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  1. Sedz


    509 helmets are junk, your fly lid is a far better lid. 509 goggles look great but that’s about it. The cores of most helmets are essentially styrofoam, one and done as far as a hit to the head goes. I think the visor issue depends on the helmet, I haven’t had the wind catch the visor on my current lid. My sled does only top out at around 80mph so maybe that’s why
  2. Sedz

    Winter 2018

    Season is off to a good start. Put some laps in on a Track and started feeling comfortable jumping my sled again. Rode a friends new 2018 skidoo rs. The etec race motor is really weird but that new chassis is sweet. The ‘shot’ button changes it from pump gas to race mode, pretty trick
  3. Sedz

    Winter 2018

    I know, for some reason I only trust these cat motors as far as i can throw them. I also have about 2 extra sets of a-arms just incase. well if you want a sub 400 lbs, 160+hp xf 600 141 you gotta cut out the unnecessary items!
  4. Sedz

    Winter 2018

    Ever since I became a cat rider I’ve started uncontrollably hoarding. I’ve now got 3 cat sleds and a massive collection of extra parts I don’t need but am too attached to to sell off. I’ve always said no to Dad tracks but now I own a 141. Why do the rear idlers sit 4 inches off the ground on these things anyways ?
  5. Sedz

    Royal Distributing and Kimpex in a dispute

    I second that, unbelievable how a company that does as much business as royal has such a garbage website. If they had a proper site they could just show the msrp then discount it to whatever they feel like on checkout. Either way from what I hear a number of other brands are going to cut royal off also.
  6. Sedz

    Royal Distributing and Kimpex in a dispute

    I think you’re missing a few pieces of the puzzle here. I’m sure royals cost on kimpex is deeply discounted based on volume. There’s no way that they’re paying the same cost a small dealership is. 99% of the time if a dealer is matching royals price they are making way less margin. If kimpex has a proper MAP (minimum advertised pricing) policy royal is not allowed to advertise below the price kimpex dictates. Royal is however free to sell kimpex stuff for whatever price they feel like in their store. This isn’t price fixing at all, it’s kimpex stepping up and protecting their dealers. If a retailer isn’t respecting your map policy this is the best way to put an end to it. Kimpex has a pretty hot ticket item with the titan helmet right now, this is a strong move to protect that from ending up off price.
  7. Sedz

    Royal Distributing and Kimpex in a dispute

    Pretty bush league move on royals part. Playing it off like they’re doing this for the customer when really they’re undercutting other kimpex dealers and likely not respecting kimpex map policy. This sounds more like a ‘minimum advertised price’ dispute not a ‘manufacturer approved price’.
  8. Sedz

    Sled show

    Best deal was the $5 procross bumpers and $30 windshields at aberfoyle. Stocked up on a bunch of 129 and a 141 bumper. Decided to go ride my new sled instead of going back on the weekend.
  9. Sedz

    *** OFFICIAL FS Ontario Vintage Sled Thread ***

    Well the people that run it said they are 'taking a year off'. I think some people are stepping up to run a few races this summer. Hopefully it materializes, spent so many hours building mine and only got to race it one weekend.
  10. Sedz

    *** OFFICIAL FS Ontario Vintage Sled Thread ***

    No, he was in the second class, the vintage open. That's a cool pic. Im bummed the our watercross circuit is pretty much shutting down this summer. I race weekend and I'm hooked.
  11. Sedz

    *** OFFICIAL FS Ontario Vintage Sled Thread ***

    That $500 payday for the winner isn't bad though! My buddy pulled a huge holeshot in the open vintage class but got taken out. I want to race it next year. Kinda shows how ahead of their time those phazers were.
  12. Sedz

    Yamaha Sidewinder

    No blown turns. We were riding the shoulder of the road and he was trying to ride the bank and got sucked into the ditch somehow...twice. I don't know. Just don't ask him about them if you see them he will go on about how he has all red parts(turbo tubes, ski loops, wheels) on the right side "Red right returning". The yammy skis have to be the worst skis ever. Sled is too front heavy to be riding on those popsicle sticks.
  13. Sedz

    Yamaha Sidewinder

    That guy running the 1.86 studs is crazy. Those will bend so fast with those short nuts. Got my old mans studs sorted out now his only problem is staying on the trail. He got himself really stuck twice in the span of 1000ft on our way home yesterday. On its sidewinder.
  14. yeap, literally seriously considering wearing a sled belt as a jacket belt, there is no where to put the things these dang cats. I also still mix gas and you guessed room to carry it on my sled. Good thing my old man is around to be my sled parts sherpa.
  15. Sedz

    Winter 2017

    Rode that same stretch on Sunday. It was rough and mashed potatoey as hell. Some cold and a groomer should fix er up.