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  1. revkevsdi

    Yellow vest movement in Canada.

    For the people hating on Trudeau. didnt the Liberals overpay for a pipeline? how many more tax dollars do you want them to give?
  2. revkevsdi

    Yellow vest movement in Canada. here is what pipelines are doing to the US The energy east pipeline was suppose to cross 828 bodies of water in Quebec alone
  3. revkevsdi

    Yellow vest movement in Canada.

    Away from towns and rivers?? holy fuck you are stupid.
  4. You didn’t even say asking for a friend. No wonder you and Zambo defend each other regularly.
  5. I’m sure you look like a pig in poop everyday.
  6. Sure princess. You probably were getting your nails done, tried to get away without tipping and ended up in a hair pulling match with a 110 lb Asian chick.
  7. The legend of the Zambo fight. He first told it last January then this month he said it was last month. One version is some woman was talking shit so Zambo snuck up and pulled the guys hair. Next version is on here. He decided that the “guy” had friends there too. Just to make it seem like a better story.
  8. No I don’t. How do you go from being too scared to sleep without your blankie to starting fight in public? The story keeps getting better. First it was his girlfriend there. Now you were even outnumber by his friends.
  9. Zambo the clown has fanboys priceless.
  10. So your fight stories revolve around pulling hair and you refer to a fight as “putting your hands on another man” You can’t even write fight fiction without sounding gay.
  11. revkevsdi

    Yellow vest movement in Canada.

    How did that play out again dumb dumb?
  12. Deflection? I just needed some confirmation. I haven’t pulled anyone’s hair and threatened to scratch their eyes out. Was that your best fight story ever?
  13. revkevsdi

    Yellow vest movement in Canada.

    Where do you stand on this at the moment. Is your Saudi buddy good because he attacked Canada? Or bad because he’s a Muslim and should die?
  14. revkevsdi

    Yellow vest movement in Canada.

    Which one of you would want a pipeline running beside a lake or river you own property on?