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  1. Such a dipshit. Quoting that dewsh Black Lives Matter dirtbag no less. Oh, and no.
  2. Just for clarification...

    Well perhaps by facing the reality that the media plays a part, all the violence, all the glorification, all the copycats stuck in some miserable existence looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Why are we publicizing their name and faces 24/7 after they commit their acts. Keep them nameless and faceless. Then we can face the reality that almost all these kids came from single parent households, are on some of psychotropic drugs, and probably gave off plenty of warning signs that were all ignored. Then we can explore why the medical community won't share patient data of these types with law enforcement that could have identified these at risk types well before they snap. I do know that the NRA isn't the problem, but you'd never know that reading/watching the news.
  3. So............

    Troll free zone bitch. Talk to scooter, its his site, I'm sure he'd let you post there. Well, maybe not. Not at all, but I can read. You were being a dick bag and you got called on it by at least that many guys asking you to kindly stfu. You're like a walking talking Tourettes monkey, lashing out in 15 different directions. Your Preston battle just about wore me out, how long did that go on 2-3 weeks? Oh, just Jim being Jim. Yup.
  4. ryan, gowdy, paul, rubio, graham....

    wow man, I had forgotten that. Great point. OT, you can lock 'er down now.
  5. Just for clarification...

    How do you get "further invasion of our rights" from FBI dropping the ball? FBI DID drop the ball, they were told about this kid several times, and never saw fit to even go talk to him.
  6. Just for clarification...

    Yeah what lies you buffoon? Break it down for us.
  7. Oh bullshit. Big difference between being the President of the United States taking advantage of a 21 year old intern, then lying about it on national tv, and 2 private citizens 12 years ago. Typical "fluid" rationale practiced by the left. If you can't see that these girls aren't being propped up by outside money to go after Trump, I have a bridge to sell you.
  8. Spot On Proof......

    He called Obama a pussy.
  9. So............

    Trend? Yeah, you argue with pretty much everyone, most of us would have thought you'd have an epiphany by now. I guess the other half dozen guys telling you to stfu, including my brother, who never says boo to you, don't count. We're posting about good times and you're insulting people and calling it ball busting.
  10. Just for clarification...

    Goes to show how stupid the average liberal/leftist is.
  11. Well until they break the Republican majority in the house and senate, along with the executive branch, they got a long, long way to go. And right now, no leadership, no message, no money, and something like 25 D seats are up for grabs this next election compared to like 7 or 8 R seats. Don't quote me on that number, but its close.
  12. So............

    Maybe, maybe not. Maybe I just have some things I don't like getting shit on about....or feel the need to constantly be told that I'm sensitive by certain people, like you for example We had a pretty good ride this weekend, finally got some good snow, and even got to dance with this little minx at the bar that night.
  13. You're priceless. This all happened while the Dems were trying to cook up one conspiracy theory after another against Trump. Golden showers, collusion, money laundering, you or your beloved Democrats haven't learned a fucking thing. How about you figure out why your party keeps losing?
  14. Keep laughing chucklenuts I've been right on the money for over a year and a half, and you've been 180 degrees wrong. #1 and #2 at the FBI.........FIRED.....yeah no big deal right Slinger? All very funny Idiot.