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  1. That’s a lot of dead kids. The US must be the only place with the internet. Because it’s obviously bullying and not guns.
  2. To be fair, you two bitches didn’t think highly of me at any time. I like how you pretend this is a no holds barred place and then act like little bitches. The truth is that there are two sides to every story. Maybe his wife was 100% to blame but that would be rare. I told Driftbitch to let it go many time before be he wanted to play. He’s such a bitch that he went after my wife instead of me. But hey, he’s a Trumpster so that’s expected. It’s all part of TDS.
  3. Of course all marriages are tested you dumbass. It’s how you react that makes a difference some of the time. Funny how Trumpsters will attack anyone on here who disagrees with their political views and there is no limit. Then suddenly pretend there is some kind of imaginary line when one of you starts to cry. I already quoted the rules I haven’t crossed them. Your whiney bitch friend has because he was triggered like the beta cuck he is.
  4. Maybe if you realized not everything is about you...
  5. I know that but the dumbass spends more time talking about Toronto than the Province. That is why I said that. Northern Trumpsters are almost as dumb as Southern Trumpsters
  6. revkevsdi

    Trump and the peace prize.

    I’m in the real world more than some pathetic clown who lives all day on this site.
  7. revkevsdi

    Trump and the peace prize.

    I know they even wrecked the Nobel prize for Zambo the clown. That’s why we can’t have smart things
  8. revkevsdi

    Trump and the peace prize.

    Lol. Now they are going to blame the deterioration in Nobel prize quality on millennials Never mind there are approx 10 per year and few of these dolts couldn’t name a laureate without a google search. Let alone argue the merits of their achievements. You stupid bitches are hilarious. Zambo the clown expousing on the Nobel prize. Fucking hilarious.
  9. Shouldn’t you be helping Drug Ford make Toronto great again? Fds. Where drug use, voter fraud and no financial plan are good things.
  10. Trumpster Derangement Syndrome starts small. Little things like thinking a President taking time to golf is a mortal sin. To thinking he’s a good player. In severe cases people believe he can play a perfect game. Or perhaps they go from getting angry about the President taking a vacation to not thinking it’s important. As the patient deteriorates they don’t even care how much is being spent on the President’s adult children. Presidential infidelity, once considered impeachable is now a point of pride. Then is starts to get serious. Nazi who were almost universally considered bad people are good people. From there it is a slippery slope. Investigations into Presdiential conduct use to mean automatic guilt and the length of time and costs didn’t matter. For someone in the full throws of TDS every investigation is a witch hunt. The list is far too long to be contained on the internet but rest assured there is a cure. Just vote in a Democrat and all of these things will be important again.
  11. I post making the following points Marriage is an important commitment that should not be taken lightly People don’t try hard enough to keep their marriages strong Being a parent is an even larger commitment that you shouldn’t take on unless you are committed to keeping them safe, financially secure and teaching them decent morals. Even if it means personal sacrifice. Republicans refer to those ideas as drivel, moronic, stupid and delusional. Trumpster derangement syndrome When Republicans try so hard to accept what Trump does as normal that they don’t even remember basic values. They definitely are full of something
  12. revkevsdi

    Trump and the peace prize.

    You’re just pissed you didn’t get one on your 30,000th post
  13. revkevsdi

    Predictions right here!!!!!

    Poor Driftbitch.
  14. revkevsdi

    Predictions right here!!!!!

    Hey Zambo the clown. Are you speaking for yourself? Were those 8 years With President Obama in the White house that tough on you? I'm glad you didn't off yourself. Everyone needs a clown to laugh at once in a while. Even if it's a sad clown.