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  1. Two seasons, lol. Low mileage seasons though. It's got almost 8g on it. It owes me nothing.
  2. I had cut first tracks on perfect ribbon the whole way too. Epic conditions. Cunt.
  3. My sled decided to be a whiny little bitch 70 miles in today. Cunt. Limped it home.
  4. Shifty

    Favorite Snowmobiling Pics

    Yeah it's right on 5. I like to start from home and head south thru the notch down to baker river area then north on 5 to Littleton. Nice loop.
  5. Shifty

    NH Grass Drags Oct. 7-9, 2016

    I'm going on Friday this year. The crowds are getting crazy
  6. Right across my front yard and down about 500' of my own access trail and I'm on NH corridor 5. Turn left and its 2 miles to town/gas. Turn right and it's into some of the best trails in New England.