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  1. When did Nucor buy US Steel? The claim was US steel was going to open 6 new factorys.
  2. Largest sponsor of radical Islam. 16 of 18 9/11 hijackers were Saudi. Vs cheap oil.
  3. revkevsdi

    He really is scared...

    But pay increases are determined by a statutory formula, and Trump in fact requested an amount below the automatic adjustment for 2018. Wow!!! What a cunt
  4. revkevsdi

    He really is scared...

    Lying Trump said he gave the biggest military pay raise in over 10 years.
  5. revkevsdi

    Dow 26,000:

    Derp derp trumpsters.
  6. Next thing you know it will be ok to put kids in cages.
  7. Nope but he’s bitten those to the quick. Nail biting beta bitch. Good of you to defend him. He’s been getting really pissy lately. He needs help.
  8. I thought you liked your Ford. Burn your fingers looking for a fuse again? Nail biting Dave.
  9. revkevsdi

    Dow 26,000:

    Trumps market.
  10. Lol curling, gold, . Sport. Keep digging.
  11. revkevsdi

    Fake president....

    But I do give a Fuck. I think when Fox News cheerleads for President Bush while he lies and gets Canadian and US soldiers killed, that is disrespectful. When soldiers agree to go where they are asked, it is the responsibility of news media to ask questions. It is the responsibility of the President not to waste their lives.
  12. I would have said bowling. But same thing. Trying to call a game a sport. May least these guys play it like they are suppose to. Pissed up.