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  1. Poor Moto Watching Dump/Sessions has to be tough on you....they appreciate your pouting last November
  2. So there's a lot about SA to like for Moto: When oil wealth seemed an endless spigot of gold, the absolute Saudi monarchy created, somewhat paradoxically, a quasi-socialist state: an astonishing 90% of Saudis work for the government and have long enjoyed subsidies for water, electricity and gas. Health care and education are free.
  3. Dumbski SnowRider MN Momo Too stupid to comprehend 'know your audience' and 'winning is losing'
  4. Hey Dummy - know your audience. Winning is losing
  5. So you know you're stupid then?
  6. Skidmark is dumb 👍 But Dump appreciates his stupidity
  7. MN Momo Facts
  8. You couldn't hold my jock strap Dummy Besides Momo - you're the most awkward dumbfucker on here 👍 What makes you so you're dumber than dirt but think your smart Most dummies on here know it - but you're not quite smart enough to comprehend your own stupidity Go Lil Momo Go
  9. Vince and I or MN Momo and Momo
  10. Typical Dumbski Neever speaks ill of the right wingers but considers himself independent
  11. Know your audience Dummy Winning is losing MN Momo
  12. MN Momo