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  1. 2019 Polaris reveal

    That is funny!
  2. Missing boy near Orangeville...

    Taking the boy to the hospital.
  3. Missing boy near Orangeville...

    Apparently there was so much fog she didn’t know were she was. If I was in that position my kid would come to shore with me or I would have died trying. How is she going to live with this?
  4. Winter 2018

    There will be riding up there for 6 weeks yet
  5. Real World MPG

    My 1200 will go anywere from 200-240k per tank. I have always used 87 at the pump.
  6. Time to update

  7. Winter 2018

    That pond is always open water. I always look forward to jumping it.
  8. 2008 Yamaha Vector Ltx Gt. 136 inch track with Woodys studs and carbides, oil light suspension bushings, primary clutch rebuild with oem parts. Snowmobile is in great condition. Has been owned since new by a senior and was mainly used in Northern Ontario and Quebec. Machine has been well maintained and looked after and transported in an enclosed trailer. Comes with Yamaha saddle bags, cover, and service manual. $4500
  9. What are you washing your truck with salt water? My 05 gmc is still mint. The only rust i were the tail pipe exits and a bit around to mud guards. Ive also Krowned mine since new
  10. Atc what Dodge did you end up buying? Options ect. and a what price. Seaching autotrader I find prices all over the map. Heard an add on the radio for a jammed long horn 1500 for 45k?
  11. Bohica is correct. If your tailpipe has soot in it it either has no dpf or the dpf is bad and can no longer trap soot particals.
  12. Winter 2017

    Yep. We were warned about it so all good. Good running but much lube or cooling in areas
  13. Winter 2017