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  1. secret service, broke

    Yep. I just read that they wanted the increase to cover the 400% increase in death threats to Obama. I guess those right wing snowflakes couldn't get over the election.
  2. secret service, broke

    Who argued that? Are you ok fat Dave. Are you diabetic? Is your sugar low? The issue is that he shouldn't have been asked about a bj in the first place. Republicans chose to pursue it at huge costs. Whether or not he got sucked off by his wife or a fat intern does not affect the country. Bush lyjng and getting your soldiers killed is something to get outraged about. If you truly have " "conservative values"
  3. My heros? I don't recall saying there were good people at the rally. I didn't defend them or lie to defend them. Fun fact. People who don't like Columbus are not rewriting history. They are trying to tell the whole story. Re-writing history books is not the same as rewriting history.
  4. secret service, broke

    It was only important when Obama spent the money on vacations. Trump will spend more in a year than Obama in a term. What makes it worse is the Trump lied and specifically said there was too much work to do as President. Therefore he would not be golfing. Then he spends more time and money golfing than Obama did. The investigation was the result of the Republicans trying to make cheap political points. Who gives a fuck who the President is fucking. Bush killed thousands of soldiers and cost you trillions in the process. Yet reps are still pissed off a Clinton. Now trump is spending huge money on vacations he promised not to take and Republicans ignore it.
  5. secret service, broke

    I'm sure the way you kayak, it is definitely gay. Rec kayaking on flat water is lame. But you probably gay up sledding too. Speed limit obeying pussy.
  6. secret service, broke

    Yep and he posts regularly.
  7. secret service, broke

    I the Republicans haven't taken a stand against trump yet. I doubt they will. They closest they are coming is hiding when Fox calls looking for people to defend Trump.
  8. secret service, broke

    Poor stupid Dave.
  9. secret service, broke

    Trump had Nugent in the whitehouse and Republicans thought it was awesome.
  10. secret service, broke

    Yes. They've called for her to resign. Unlike trump who invited nugent to the whitehouse after threatening a sitting president.
  11. secret service, broke

    Good for the Dems. If only the Republicans were so quick to condemn politicians who put stupid comments on social media.
  12. secret service, broke

    Good point. After all his travel budget and family costs are something Trump has the most control of. He should show all other government departments how a business person cuts costs.
  13. Maybe not now. There is some question whether Trump can get the Nazi vote out in full force without Bannons help.