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  1. That's the Clown Posse in a nutshell
  2. You don't now Dummy.....
  3. Yeah Lil Moe Mos - tell those 6 week old babies you demand they have for fucking to own up to it God damn you're a fucking dummy.... Lil man syndrome - talking tough at a buck forty
  4. Says the most hypocritical pile of Shit on the forum
  5. How about guys keep their dicks in in their pants? I know - it's not cool for a Repug man to take responsibility....
  6. Putin/Dump 2016 - you voted for the Russian Puppet
  7. I've said it before - we should pay people to get permanently fixed. A small investment with huge returns by breaking the cycle. How many poor women would have a hysterectomy for $10,000?
  8. Yeah - how does that decrease the financial burden of her kids when you're making brith control and sex ed unavailable?
  9. The best candidate got the most votes Everyday Dump/Putin prove it
  10. She was and everyday Dump stumbles around the WH further proves it
  11. Skidmark Ginger R's are fiscal conservatives in name only and their version of What Would Jeebus Do....legislate their version of morality by supporting massive government intrusion into the bedroom - pre-born is sacred and post born is forgotten. But hey - both sides are the same so what difference does it make, eh Ginger
  12. Dump is a Fat slob
  13. You are bipolar and a tool Own of Jimmy
  14. What a fucking Putz