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  1. Pretty please...

    Ban packages!!!!
  2. I've worked on his house(former) in Bethlehem
  3. Two seasons, lol. Low mileage seasons though. It's got almost 8g on it. It owes me nothing.
  4. I had cut first tracks on perfect ribbon the whole way too. Epic conditions. Cunt.
  5. My sled decided to be a whiny little bitch 70 miles in today. Cunt. Limped it home.
  6. what is god going to think, ben?

    Yep that's fucked up. It doesn't matter the affiliation, the level of ethics is looooow
  7. Coulda shoulda woulda gonna!! Ffs slinger have some dignity
  8. The Kids are Walking.

    My kid had his own scary black semi auto w/30rd mag ...... so I doubt he'll be walking anywhere. the last steel match we went to he beat by an embarrassing amount. In my defense I was using a handgun and he a rifle ( scary black!!)
  9. Maybe I'll get to ride on this one
  10. Have you noticed....

    Post of the year
  11. Quite telling

    Quality thread
  12. Spot the Fuck On..

    As soon as anyone compares anyone or anything to Hitler or Nazi, I immediately tune them out. It shows that they are uneducated and emotional based.
  13. Truth bomb

    I would gladly pay
  14. Truth bomb

    For me it comes down to Xs and Os. It's too late if teachers have to engage. Stop the threat from entering the building. I worked at a hospital for 10 yrs. it was always completely locked down. The only way in without an e-badge was the front door. So for me it's simple. Lock down the buildings, 2 guards per. Front entrance is always mannned no matter what.