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  1. It’s trailer only on the truck lifts around here. I made a run with a friend yrs ago just to see the plant.
  2. Just the grease alone.
  3. Cool stuff. The local biomass plants have the truck lifts.
  4. Shifty

    Happy Halloween

    We don’t get any as we live a few miles out of town. My brother lives in the tiny town (1000 population) next to us. The town puts on a nice Halloween fest in the park, which is very popular . He lives in the neighborhood. They get so many kids that the town subsidizes his candy lol. The town gives all the homes in the area 10 bags of candy. It’s still nowhere’s near enough.
  5. Shifty

    Somebody kill this guy!

    Of course I understand blowback. It doesn’t mean that we just sit and take it.
  6. Shifty

    Somebody kill this guy!

    So You actually think that after we “ help relocate “ these people that they are just going to enter society and be productive tax paying citizens. ..............Naive, blind, foolish.
  7. Shifty

    Somebody kill this guy!

    I watched. Naive.
  8. Shifty

    So the bombs are fake

    I bet they almost catch him, but he commits suicide as they are closing in. I guessing he shoots himself in the back of the head, twice