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  1. Stephen Hawking

    First darwin award 2020?

    Oh come on, there has to be police dash cam footage of this leaking out someplace.
  2. Stephen Hawking

    What in the flying fuck

    I used to love the midget wrestling back in the wwf old days.
  3. He didn't read his snopes link apparently.
  4. They can vote however they wish, it's not like they were threatened with death.
  5. Stephen Hawking

    Fuck The Royal Family...But This Is Good

    But but, it was on Twitter.
  6. Stephen Hawking

    Kevin McCarthy on Trump

    So why does his opinion carry more validity than anyone else's?
  7. She put herself in the spotlight, deal with the consequences.
  8. Stephen Hawking

    Tom Steyer nails Trump

    They have been playing his commercials locally, guy is a weird fucker for sure.
  9. Can we start a class action lawsuit for being called deplorables?
  10. Stephen Hawking

    Man dies after snowmobile falls through ice on Maine lake

    We all know that drunk drivers obey all posted speed limits.
  11. And the Russian boogeyman boners you, equally amazing.
  12. That pesky 1st amendment is behind this appalling development I'm sure.