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  1. How dumb is Trump?

    Give yourself a pat on the back. He couldn't have done it without gullible bags of shit like you. If the Orange a tans handlers lose track of him and he kills off a bunch of your soldiers, give yourself another pat on the back.
  2. How dumb is Trump?

    It's actually kind of boring. They keep lowering the bar. These poor fuckers started in the gutter with Trump. Their crawling around in the sewer with the useless piece of shit POTUS.
  3. Self Driving Cars Good or Bad?

    Sure they will. Because when the majority of the cars on the road are self driving and they have cameras to record everything, the people who drive their own will be the ones making the mistakes. They'll just jack the premiums until most people won't be able to afford to drive their own. I bet amateur car racing on private track will become a pretty good business then.
  4. Self Driving Cars Good or Bad?

    But that is what will kill the auto industry. You look around at how many different variations there are of the same car. Toyota and Lexus models are identical just a few more toys and a bigger price tag. Even within makes, they make three cars on the same platform with different skins. Which is all fine because we want to drive a car that makes us proud to own. But how many of us give a shit about the cab that picks us up? If it's clean and not a piece of shit, we get in. Usually because we are drunk but there's more to it than that. Self driving cars will be like that. You may have cars for specific functions but 2 cars families may drop to 1, 3 to 2 and if you live in the city you'll dump the car because you can avoid parking hassles. Kids will just think of it as an extension of their parents chauffeuring them around while they play on their phones. Old fuckers won't have to worry about losing their license when they turn 80. Just let yours Tesla take you places.
  5. How dumb is Trump?

    The tweeter in chief should check out this link. Sure doesn't look like he's reduced the debt. In fact it's still climbing. To answer your question. Trump is really dumb. He is a complete fucking moron. The only people dumber are his supporters.
  6. wtf is it with this administration.

    Yes they do. Every week they remind you of your double standards and every week you deny it. How long is the list of things you shit yourself over when Obama said or did something. How many times do you claim it doesn't matter when Trump does something far worse?
  7. even tillerson knows....

    Great comment. Who the fuck would have thought something like this could happen to the US?
  8. even tillerson knows....

    Woooohooo!!! I’m a kayak champion now. Lies. Yeah. You mean like how Trump lies way more than Obama and Hillary combined, yet you can’t figure it out? Those lies ? Basically. Not literally or completely denies? Because earlier one of the posse posted a video that showed him sort of not answering but trying to pretend he was. It was pretty good. Woukdnt it have been awesome if Tillerson had told the truth. “Yeah, I called him a fucking moron. Look at him, listen to him, he’s a fucking. Ape for Christ sake”. Drops mike and walks away.
  9. Worst POTUS ever???

    Why would anyone think Tillerson calling Trump a Fucking Moron is fake news? It's hard to imagine anyone not thinking Trump is a fucking Moron. I think if the clown posse were honest they'd admit that every time they hear that idiot speak, they think "Fucking Moron"
  10. not in my backyard

    Evidently it’s the chemicals needed to dilute the crude that is the real danger to the environment. Poisonous stuff. But it will mix nicely with that coal dust Dotard wants in your rivers. Drink up fuckers
  11. not in my backyard

    Thanks for that by the way. Since water is going to be a hot commodity, I’m glad you’ll be polluting yours and not ours.
  12. even tillerson knows....

    Yeah, you wouldn’t want anyone telling lies About the President. Lol. This is awesome, A Trump supporter who pretends the truth is important. “Obama tapped my phone “ ”I won’t golf” ”the russian meeting was about adoption”
  13. Probably not. It would make sense in the US that you’d encourage it.
  14. People hunt with a bow as well. I guess it comes down to skill. I’m not scared of guns. We have gun control. It works quite well. A year ago a “terrorist “ tried to kill the Prime Minister. One soldier died, one other got shot and he got taken out by a 60 year old master at arms. Really sad for the soldier. But it would have been terrible if that guy had access to the kind of firepower the Vegas shooter had. The cool thing is that we don’t have to spend our time worrying about your national pass time. Mass shootings There you go. Tell me more about people learning to have respect for firearms. Then tell me about drinking while you hunt. Dumbass
  15. Ohhh I get, your using that old “ if you outlaw guns ..... “ bullshit. See, here’s the thing. That guy had a shit ton of legal guns that he used to murder a bunch of young kids At a Concert. Now if they had been illegal, there is a chance he would have been caught before he used them. Either the supplier would have been caught and his customer list found or someone would have noticed his collection, told the cops and they would have confiscated them. But they were legal so he was able to transport them to a hotel along with legal ammo and use them as they were designed. To pump the life out of people. Im not saying they should take away everything, just the stuff that isn’t used for hunting I know you love them, sure they make up for your feelings of inadequacy. Whether it’s your small dick or that your a shittu fighter. But you’ve colllectively proven that as a nation you are too stupid to have unfettered access. So it would be a good idea if the only way you can play with those toys is when you join the forces and get shipped overseas. Maybe that will help with recruitment.