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  1. Bigfish


    Rice lake was down about two weeks ago, dry land for about 10 feet around my dock. Today the water is almost over the dock (2 feet above normal water level)
  2. Bigfish

    *** OFFICIAL Doug Ford thread ***

    How about just making a plate which doesn't delaminate or become unreadable after 2 years!
  3. Bigfish

    Electric Snowmobile coming for winter 2019

    100 km then a 20 min re-charge? I'll take a pass
  4. Bigfish

    Labrador man suing after his Skidoo burned up

    Happy Valley I believe was named by the same person who named Greenland!
  5. Bigfish

    Spark Plugs

    Michelin does for CTC, and Costco, so does Deere for HD
  6. Bigfish

    Ski Doo Heated Tank Bag

    Get a Yamaha with a rear exhaust! Everything in the trunk is toasty warm😄
  7. Bigfish

    Garage Heater for Home

    propane use only
  8. Bigfish

    Garage Heater for Home

    I have the same unit in my 25 x 25 garage. However in the Dominion of Canada they are double what you paid for it!!
  9. Bigfish

    GM to close Oshawa Operations.

    looks like everyone is going to Mexico! Including FCA
  10. Bigfish

    Looking for trailer

    Irv, the tail light on your Vector is an LED, and it gets covered in snow every time you ride. Yet, it is visible to riders behind you, as the light from the LED is visible through the snow.
  11. Bigfish

    Sweet-Ass Kijiji deals.....

    I still call it O'Keefe Centre
  12. Bigfish

    GM to close Oshawa Operations.

    Come on Irv, don't tell me you haven't seen this coming, for years now.
  13. Bigfish

    Open water danger on Scugog

    Unfortunately not!
  14. Bigfish

    New political party

    So this would be a new IPO?
  15. Bigfish

    Open water danger on Scugog

    Ice on Rice Lake - yesterday The rain today should fill in the cracks☺️☺️