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  1. 6 cops shot

    Keep posting. Please. By all means. Your intellect shines bright.
  2. secret service, broke

    Best idea I've heard this morning. This forum has been overrun with ree-tards.
  3. 6 cops shot

    5 6 posts in a row says otherwise, foaming at the mouth big mouth retard.
  4. Speaking of fake news, fuck off. Trump has zero to do with any of these faggot nazis.
  5. 6 cops shot

    Big mouth Ben has been triggered.
  6. 6 cops shot

    You obviously never applied to the police academy, and obviously don't know a fucking thing about what it takes to be a cop. Please Ben, do us a favor and just stop talking. The problem with nitwits like you, is you actually take yourself serious. wtf.
  7. Trump is a master at playing the media

    Um, I don't think he does based on the 24/7 nature of his posts.
  8. Larry Elder is awesome.
  9. Democrats, doubling down on their stupidity. I never imagined we'd witness their self inflicted destruction in my lifetime, yet its happening right in front of our eyes. Thanks Black Lives Matter, keep peddling lies, and demanding your safe spaces. Thanks Antifa, throw some more urine at people, you're winning the hearts and minds.
  10. boston

    No kidding. Some of these guys have morphed into thinking antifas are now the good guys. wtf They're all morons.
  11. Hopefully someone on your side throws feces like they've been doing, and it catches you right in the cocksucker
  12. Antifa is starting shit with Trump supporters, throwing punches, destroying public property and behaving like the anarchists that they are. They decide that Milo or Ann Coulter shouldn't be heard, that gives them the right to shout them down? I think not. There were no nazis or white supremacists holding marches until Antifa had been behaving like assholes for the better part of last year. There's no difference. Neither of them speak for anyone in the middle class, certainly not me. Wet brain Ben actually thinks they have a positive impact. Ree-tard.
  13. ANTIFA domestic terrorists

    What nazis? I only see antifags. Then again, pretty much the same thing. That guy with the ax should get shot.
  14. wow its a regular Mensa convention in here tonight. All you need is Ben and Slinger for the trifecta wtf