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  1. DriftBusta

    It never stops....

    Guys like me have been posting less and less. And you’re fooling no one.
  2. Careful moto will nigger pile u
  3. DriftBusta

    It never stops....

    What never stops seems to be all these afj tds threads. God man take a breath, walk away, do something.
  4. So the 60 some questions he answered from 35 reporters in an hour and a half long press conference isn’t being accessible, and he hasn’t held more press conferences than any recent administration. Sorry about your low information. Owned
  5. DriftBusta

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    And the middle class will get back to getting fucked again. Agreed though. I admit many things about the man are less than savory or presidential, but his tax cuts, deregulation and pro business America first platform, has done more for the lower and middle-class including minorities than any president has in my lifetime. For a midterm election, he’s actually done OK. Gave up the house yes, but gained Senate seats, and will likely get another shot had another Supreme Court picK. It’s why I don’t get hung up on the fact that hes often obnoxious and non presidential. I have never been impressed by polished speakers or great communicators, Especially when you know the words are empty. All that said, the level of animus against this man from the political class, most of the media, and Hollywood is unprecedented. And I have to admit it is having an impact. Not on me mind you, but on many.
  6. DriftBusta

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    Of course not, but you can’t say that out loud.
  7. DriftBusta

    Official 2018-2019 sledding post

    I just used the plug and play Polaris one that is in their accessories catalog. I don’t know what the fuse rating is on it. The led shouldn’t draw much but not sure about the heater part. No real instructions at all, and I noticed that the ear cups it comes with are either different for each side or I got one that is defective.
  8. DriftBusta

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    Not calling anyone any names just pointing out who started with and who is guilty of the majority of the incivility. I would normally be down the middle on the need for bipartisanship, but I realized 2 years ago that was impossible with who’s running the DNC now. Even Nancy Pelosi who I am obviously not a fan of, called for working with the president the day after the election. Then we had that beautiful press conference with Acosta and some chirping about a subpoena cannon or whatever. Great! 2 more years of Russian collusion, and impeach impeach impeach. Let’s not talk about all the good things that happened in the past two years, like the best economy in decades. Hell no.
  9. Spy on conservative reporters....crickets. Boots liberal one out for behaving like an asshole and violating protocol....well we can’t have that!
  10. DriftBusta

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    Right on cue Right on cue indeed
  11. DriftBusta

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    It’s quite telling and sad that you seem amused by having a tv commentator harassed and threatened. When has Tucker done anything remotely similar? Link up all these so called incitement’s to violence Tucker is guilty of.
  12. DriftBusta

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    You conveniently forget who started this. I saw it first hand in Hartford, funneling all the supporters through one entrance instead of the 3-4 other entrances normally available at the rally. So they get to be harassed by a 200 ft line of agitators and sHit bags. Seriously, if I didn’t support Hillary why would I go to her rally? Yet these assholes came in by the bus loads all over the country just to start trouble. Trump didn’t do that...It was your side and Trump is having none of it.
  13. DriftBusta

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    Oh ok that changes everything
  14. DriftBusta

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    You damn well know that some drunk asshole hiding behind his gay hispanIc victim hood cape, saw Tucker sitting there, and decided to make a scene, just like Maxine told him to. The fact that the club booted him and revoked his membership after their own investigation is all we need to know. But leave it to Kneecap Slinger to twist and contort the story all around.
  15. DriftBusta

    Tucker Carlsons Family Attacked

    Ahh, so it’s their fault. Got it. Please furnish us some links of these blatant incitement’s to violence from conservatives. Better yet maybe watch a couple episodes of Tucker. At least he regularly brings on opposing viewpoints for debate.