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  1. Culprit

    Yamaha Bravo track

    Have an 88 Bravo that will need a track soon. I find conflicting data on what will fit. Anyone have insight? What pitch and window number is on the little bravos, and do any of the old ET tracks fit? thank you
  2. Culprit

    Shop Building Advice

    Algonquin rider and revrnd, would you mind PMing a cost breakdown? Do either of you have high ceilings? thanks
  3. Culprit

    Shop Building Advice

    I should also mention I don't have natural gas. Need a cost effective heating solution. I understand some of the cost savings with pole barn is you do not require a poured concrete footing below the frost line, so you save significantly on the concrete. Not clear on the best/cost effective way to insulate.
  4. Culprit

    Shop Building Advice

    Lost my long term storage facility. I am considering building on my property but not certain where to start. Looking at approx. 24x36. Needs to be high enough to fit an RV so probably 14ft ceiling.. I would like to keep above freezing, so insulated and heated. Not planning to use as a primary winter workspace, just parking RV and Sleds. Do you guys have experience with Pole Barn vs. traditional vs Steel, costs, pros cons etc? thank you
  5. Culprit

    Trailer Tire Experts Wanted

    interesting you say that, I counted them out because they are so cheap. Perhaps worth a second look?
  6. Culprit

    Trailer Tire Experts Wanted

    Looking to replace the 5 year old tires on my 7x12 single axle aluminum enclosed trailer. It is pretty well loaded to the 3000lb max. Used for dirt bikes most of the time, towed behind motorhome. Looking for what is a very good quality trailer tire. I want them to last and no blowouts! ST205/75R15/8 Carlisle Radial Trail HD or ST205/75R15/8 Goodyear Endurance. The Goodyear being almost $50 more, is it $50 better, is there something that is a good tire and reasonable price? thanks for your input
  7. Culprit

    Horwood Lake Lodge Timmins

    my advice would be to drive to Kirkland Lake and destination ride from there. KL to Cochrane is an easy ride. Cochrane to Hearst is pretty easy and a nice ride as well. If you haven't ridden up there its worth the drive! I wouldn't recommend Timmins to stay at, as others have said. I get confused in town there, have only been through a couple times but I always feel lucky I didn't get lost.
  8. Culprit

    Horwood Lake Lodge Timmins

    doesn't really seem the best choice if you are looking to trail ride. Lots of places up there with better trail access, and probably easier to drive to. Looking at your current sleds I don't think you are really set up to head out and boondock in the backcountry all day.
  9. Culprit

    2008 Suzuki RMZ 250 $3k

    the valves have yet to be shimmed, not even once. Starts easy when hot. Clearly I don't ride hard enough! If I was dishonest and took the hour meter off you would probably think the bike has about 30-40 hours. I realize that this will require major engine service at some point in the future. this bike has all original bearings (has been disassembled and greased) original bars, grips, original rear brake pads, fronts have been replaced once. original plastics all around. Chain and sprocket is excellent, cant remember if I replaced them once or twice, I think only once. Original box with original spare parts from dealer when new including English and French manuals, clutch and brake levers and ownership. I don't road ride or field ride it either. track or single track. My thoughts on used toys is I would rather buy it unmolested than have some backyard hack slap it together and sell it as a fresh rebuild from top to bottom, only to have it grenade after two hours. Witnessed it too many times!
  10. Culprit

    2008 Suzuki RMZ 250 $3k

    still in spec at last check.
  11. Any interest in a mint bike. 2008 Suzuki RMZ 250. Excellent condition overall, you won’t find a nicer one for the year! Never crashed hard, ridden by a vet novice. Extremely well maintained, oil changes every 5 hours. Comes with Moose Racing Handgaurds and Works Connection Skid Plate as well as ownership in my name, owner’s manual, spare air filter. 150 hours on the clock, Bike still has original grips and levers on it! $3000 firm, serviced and ready to ride. Interesting trades from this group considered.
  12. In my experience the 600 etec doesn't last forever. Mine went 12500km before the crank locked up. I would like something that would last longer than that without major surgery.
  13. Anybody have an extra grip heater element for Polaris hanging around that they don't need. it for a 95 indy and I don't really want to spend the money on a pair as Polaris sells them but will buy one for a reasonable price. Want Polaris so it is just plug and play. thanks
  14. Culprit

    Sled and ATV trailers

    Aluminum is way lighter and lasts longer, has better resale. My advice on trailer size is go at least 2 feet more than you think you need!