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  1. Just got back from an easy laid back 1300 mile trip One less day, 400 fewer miles, and 50 degrees warmer than usual.
  2. SnowRider

    Favorite Snowmobiling Pics

    This is how you bury a sled in Ontario:
  3. I average 3500-4000/year. I'm riding a Summit this year as we are pivoting to off trail riding and coupled with a busy winter schedule filled with kids activities - my miles and snowmobile smiles will be way down the next 4-5 years.
  4. SnowRider

    Favorite Snowmobile?

    My 15 BCX was a good all around sled. Ripped a few thousand miles on trail, boondocked, and played in the deep.
  5. SnowRider

    How do you "roll"?

    Was at Halfway Haven riding off trail 3 times rhis year. A couple of our loops:
  6. SnowRider

    Favorite Snowmobiling Pics

  7. SnowRider

    Whatcha got?

    The old sled - 15 BCX - plus I have an 04 Polaris for the kids. And the new spring checked 2017 Summit 146 800:
  8. SnowRider

    So what happened?

    Because the east coasters like Woolie whine like petulant children when they don't get their way.
  9. SnowRider

    So what happened?

    The malcontents are on the team butt plugger site. . Bring some tissue when you visit - they are still whining after a few of us bitch slapped them.
  10. SnowRider

    Favorite Snowmobiling Pics

    Loaded up in the snow train a couple of years ago.
  11. SnowRider

    Highest Mileage Day???

    Rode from Central Wi to Manistique MI - 412 miles in one day. Over half the miles were realtively tight and twisty trails. Left at 5:30 and got in at 10:30. Went on to ride over 2200 miles in 8'days on our annual Ontario trip. Now I'm focusing on off trail riding. I'm done pounding trails for awhile.