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  1. J. Jackson

    Its the economy stupid.

    Fair enough. Would you say that there was a fair chance of someone who has broken the law to get Trump impeached?
  2. J. Jackson

    Its the economy stupid.

    Do you believe that there are members or associates of the previous admin that have broken the law? Be honest.
  3. J. Jackson

    Its the economy stupid.

    Now that he has weeded out the fish you may see it happening.
  4. Thats funny. A friend and I were talking today about how it seems when a libtard speaks about a fellow libtard in the limelight they act like they're best buds. Like they're are on the same page .
  5. J. Jackson

    Its the economy stupid.

    His AG's were certainly standup individuals....
  6. J. Jackson

    Its the economy stupid.

    It's what they all do. If the libtards would only take a few minutes and check out the executive orders that he signed, most very good and a few I don't like, they could see that he's done some really good things as well.
  7. J. Jackson

    No Collusion....

    Are you asking him or telling him? Either way it's kind of pointless.
  8. J. Jackson

    Meme thread

    My business partner also has a business in Los Cruces N.M. He brings back chili sauce made by the locals. Takes a good gringo to handle it.
  9. J. Jackson


    How can her puppeteers put such dumb shit in front of her? She's so fucking dumb but I will say that she reads this bs with lots of conviction. Fuck me, somebody saves us!!!
  10. You have nothing fuckhead.
  11. You're such a dumbfuck. If you took a few minutes and looked at all the Executive Orders that he signed to see some good things that his administration has done. Instead, you chose the moron route, a road you know well.
  12. As well as Prison Reform and VA accountability etc.
  13. The libs are so desperate for a savior that many think she is just that.
  14. She does sport a fairly righteous set of what looks like natural mammaries. M-C would rather stare at Hillary's b-cups.
  15. J. Jackson


    I don't get it, libtards are pissed because they say he's a bully to world leaders and then they're pissed when he tries to form a friendship.