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  1. School shooting in MD

    They need thoughts and prayers for the people updating this website. Poor fuckers never get any rest
  2. It’s like they transcribed all the Fox News reports Into their own complaints about Obama and then forgot them all when they were bowing down to Trump.
  3. If More....

    You just can’t get over the jealousy of me coming from a stable and succesful family. I have to tell you, it was fucking awesome. Trips to England, trips Disney world, water skiing in the summer, snowmobiling in the winter. Family meals around the dinner table. If only you could have experienced a life like that you might not be such a scared angry bitch that beats on passed out natives.
  4. If More....

    Which one of you held the gun while the others kicked him while he was down?
  5. Those colours are running scared all day every day. You can keep your women. I’m. not into obese women from shithole countries.
  6. If More....

    If more guns made you safer the NRA would not fight every effort to study gun violence.
  7. If More....

    Seeing that he was already on the grkind and you outnumbered him,bet you were really brave.
  8. If More....

    Yep. Nice people.
  9. If More....

    Every citizen does not you stupid piece of shit. Speaking of shit, wipe your chins after dinner.
  10. Loopholes in bankruptcy laws. Like setting up companies to take over end of life wells and then going tits up and leaving the taxpayer with the bill.
  11. If More....

    You must know a lot of frightened people. Are you all scared that a drunk Indian is going to try to steal a spare tire from you?
  12. If More....

    Dear Stupid Fucker. Switzerland have half as many guns per capita as the US. Perhaps you are suggesting the US would be safer if they cut gun ownership by half.
  13. What are you going to tell the next of kin of the 30,000 US who die from guns every year you ignorant shit eating cage dweller? Here's some stats that you can choke on.
  14. If More.... So much safer.