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  1. Nice work john. My backyarhd. Crawford notch is amazing.
  2. I have no problem with collateral damage. Its of their own choosing. IF you don't wont to get blown up, don't habitate with someone that the worlds biggest military wants dead. Quite simple. Don't want none, don't get none.
  3. Same spot. Looking down hill.
  4. I live about 1/2 mi past where the paved stops.
  5. He had just had a snack.
  6. Ralph,King of the jungle
  7. I will concede to your vast experience I was thinking of separating barrel from upper, and stock from lower. I guess you wouldn't need to go that far to fit in a decent suitcase. Sorry Ben.
  8. Dang, I'm going. I woulda bought ya a turkey leg!
  9. Your Gun control Proposal Silencers and suppressors are the same exact FUCKING thing.