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  1. Atc what Dodge did you end up buying? Options ect. and a what price. Seaching autotrader I find prices all over the map. Heard an add on the radio for a jammed long horn 1500 for 45k?
  2. Bohica is correct. If your tailpipe has soot in it it either has no dpf or the dpf is bad and can no longer trap soot particals.
  3. Yep. We were warned about it so all good. Good running but much lube or cooling in areas
  4. Westway
  5. Im just heading back from Cochrane. I rode with 4 800etechs, 2 assults one a 600 the other an 800 and 2 1200 doos. We where riding hard all weekend at temps from plus 4-8. The 1200s always got the best milage followed by the etechs. The 2 polariss were close but always used more. No one was getting anymore them 200km per tank this weekend
  6. Im in Orangeville and our area has gone nuts as well. People are selling there 1-2 million dollar homes in the city and moving this way. I know a lot of people wanting to cash out and move north but once your out of this hot market it's tough to get back in if you want to come back
  7. Anyone know of a place to leave our trucks for a few days on the North side of Sudbury?
  8. Id rather ride something fun and exciting than a droning army tank with skis. Winters are to short. Who cares if a Yamaha can go 50000 miles? Any snowmobile can reach that many miles if you keep throwing enough money at it.
  9. When the procross came out in 2012 what was the percentage of failures? I bet every unit built went back for some kind of warranty work.
  10. What do you want for it?
  11. I've always used Frank. Last time it was $250 for the 4.
  12. Because hes not 80 years old?
  13. 1200 doo hands down.
  14. Header is in mint condition. Located in Orangeville. $375