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  1. I get it. You aren't wrong. It's absolutely childish. Just a guilty pleasure. Regarding Alaska, yeah that cold water has got to add an element and what I would imagine is the remoteness of some of the rivers. I would guess even with warm air temps your rivers would cause hypothermia in the summer. Most of the rivers in Ontario and the US are really close to roads. Some like the Russelfork are a long climb out of a Canyon but still crowded with people. I'm sure some of your rivers would take a while for help to arrive. Worse stuff close to us is the Quebec stuff. Buddies of mine found a canoe once on the middle of a trip. It had packs tied in and appeared to have been there for a few weeks. Turns out the owners were on the wrong branch of a river, got their asses kicked and took two days hiking out with no dry clothes or food. Then spent a week in hospital being treated for the bug bites and exposure. So that adds a level of risk. Even a dislocated shoulder on a trip like that could lead to a long hike out. As far as a pin or broach, you better ope you have a strong group.
  2. Holy fuck a record. I agree with all of these. How many tickets on average do we get for the 1,000's of times we speed. Oh, I'm in my car, I must be fucking speeding. It seems dumb to freak out on the few times you get caught. I've talked my way out of over half of them and the only once did a cop ticket me for the exact speed I was going. So yeah, if you treat them with respect, they usually are decent. But then again things are pretty mellow in Ontario. The cops don't have to walk up to the door with their guns ready, so that might make them a little more chill. Just imagine if that women was allowed a permit.
  3. That's weird that you feel the need to defend them. They keep claiming that they're owning me. But since you asked politely, I'll explain. Long answer is here if you don't have time skip to the bottom. I take beginners out on class 3 regularly. I never make fun of their ability or how they get scared on small waves. I'm still a decent enough play boater that I can teach them basic tricks and keep them safe. I have honestly dragged people to shore who were crying and managed to jolly them back into their boats to finish the day with enough confidence to return or at least not require therapy. It's funny how it runs the gambit from adrenalin junkies to people who are so scared just getting into a boat. You really wonder what possessed some people to try it. But can't help but admire them for pushing themselves. Someone who rock climbs, skydives and races snow cross, you'd expect to excel. Someone that is afraid to drive in the winter and gets anxiety doing their groceries makes you wonder. I've also rescued cocky people who've been in over their heads in real classV because some jackass told them a class IV wave train was class V. So when they take that info and signed up for a real class V they don't know what hit them. "What do you mean paddle hard left, last river we just floated everything" " What's a strainer?" Part of that is the fault of raft guides talking up shitty little runs in order to increase the tip at the end of the day. The first 3 times I paddled the Gauley people died on the river. The first time on the Russelfork, the same thing. A few years back I got stuck with the young punks in our club. All great paddlers that were making fun of me for warning them about Insignificance. By the time we got to insignificance their was the nose of a kayak sticking out of the water and a park ranger sitting beside his devastated friends waiting for the body to float free. Most of the times it is inexperienced rafters who aren't really into risking their life. They just think everything is like an amusement park. Sometimes it's experienced kayakers pushing the envelope. The kayakers at least know what they are in for the most part. I feel worse for the rafters who think their guide can save them from anything. I usually perform rescues and instruct with good humour. I always do it as a volunteer because people saved my ass and taught me when I was younger and so it's payback time. But these guys act like assholes whenever they get the chance. If they want to talk shit they're going that have to learn not to cry when they get called out on their lies. Short Answer. 1>They are assholes who are easy to make fun of. 2. Lying about river difficulty or paddling abilities actually gets people killed. Usually not the right people.
  4. I don't know if you've noticed but Arctic has posted on both runaway whitewater threads than Snowrider. Arctic has not even pretended to have whitewater experience yet no one call him out about his comments. More Republican false equivalency perhaps. You see it in more than just them believing that Donald Trump is more honest than Hillary despite the stats. You see it in other places. I've never seen any Trump supporter on this board say something good about Warren Buffet. They've got a huge hate on because he is a Capitalist with a social conscience. But really he's everything you wish Trump was. He is all the values that they pretend to believe in. Self made Billionaire, undeniably successful. No hand outs. No divorce, no sex scandals or rape accusations. He's not leaving his billions to his kids. He's bought companies, laid off huge amount of employees, done some tax avoidance moves that Republicans love. Because he thinks it's ok to tax the rich and because he supports Hillary Republicans on here hate him. Every excuse you make for Donald Trump being rich and therefore a target of lawsuits, fall flat when you see how much more successful he is than Trump.
  5. Snake and Arctic getting ready to run some GNAR!!!!! CLASS V!!!!!!
  6. Hey, Asshole Momo with his regular reply. Well done.
  7. That's Gotcha journalism dontcha know. Using his own words to prove he lied. That's why journalists aren't allowed to record Spicer anymore. You can't be keeping a public record of what they tell you and compare it to what they do. That is unfair.
  8. Are you quoting yourself? Isn't that a little like talking about yourself in the third person?
  9. I think you are arguing a little out of order. You were suppose to say that you don't care first and then say this. Unless you want to change things up a bit which is fine. I just didn't want you to get things out of order.
  10. Yeah Tao did an interview discussing how he doesn't experience fear. It was before or after his 98 foot world record drop. That really didn't seem like a good combo chasing big drops and not knowing fear. But he figured something out because he topped out at 98 and others have stomped that record. Corran did some high water fall drop in a batman costume. Not sure if he was hoping to be picked up for a movie or what. It was interesting at the time but when I started I read an article that anything over 30 ft stands a good chance of destroying your back. A few pro boaters found that out. So I was happy to stay under that number and it's worked for me. I'm still boating and walking. It's not like they get danger pay. A lot of these guys are making shit pay as raft guides and kayak instructors. If they end up in a wheelchair they'll be banging on Mom and Dad's door. Some of the motor sports guys are at least getting a decent paycheque for their risk.
  11. This doesn't concern you. Your pontoon trips shouldn't involve any rapids. But watch out for those rocks close shore you could bump one and spill your Palm Bay.
  12. Get prepared for your mind to be really blown. Sometimes rapids are easier at higher levels and tougher at lower. I hope you can handle that. As for what we've been arguing about........ You've been arguing about everything under the sun for pages. You poor fuckers all change your stories so quickly that I'd have to take an interest to keep track. That isn't going to happen. Sorry. Congratulations on surviving your harrowing run down the New River Gorge.
  13. Pretty cool video. Dropping the falls was impressive. A guy name Corran Addison ran a class V fall on the Rouge river. SUP in whitewater is really difficult . Last month I played around trying to surf class 3 for a little over an hour. Next day my legs were toast. I spent 3 days surfing Puerto Rico at Christmas and 4 Days in Costa Rico in April so I figured I would be ok. Big Nope.
  14. Did you read this? What a shitty terrorist!! The guy was completely ready to die and this is all he could come up with.
  15. I know a bunch of people that have self guided the Grand Canyon. They all had a great time and would go back. But they don't go for the rapids. Its more about checking out of technology for 3 weeks and checking in with nature. It's definitely on my list for when I retire. One of our friends was 5 months pregnant and kayaked every day of the trip. She said it was fun.