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  1. Wildcat

    Bernie! MR. PRESIDENT!

    He has no choice at this point. Its trumps America now boy!
  2. Wildcat

    galaxy s7

    Huh? Its honestly been the best phone ive ever had by far. Battery is insane on mine. If you are using the charger that came with the phone not some other one it should charge pretty quickly. Ask for a new phone if its this new. edit... My phone is a S7 edge. Might have diff battery but still point is ask for a new phone if its 6 days old
  3. Wildcat

    Bush III

    I am not even reading all these posts... im gone for 1 fucking day. You guys are hilarious Holy fuck
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/dec/07/thousands-of-snow-geese-die-in-montana-after-landing-on-contaminated-water Not sure if you guys saw this but holy hell the comments on social media are hilarious.... "they should have covered it with a net.. or a tarp" lol The average know it all behind the keyboard is dumb as a box of rocks. Really there is no Limit on Snow Geese so really Montana just did a bunch of people favors. Put a tarp over it really....... wow. And for whoever was at the pit to say "we tried to scare them off" lol really... Ever heard 10,000 geese at once. They 1. Cannot hear you since they are making a shitload of noise and 2. Dont care if you are shooting at them if they want to land they will. But people bought that. lol
  5. http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/12/06/donald-trump-softbank-will-invest-50b-us-create-50k-new-jobs Not bad.
  6. Awesome pictures guys. I just use my S7 for most stuff and its really pretty amazing for a phone but its not a nikon or anything like that. Also have a hero3 black edition it works awesome for moving stuff. I have some good videos of riding the river on my XR650R and sleds. Ill have to dig some up. the FPS on the gopro is impressive for moving objects or high speed
  7. Wildcat

    Anyone on the snow yet? Lets see photos

    Coming down here pretty good in N IL unexpectedly. A legit 5" so far here. lakes not frozen but everyone's out on there RZR's, quads and all that around the neighborhood. Im happy to see it Think my friends going to swing by on his F7 here in a bit and well make some runs.
  8. All I know is its cold as FUCK here. lol
  9. Haha this shit is amazing. All you 2 faggots have time to do is come on this site and whine like a bunch of fucking babies to i dont know 100 of us grown ass adults who could care less. Find a damn hobby or get a job For fucks sake you guys are sorry as fuck...