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  1. Of course not - you're stupid and don't believe a lot f stud you do hear
  2. Dump lies and you ear it up. Why no denial? Why was Dump livid? Multiple reports and you refuse to believe You are truly stupid
  3. Let's hear your answer.....
  4. You don't think he said it? Never denied it and Dump was livid Dump's a pussy just like his supporters
  5. @Anler what do you think about the two members who latched onto your comment? They both appear to be relatively independent amd neutral...
  6. So they failed? If you think Dump has a clue
  7. I'm the menarime real everyday Americans are negatively impacted by Dumps egregious actions and outright stupidity. Moreover - it's perplexing to see how many Dumoer's/Clown Posse members defend anything and everything he does....even as the lies are proven and fhose very actions are hypocritical/contradictory to previous ones. His supporters are truly the dumbest motherfuckers in America.
  8. Speaking of believe - is the party FLAT....
  9. Trumps just a real prick

    Contrast the two Are you trying not to be stupid or does it come naturally?
  10. Trumps just a real prick

    Why do you perpetuate lies?
  11. Trumps just a real prick

    Those who were complacent and complicit in November get to see the ramifications of your actions.