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  1. Ok so the title of this thread was such bullshit I'm curious. Can someone give me the cliffnotes on the past 4 pages? Let me guess, Slinger, Mainecat and Slowrider acting like douchebags?
  2. you mad bro?
  3. Yup. I got no time for people who bitch for the sake of bitching and never thinking about the big picture, and what he HAS accomplished. See Don't post. Your post about his lack of accomplishments is nonsense.
  4. You don't even have to watch the video to figure that out. There will always be examples of guys like him.
  5. So go riot in the street if it you're so verklempt over it. Fuck man. You guys crack me up.
  6. My work is done here. Thanks to you and Ben for playing.
  7. You're not even good for the remedial class with that runny turd of a retort.
  8. Cite me some present day equivalence to Haiti, the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, Hilary's private server, or Bill meeting cankles in private to discuss their grandkids bullshit. I mean I know you're a cynical conspiracy freak, but wake the fuck up. No wonder you get led astray.
  9. Slingers proven right. wtf color is the sky in this guys world? Holy shit stain.
  10. Yeah, sorry big fail on the equivalence argument. Cite your present day examples or please refrain from talking.
  11. I can't. Shit skeeves me out. We had a death in one unit from a drug overdose. That was bad enough. I have a good buddy who had to do a cleanout, fixup estate sale deal, and he showed me pictures. Tyvek suits, masks, etc., fuck that. I was in the shit business before, and that has nothing on this.
  12. The one takeaway I do have from all of it, is a pretty dim view of humanity in general. To think that millions of people seem plenty content to live like this is beyond troubling.
  13. Our family has also been in the rental business since 1966 so I get that, but its still pretty aggressive. And believe me we've had some scum bags fucking up some shit. You raise some good points though.
  14. My brother and I own and manage 31 units, including 12 section 8 properties. Thats ridiculous. What kind of tenants, month to month?
  15. Ponderous isn't it? All that wasted energy, backing a failed candidate? Kind of the definition of insanity.