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  1. Wrong. Scooters website. He made the decision. It’s no secret that Dave and I didn’t used to get along, but somewhere along the way we’ve come to a place where we’re not on each other’s ass. You on the other hand, seem to enjoy behaving like a dingus and a tool bag, so you get what you get.
  2. DriftBusta

    Beginner Motorcycles

    I bet you’re not even coordinated enough to ride a mini bike
  3. I think I speak for most here, in wishing you’d go see a fucking shrink for your hostility issues too.
  4. If we only left them alone, they’d be so peaceful!
  5. DriftBusta

    Kid is a hero

    I’m not sure what your title is, but you definitely hold some distinctions. Definitely not afraid to make a fool out of yourself.
  6. Yup. My wife’s ex was on McCains security detail when he worked for Blackwater in Iraq. Agreed At the end of the day, there is still no one I’d rather see in the White House, warts and all. My contempt for career politicians far outweighs any misgivings I have about Trump. That’s what is so laughable about the TDS morons in her, so eager to go back to the same shit we’ve had for 40 years in Washington. No thanks.
  7. DriftBusta

    Kid is a hero

    Oh I know. He’s very passionate.
  8. DriftBusta

    Kid is a hero

    Webbas good people. His business is growing big time, and I don’t blame him for stepping back from these sites. Smh you don’t know the guy at all.
  9. DriftBusta


    Lazy boy or a North Carolina built product. Good furniture costs, but is lasts 2-3x as long
  10. DriftBusta

    Trump says Islam hates “us”.

    Go back and read what I wrote retard. I wasn’t talking about myself, but we know you just can’t help yourself. But ftr,, I am self made and an entrepreneur. My mother’s 85 years old and my dads been gone for 10 years, and none of your fucking business regarding your question. Likewise, you wouldn’t know a thing about me if I hadn’t publicly disclosed it. So by all means twist it into some ass backwards narrative that only makes sense in your effeminate hate filled head.
  11. DriftBusta

    Trump says Islam hates “us”.

    Keep laughing. You’ve never met a self made man or woman? I’ve lost count, so forgive me if “I” laugh at how silly you sound when you say things like “kill all the millionaires”.
  12. What is this hipster “bae” term you speak of?
  13. Who exactly is defending those nazi redneck morons? And before you repeat the false talking point, Trump didn’t either.
  14. DriftBusta

    Trump says Islam hates “us”.

    In all seriousness Dan, I don’t need any racial tolerance lectures from someone who advocates killing of cops and people of achievement (millionaires), but thanks for your concern.