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  1. I'll nominate polaris550, only problem is he may have choked to death on a giant cock at his lot lizard job as he hasn't been around.
  2. Not to dredge this up again but this page from my local paper is either a happy accident or someone fucking around. Charlie knows something.
  3. No, there is a specific tax based on the size of a driveway because water runs off it. I'll see if i can pull the bill next time I'm there and post a copy.
  4. Some cities and towns in Mass already do this. My mother had a new wider driveway put in and they actually came up to measure it so they knew how much to increase the tax. Fucking stupid
  5. Stephen Hawking

    Klobuchar (D-MN) in for Potus Run

    Steel cage match between her and Liz.
  6. Do you read your own links? "Amazon and other major retailers have been entering into contracts to make use of the Postal Services infrastructure. They receive discounted rates for the volume of business and for helping streamline the process (such as by presorting mail). Raising prices on these retailers, as the President suggests, would encourage them to find other methods of delivering their packages or encourage them to turn to other providers. As Andrew Harrer writing for CNBC put it:"
  7. Smarter than you it seems.
  8. Because they were getting deeply discounted rates while the post office loses money?
  9. Going to be alot of disappointed rams fans.
  10. Stephen Hawking

    Boston Road Rage....WTF

    I was shocked to see a handgun pulled on the driver when he was stopped, Mass doesn't like armed citizens.
  11. Stephen Hawking

    This Punk Needs a Beating

    This reminds me of the Tony Stewart fiasco.