been there since 1992/early '93 maybe.
  13. SVT Renegade XRS

    New AR

    that's beyond comical, coming from you. Says the biggest pathetic fucking piece of shit on here
  14. SVT Renegade XRS

    New AR

    Just sayin. If you can't hit a target at 400 yards with that scope, there's no hope for you Never shot Sharpshooter. 5x Expert. And we didn't use and scopes or ACOG. I wouldn't have a Glock if it was free.