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  1. Great shots Chris. Captures Maine pretty well.
  2. Sunday I thought I might be done for the season, but thanks to future son in law hooking me up with an 18 F150 again, to head north to a fresh 2' in the Switzerland of Maine. Most snow we've had all season. Off for a big loop into the back country tomorrow, 8 gals strapped to the back. They're talking a tree ride on Sunday but based on how much lung I'm presently hacking up from this cold, we'll have to see about that. I feel a little like Newfy
  3. Great pics you guys. I didn't ride last week after 2 full weekends and 6 days of riding, now I'm jonesing. NE is hurting right now for snow, and its warm.
  4. I had them on my Freeride a couple years ago. It was like cheating with those things. On groomed hardpack though it was a workout for sure. On crust, yikes
  5. those C+As must carve like ginsu knives in that corn snow.
  6. Day 1 we did alotta bushwacking and 150 miles. Day 2 we left at 8 am and didn't get back to camp until 10:30 with 396 miles on. Good day. The legs are feeling it today
  7. Out of business! We ate lunch across the street.
  8. A little icy but fast. Later in the day most of it was just shit.
  9. 230 miles today. Conditions ranged from excellent to shit. A virtual who’s who of the ecdl.
  10. Still hardly any sleds on the trails in nw Maine. I was first tracks almost everywhere I went today. Can’t say I blame people. Given the cold. It’s -15f here at camp in Moose River.
  11. Fuckin cold. Didn’t get above -5f all day. Solo burn.
  12. Nah, I wish. We're too cheap to upgrade. Maybe 3 shorties if we did some improvising. I know We were laughing at how they became to be known as "beaner trailers". rrrghghshshhrrr.....feeling those Crown's this morn. x2. Always enjoyed his columns. Sweet smooth ribbons of "white top"
  13. That second to last pic, you can see Jeffs sled off to the right, apparently he came over that bridge a little hot, I'm guessing he might have been standing, cuz he got thrown and sled ended up in the willi wacks. No damage no one hurt.'
  14. A little under 200 miles. About 12-14” no base, some scratchy some heavenly. Good shakedown cruise on the new sled. Sled worked perfect, no changes needed, still trying to dial in both helmets, need some new gloves too.
  15. Jeff’s on the Flakkah we both agreed for where we ride Freeride or SBA are the best options. First impressions are really good, riding position is the best I’ve ever had, stand or sit. I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but I couldn’t find much to complain about, and a lot to like. The sled works really really well, stays flat, has good power and is super ergo comfy.
  16. 82 miles today in fair to good conditions. No pics.
  17. OK I was kidding, don't go all revkevdi on me now
  18. I know, I just liked the name, and I liked that picture cuz he looked like a goofy bastard
  19. I make the rules around here, not some blowhard from Saskatchewan. Remember that Lumpy.
  20. He just needs to be kept in line once in a while. Besides I rode with Levi. I win!
  21. That you ride a trail sled, and barely ride at that, yet are in here running your flaps. Besides, I'm not much older than you, and would still ride circles around you........Lumpy
  22. I had movement. Looking like a Thursday departure for a shake down cruise. That looks badass dude. My SBA is all black, including the running boards, but tunnel and rails are unpainted. I like yours alot better Snowmobiles are all great until they hit something hard. I always take claims like that with a grain of salt. And I've bent a couple tunnels, including my Apex. Ended up getting a new one under warranty. A year later the same area I bent was completely re braced. Stfu Lumpy. You ride a trail sled.