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  1. That’s not the case for fake cops like you who hang out at the donut the chics dig rotten wood piles, chainsaws, and dudes who cover their mugs with panty hose..........
  2. We know - you’re a fucking ugly lot lizard
  3. Weak and without evidence Gotta justify your vote for Dump
  4. Poor Jimmy living in your alternative universe again trying to justify your vote for Dump
  5. This place is great....remember when Doe Dumber supported Bernie
  6. He lies repeatedly. His followers - like most members on here - gladly take it and DGAF
  7. Weak and has been rebuked. But then again you’re a conspiracy theorist
  8. Dump played your ass for a fool
  9. Speak for yourself and the Clown Posse 👍
  10. You can take over - I’m bored 👍
  11. Keep digging.....and I’ll keep
  12. You’re already losing And it takes me little to no effort