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  1. Hell, kick me in the nuts and knock a couple teeth out if you have to for a pay day like that.
  2. I don't follow you around the forum looking to start shit, thats what assholes do. Whats next, you going to post a picture of my office, try and attach my name to a few more search results? Everyone knows you ratted out Huzy.
  3. Ah, so you have zero, just felt the need to insult me. Typical. No you're not. Jesus, I thought I was the only guy noticed. Be one thing if you were throwing shit in his direction, but he always comes in with the bipolar hipshot left field insult that leaves you wondering....wtf was that all about where did that come from?!
  4. I didn't already convict him of the allegations like you, I'm only making a point about shows he's obviously done alot of good works, and has raised millions. The two nitwits along with you, jumping right on groupthink bandwagon, so quick to condemn a guy, and a 20 year positive history, all fed to them by the left in this country. Brav fuckin o. You guys are heros.
  5. Ironic post of the day. what is that smell? Smells like stroke. and dirty asshole.
  6. x2 Dumb habit for dumb people. Only thing worse is cigs.
  7. Yet gave more to charity each year than you'll probably earn in your whole life. Terrible guy. I could go on, and you don't get the point, but smart people do.
  8. Take the money. I'd tell you to take Sherri on a nice vacation, but you already covered that this year in spades
  9. He's done plenty for 100 days, and in the face of constant criticism from the media and most of Washington, so you're wrong. Supreme court judge alone is huge. He's laid out plenty of initiatives, and turned Obama's ball less foreign policy on its ear. As far as Hillary, lets frame up another dumbass straw man argument. Guys who go around hating on Jews and wishing segments of the population dead are the last persons who need to be strutting around the forum lecturing anyone about intellectual weakness and integrity. Fuck
  10. aint that the truth. Ben must have sat in on that N. Korea briefing too..
  11. This is one area that Zoso and I are in perfect alignment. We both recognize the Islamic threat. I don't know how much you know about Islam, or what the belief system breakdowns are among the worlds 3.5 billion muslims, particularly the ones who are raised since birth to just wish us and the Jews all dead. But if you don't have proof that over 100 million of these bastards want us dead I'd like to see it. Once you understand that reality, and how it originally came from them 1400 years, you have a better grasp on how to handle the issue. Hint: It isn't from kissing their ass.
  12. After reestablishing my faith in humanity the last election, I can't wait.
  13. This is what our media has done to the populace. Send them off into 17 different directions. After a while, you need to understand who the offenders of that practice are
  14. Do you get bed sores from sitting in the Lazy Boy all day? What keeps you occupied while the little lady is out earning?
  15. Who rides the big bike, the bread winner of the family? How does she like it?